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Things in Musicals That Make My Soul Ascend to Heaven

• The key change in Champaign when Usnavi says “Vacation? Vanessa, you’re leaving too!”
• “I hope that you…burn”
• The hidden little line in The Duel, the little “Ah, yes, show me what you’ve got!”
• How low Jeremy Jordans voice is in the beginning of This World Will Remember Us
• The entirety of Guns and Ships
• “she got friendly, DOWN IN THE SAyAhANnd!!”
• The wounded way Gabriel says “Hi dad” in I Am The One (Reprise)
• The beautiful high note in Spooky Mormon Hell Dream in the line “And the horrible vision that I had THAT NIIIIIIGGGGHHT!”
• The entirety of Pierre & Natasha
• Every single time Mimi says “Oooouuuuutttt tonight”
• Andrew Rannells existing
• The little gay part in The Bitch of Living
• The entirety of Don’t Do Sadness
• “hiiiss naaame iiss MENDELLLL AAAAaaaHH”
• the Squip going “BEBOPOBEBOPOBEPO” in The Pitiful Children
• The entirety of Green Finch and Linnett Bird
• the way Jared says “kinky” in Sincerely Me
• The harmonizing in Unlikely Lovers
• “I won’t get to heaven…why not raise a little hell?”
• the part in For Forever when Ben Platt sings “till the entire sun, SHINES ON MY FAAACEEE” is soul healing tbh
• The chaos at the end of Non-Stop
• “It’s eggs!”
• The entirety of Words Fail
• the tap dancing in King of New York
• Whizzer Brown
• Andrew Rannells
• “he ran into my knife. He ran into my knife TEN TIMES”
• The end of A Day in Falsettoland
• “oh yes oh yes oh yes they both oh yes they both oh yes they both reached for the gun the gun the gun the gun oh yes they both reached for the gun for the gun”
• Cabinet Battle #3
• the hippie music that plays behind Michael Mell
• The chaos at the end of 96,000
• “no customer would go to you unless she was a hooker”
• “well FUCK me GENTLY with a CHAINsaw >:)”
• “Joseph Smith took his magical fuck frog and rubbed it on Brigham Youngs clit face”
• “lovers live and die fortissimo”
• anD PEGGy

feel free to add more

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Hey hey~ if requests are open, could I ask for how the rfa would react to a short mc with a big round butt XD. Mc could be insecure about it or very confident , up to you. Just thought it would be entraining to read. Thank you so much for all your writing, and please take all the time you need, there is no pressure and always have fun when writing !! Thank you Mama peño, you are amazing!!!

~Yeah no prob! hehehe all hail the booty 

◉ Yoosung 

  • Low-key living for it
  • Tries not to stare but he STARES 
  • Obsessed with you in skirts 
  • Any kind of skirt, pencil, mini like all the skirts 
  • Uses your butt as a laptop holder sometimes
  • He just loves when you lay across his lap reading or on your phone and he can lay his forearms on your butt and study or play console games 
  • Has slapped your ass 
  • Blushes like crazy every time though and stutters 
    • “S-sorry…was that alright?” 

◉ Jumin 

  • It doesn’t matter how insecure you are, he is obsessed with every part of you
  • Thinks your butt is perfection 
  • Very strict that the tailors making your clothes accentuate your…assets 
  • Will most likely ask if he can record your diet, daily activities and exercise routine to calculate how you got a body like that 
  • Making scientific research outta your fine ass 
  • He will absolutely not have you being insecure about it 
  • If he gets the slightest hint that you’re worried about how you look, it’s game over. He is cancelling his day for you 
    • “Today, I’m going to show you just how much I crave every inch of you, and I won’t be stopping until I’m completely sure you understand my love for you.” 

