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While all of us can celebrate the return of the charmingly geeky, super enthusiastic field trip champion, Ms. Frizzle’s renewed presence in American living rooms is especially important for women and girls. That’s because, despite Ms. Frizzle’s unstoppable energy and daring thirst for adventure, real-world examples of her character — women who rock the science field — are lacking.
Netflix brings The Magic School Bus into the internet era with a new series

“Netflix made a big push into educational video when it picked up Scholastic’s TV shows, and we now know that this effort has paid off – The Magic School Bus has been "remarkably popular,” Netflix tells the New York Times. It only makes sense, then, that the streaming media pioneer has just ordered a new take on Magic School Bus for its next original series. The 26-episode show, The Magic School Bus 360°, will modernize Ms. Frizzle’s science classes for kids who are now surrounded by technology; robots and wearables (such as a biometric suit) will play a part.“

Oh gosh finally a worthwhile and amazing educational show is being revived! This is super exciting~


The Magic School Bus Drops a Deuce

armanky and I had this conversation driving home from youmacon for like 20 minutes


So I was thinking the other day about Kim Possible’s parents

You know how her dad’s a rocket scientist and her mom’s a brain surgeon. All of the sudden it hit me. Mr. and Mrs. Possible are these cuties:

and as we all know Kim and Ron:

are really these cuties:

Who gave birth to this little fucker:

Who spends her spare time parading as this gorgeous queen:

And one of her kids is this dude:

Who grows up and moves here:

((based on various tumblr theories))

Netflix is rebooting ‘Magic School Bus’ as a computer animated show
Netflix has resurrected popular ’90s children’s series The Magic School Bus for its latest push into original kids programming. The streaming service will release 26 episodes of the reimagined show, now called The Magic School Bus 360, beginning in 2016. Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, told The New York Times that the original series ranks as one of the most popular educational programs in his company’s catalog — despite the fact that new episodes were last produced in 1997. “It teaches science in a way that transcends generations.” Sarandos said. Magic School Bus debuted on PBS 20 years ago and urged young viewers to expand their science knowledge.

I started this sketchy thing up a LONG time ago when I did up Portal Ms Frizzle. Really, if I had the time, I would just write a book for it lol for funsies. I was trying to copy the style, but it was just a quick little exercise.

But THAT would be one heck of a field trip huh? The one were Arnold definitely should’ve stayed home and yes, Phoebe, we know they probably never let you use Portal Guns at your old school.