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Miss Frizzle’s exasperated Principal

a kid died last time, ms. frizzle


90s & 2000s Cartoon Characters Reimagined as Divine 9 Greeks.

Sticky from The Proud Family

Carver from The Weekenders

Huey & Riley Freeman from The Boondocks

Dijonay from The Proud Family

Penny Proud from The Proud Family

Kesha from Magic School Bus

Skeeter from Doug

Susie Carmichael from The Rugrats

Arnold from Hey Arnold!

Virgil Hawkins from Static Shock

Gerald from Hey Arnold!

Monique from Kim Possible

Numba 5 from Kids Next Door

Artist: Ashleigh Sharmaine 


Example of Racial Diversity: The Magic School Bus

This series qualifies as an example of racial diversity because of the children who were learning and going on adventures with Ms. Frizzle. There was Carlos Ramon, with Hispanic heritage, who was most infamous for his terrible puns and jokes, Tim Jamal and Keesha Franklin, African-American students, who had two very different personalities (Tim was calm and a future leader, Keesha was a motivator and much more energetic), and Wanda Li, a girl of Chinese-American heritage, and the White students (Dorothy Ann, Ralphie, Arnold) all come from different cultures. The students’ families showed up occasionally, filling out the cast even more. To represent the adults, at the end of each show, there were two Producers who would take turns making the show a little more scientific by explaining some of the things that had happened in that episode. One of these producers was an African-American male, the other was a woman of Asian descent.
Netflix brings The Magic School Bus into the internet era with a new series

“Netflix made a big push into educational video when it picked up Scholastic’s TV shows, and we now know that this effort has paid off – The Magic School Bus has been "remarkably popular,” Netflix tells the New York Times. It only makes sense, then, that the streaming media pioneer has just ordered a new take on Magic School Bus for its next original series. The 26-episode show, The Magic School Bus 360°, will modernize Ms. Frizzle’s science classes for kids who are now surrounded by technology; robots and wearables (such as a biometric suit) will play a part.“

Oh gosh finally a worthwhile and amazing educational show is being revived! This is super exciting~