◉ Zen 

  • Verrrry handsy 
  • Can’t help himself around you 
  • Sometimes doesn’t even realize he’s cupped a cheek until you’ve like, stopped chopping the onions and you’re looking at him and he’s like :
    • “What is it?”
    • “Ahem…” looks down at his hand 
    • Gah! Sorry babe…habit…” 
  • Always makes you jog in front of him, so he has the best view in town 
  • Has dreams about the booty 
    • “I didn’t think it was possible but…you’re the only person in the world with a finer ass than me. I’m okay with it, though,” *squeezes*

◉ Jaehee 

  • W E A K   2 tha BOOTYYY 
  • She gets so flustered when you’re at home walking around in booty shorts(spanks) or anything accentuating your curves 
    • “MC I-I…have some work to do illbeintheotherroomokaybye” you cant even hear her flustered mumbles as she blushes and runs away
  • Very worried about how you dress in public because she can’t handle it and also doesn’t want others staring at you 
  • Low-key loves seeing you walk around the house in boxers >.>….
  • Also…if you’re in just a T-shirt and panties (even though most of the time she is a shy flustered bean and runs away and then you have to chase and tackle her)
  • Fav thing is going clothes shopping with you and seeing in the dressing room how different outfits look on you with your curves
  • Just thinks you’re beautiful 

◉ Saeyoung 

  • Boy can’t be stopped 
  • And you know it too so you wear things that tease him on purpose 
  • At any time, in any place, even if you think you’re home alone…if you lay on your stomach at all, Saeyoungs head will appear, laying on your butt 
  • It’s his favorite resting place 
  • Will also use it as a prop for action figures or animal crackers when he’s playing around 
  • Thinks your ass has magical powers 
    • *rubs your butt like a crystal ball* “ohhhh great mystical booty….what shall we have for dinner tonight” *places an ear to your butt* “it says honey buddha chip and PHD Pepper! The great and powerful one has spoken!” 

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DCMK fandom related peeves of mine (most of them Kaito centric because it’s my list and I’m me):

- “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” - Quote by Kudo Shinichi (Misquotes in general, and especially bad for the words being sharp and can cut deeper than a sword and ruin relationship, it was said in ch561/ep479 by a monk before ever being quoted by Conan in movie 15.)

- Kaito’s violet eyes (for those who are unaware, they’re blue, indigo could be argued for DC animated appearances, but they’re supposed to be blue.)

- ‘Why does Akako even exist in Magic Kaito, magic doesn’t exist in the Conan world, it’s ruining my experience. :/ ’

- Unwarranted Kid hate

- Kaito going into giant panic attacks from even glimpsing a fish

- Kaito and Heiji are somehow very sexually experienced despite a relationship being their first

- ‘Yukiko and Yuusaku are the worst parents’, ‘Chikage abandoned Kaito soon after Toichi’s death’, and generally everyone’s issues magnified to be worse than they are

- No one gets hurt

- Kid apparently having always returned everything he stole, offended at an assumption otherwise

- Anything sexual with Shinichi still as Conan, quite a few issues with abusive relationship ships (canon isn’t really helping with the latter)

- Yumi or Yumi/Shuukichi hate??? Really guys, I know there’s a ton of ships and more aren’t the most necessary, but don’t take it out on the characters, they’re puppets to the author.

- Ignorant hate on characters in general

- Case Closed dub names

Bull has gold in his ears.

It’s the first thing Dorian notices, after the intense wave of relief at seeing him there in the first place. Val Royeaux is a lot less welcoming when one is an ambassador from Tevinter and not a member of the Inquisitor’s personal retinue. Bull’s is the first friendly face he’s seen in… far too long.

Letters haven’t been enough. They haven’t been enough since the first reached him in Minrathous, carrying only Bull’s handwriting and none of his sound, his smell, no image of him beyond Dorian’s memory. Now, with barstools and Orleasians as the only obstacles between them, Dorian isn’t able to take a step closer.

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hey guys, could you please do me a huge favor and reblog this post with any and every bleach plothole, things that were never explained, dropped plot threads, things you didn’t like in Bleach overall, things you wish we could have seen, etc.?

please, if you can take a minute, be as thorough as possible! It’s for an upcoming project relating to the Bleach last arc, so I need as much info as possible please.

Bathroom spell ideas for people that don’t wear makeup

Shave negativity out of your life along with your unwanted hair!

Use aftershave, cologne, perfume, or deodorant for glamours!

Chapstick for health AND glamour magic!

Rub sigils into your skin with baby oil/aftershave/etc.

Fill your sink a little with water, dip your fingers in it, and envision all of your stress flowing into the water… then unstop the sink and let it all flow away.

Spellsongs in the shower for optimal acoustics

Musical fingers (Archie x Reader )

Request ; Nope I was just bored my request are open though

Warnings; smut , fingering , boners , sin , sin , sin and more sin

A/N ; I appreciate feed back. Umm send request if yah want. Oh also English isn’t my first language so I am sorry if I make grammar mistakes and you guys get aggravated or something  😭.


Part two

Originally posted by storycrackimagines

It was the last day of the drive in before it moved on to its new owner and got demolished. The whole town was here for the last screen play. My boyfriend Archie asked me to come with him and some friends Veronica , Kevin , Betty and Jughead .I was sitting on Archie’s lap with Betty and Veronica next to us cuddling.

The movie has been playing for thirty minutes and Betty and Veronica were fast asleep spooning. Kevin left fifteen minutes into the movie for a popcorn refill and hasn’t returned and Jughead of course is in the film room.

I decided to check my phone out of boredom not like anyone is going to text me since my friends are all here. I stretch out moving a little to reach my phone from my bag and I feel Archie tense at my sudden movement I realize what is happening and decided to have a little fun. I stretch again to grab my bag acting like I can’t reach it and Archie stiffened at the moment again digging his fingers into my hips this time.

“What’s wrong arch ?” I ask innocently. “No-nothing ” he stutters “Oh ok ” I say reaching for my bag one more time but this time I made sure to move my ass a little extra  causing  friction. Archie pulls me towards him and whispers in my ear “I know you know what you’re doing and you better stop it or face the consequences” I decide to move my hips a little teasing him “and what are the consequences ” I whisper back.

I feel his bulge grow as I keep moving my hips front and back and from side to side being careful not to wake Ronnie and Betty.I hear a hiss leave Archie’s mouth and I smirk. Suddenly his hand is traveling down my body and stops where I currently need him the most. I stiffened at that , now the tables have turned.

“Archie really ? Here ? Ronnie and Betty are right next to us ” I whisper yell. He pulls me closer if it’s even possible and whispers “I guess you’ll just have to be quiet”. I feel his hand in my tights hovering over my area but not yet touching it. My body twitches in anticipation as he begins to tease me through my panties moving his fingers in circular motion. A gasp falls from my mouth at the sudden contact not for long as Archie hand covers it him coming closer to my ear and whispering “ shhh gotta be quiet baby girl”.

He moves my panties aside slipping a finger in which causes me to moan out in pleasure. He starts working his magical fingers and rubbing my clit occasionally slipping a finger in. My body is pulsating and my clit throbs . He starts hitting the right spot and I grab onto his arm forcefully. His fingers driving me insane as I try to keep quiet.

A clenching feeling in my stomach starts to form and I know I’m close. “ Arch I -I’m ” i try to say but my words won’t cooperate. “ yes I know ” Archie says as the pace of his fingers quickens I thrust my hips forcefully to meet his fingers. I feel the knot in my stomach untie and a wave of electricity runs through my body. Archie keeps working his fingers until I finish coming down from my high.

Archie pulls out his fingers and sucks on them Chuckling lightly. “We’re still not done part two at home ” he says. I giggled quietly as Kevin approaches us.

“ So what did I miss” he says hoping on the back of Archie’s truck.

“ Oh you know just like the entire movie” I says giving him a suspicious look

“ I’m sorry that refill line was crazy” he says apologizing.

“ It’s okay the movie was boring anyways we were about to leave right Y/N ” Archie looks at me and smiles

“ yep ” I respond “ Lets wake up the girls the can get a ride with their parents me and Archie want to work on some music ”

The drive home from the drive in was quiet and peaceful. We arrived at Archie’s house pretty fast with his dad out with Mrs. Lodge we had the entire house to ourselves. “ So about that part two ?” Archie asks with his eyebrow raised and a smirk.

“I wouldn’t miss out on you and your musical fingers for nothing” I say as he pushes me against the door and I kick off my shoes.

The fifth horseman.

Prompt: The reader is an illusionist, an escape artist, and diddles in card playing. An AU of Nysm!

Pairing: None

Warning: None

Word  Count: 715

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Swan queen prompt: Regina finally found a way to reverse the potion that didn't let her have children and is thinking of getting pregnant, then emma finds out and gets jealous because "YOU'RE ONLY SUPPOSED TO HAVE CHILDREN WITH ME"

(Well then, this came out a lot different than I expected. But here we go!)

Down in her vault, Regina flipped constantly through pages of various spellbooks. Her potions sprawled out over the place. Books thrown around the floor around her. Candles lit up to keep the light. Some almost completely burnt out as the wax trickled down onto the cobblestone it sat on. Regina herself sitting on the ground looking exasperated. Her face flushed, bags under her eyes from the lack of sleep.

“Useless… why did I do this to myself…” she muttered under her breath. “For what? To spite my own mother?”

She shook her head as it dropped down. “I can’t keep doing this…” her voice lowered exhaustively. Lids finally closing tightly over her eyes. Regina slunk down to her right side in a deep sleep. Finally, all her research and lack of sleep had caught up to her.

“Mom?” a teenage voice called out as Henry entered the vault. Stepping further inside he saw his mother collapsed on the ground. Quick to her side he checked to see if she was alright. A sigh of relief to find that she was just sleeping.

Shaking his head he looked around seeing all the books surrounding her. “Oh geez, mom….” Henry sighed as he sat down beside her. Stroking his hand over her head, through her hair. “What have you been doing down here?” he asked quietly.

Fingers brushing over the pages of the opened books. Brows furrowed as he picked up one of the books setting it on his lap. “What’s…this?” his eyes scrolled over the words, fingers tracing with as he mumbled under his breath. “Mom…” he sat down the book in front of him. Shaking Regina slightly, “Mom, we need to go home so you can sleep.”

Groaning Regina’s eyes fluttered open. “Henry it’s late…”

Laughing at her he rested his hands on his knees. “Not really, it’s actually only after seven in the morning.”

Shooting up from the ground Regina looked around. “Did I fall asleep here?” he clenched her teeth tightly. Another failed night of research…

“Yeah you did and I got really worried about you. Wasn’t sure where you were so I asked mom and grandma if they knew. Since they didn’t know I assumed you were either here or at your office…” Henry said as calmly as he could, a hint of worry lingering in the back of his tone. “Mom, what’s going on anyways? What have you been doing down here? I thought you stopped with magic…”

Sighing Regina rubbed her head as an oncoming migraine was beginning to form. Biting down on her bottom lip she looked at Henry. Large sad brown eyes as she took a deep breath. “I was trying to find a way to reverse a potion I took long ago… So far I’ve been coming up empty…”

“What potion was it?” he asked her curiously.

“To spite my mother… I took a potion that would leave me infertile… so I may never have children…” she said quietly.

“Oh…” Henry reached back down to the book in front of him. Handing it to his mother. “Is this what you were looking for then?”

Regina quick to take the book skimmed over the spell. Tears building in the corners of her eyes causing them to swell up she sat down the book. Reaching to wrap her arms around Henry. “Yes.. how did you….?” she choked out the words.

Returning the much-needed embrace Henry smiled teary eyed himself. “It was opened next to you… you probably didn’t notice it when you fell asleep.”

Pulling away Regina wiped her tears. Picking up the book she collected herself as she stood up tall. Walking over to the cauldron and potions she began to mix the ingredients it called for. “Thank you.” she said looking over her shoulder as Henry approached beside her.

“Welcome, mom.” he smiled as he watched her make the hopeful reverse potion.

As it finished mixing together Regina poured it into a vile. Looking at Henry who’d been by her side waiting for her. “Well, here it goes…” she smiled faintly. Anxiously she pressed her hand against her stomach while drinking the vile in her other hand.

“Did it work?” he asked as they left the vault.

Shoving a hand into her coat pocket, the other wrapped around Henry. “I don’t know…”

“Well do you feel different?”

She smiled at him and kissed the top of his head. “Yes… actually, I do.”


Brushing her hands nervously over her black dress Regina took in a deep breath. “I can do this… I’m… excited to do this….” she whispered to herself before opening the door to Granny’s. The Charming family sitting at their usual booth Regina walked over taking a seat next to Henry.

“So what did you want to talk about? You seemed so excited when you stopped by the station.” Emma said looking over at her with a smile. A hint of curiosity hidden behind it. She hadn’t been able to figure out what Regina was so excited about since she stopped by to see her. Her heart fluttering when they exchanged a long tight embrace.

Crossing her leg over the other, fingers entwined as they rested on her knee. “Well, I have exciting news…” She took in a deep breath before looking at all the curious faces.

“It’s okay mom, just tell them.” Henry said reassuringly.

Emma nudging him, “Kid you know what this is about?”

“Yeah, I helped her out today with it all.”

“With what all?” Emma’s smile soon faded into concern as she looked to Regina.

“Well…. Emma.. everyone… I found a potion to reverse the one I took ages ago… I can now have children… I had stopped off at the hospital afterward to make sure it worked… and… it did!” Regina grinned from ear to ear. “So I was looking into having treatments of some sort since… let’s face it I’m never going to find my true love.” she said bitterly. “So this is the next best thing.”

Snow and David’s smiles stretched widely from ear to ear in the excitement of the news. “Regina! That’s wonderful news! We’re so happy for you! If you need anything, anything at all just let us know.”

Snow extended out her hand to rest upon Regina’s.

“Thank you, Snow, David.” Regina grinned nodding at them. Her heart pounding against her chest soon to halt at the sight of Emma’s expression. “Emma?” she asked worriedly. “Is everything alright?”

Biting down tightly on her bottom lip Emma nodded. Her voice low as she gestured for Henry to move from the booth to let her out. “Yeah, everything’s great. I’m happy for you. I just… remembered something is all.” She swallowed back after giving a quick faint smile. “I’m sorry, I have to go. Good luck. Regina.” she said with a final smile. This one sadder than the others before. Emma gripped tightly onto her red leather jacket as she stepped back turning around facing the door.

Regina puzzled at Emma’s reaction. Feeling her heart as if it was ripped from her chest.

Snow’s brows furrowed as she watched her daughter. Passing baby Neal to David she slid out from the booth. “Just give me one moment please.” she said excusing herself.

Her footing quickened as she headed out the door. Stopping and crossing her arms as she saw Emma standing at the edge of the sidewalk. Hearing her sobs. “Emma?” Snow stepped a little closer towards her daughter. Seeing the tears flooding down her cheeks as she turned to her. “Emma, what’s wrong?”

“It’s not that…I’m not happy for her.” She replied wiping her tears. Stiffening her posture. “I really am… I’m just….”

“Just what? Emma, I’m not unde—”

“Of course you don’t understand.” Emma spat out shaking her head. “I’m thrilled for her. How can I not be? I LOVE HER. I’m just wishing that I could have known and been beside her when she was staying up late looking for a way to reverse this. To be the person that was beside her looking into treatments. TO BE HER TRUE LOVE. IT SHOULD BE MY CHILD SHE IS HAVING. I mean, why not? We have Henry together…”


Emma’s eyes shot back over from behind her mother. Seeing Regina pacing elegantly toward her. A blushing smile shining brightly as she approached her. “Do you really feel that way?”

“Yes of course I do,” Emma said staring into brown eyes.

One final step, tears building the corners of her eyes. Cupping her hands over Emma’s cheeks she smiled even wider. “Then let’s start a family together.” She said before pressing her red lips against Emma’s.

It seems to be a given that Marianne likes to wear boots.  Now, as I’m sure we all know, that is a fabulous looking choice in kick-ass footwear, but they can get uncomfortable after walking/running/sparring in them all day long.  So, that means…





Harry didn’t understand why Slughorn had placed him by Malfoy’s side of all people. He had a grumpy Ravenclaw girl by his other side, and Malfoy had Hermione. Harry sometimes shared looks with her, but since she was sitting by Ginny’s side she didn’t seem all that uncomfortable with the arrangements.

Slughorn was talking to some Hufflepuff boy about Ministry connections, and all Harry wanted was to go back to the Gryffindor common room and play chess with Ron. He didn’t want to hear Slughorn tell them the same story about how he meet the French Minister for Magic in 1971 and rub his stomach saying happily “Those were the days, kids! Those were the days!”.

He felt something on his left hand. That was weird. The person on his left was Malfoy, and it couldn’t be Malfoy trying to touch him. It must have been the fabric of the chair, or something like that.

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I just rubbed a magic lamp
  • Genie: Alright, you may have one wish.
  • Me: Hmm... I want to know the RQ4 title--
  • Genie: Done.
  • Me, not listening: --and the Red Queen movie cast to be revealed, also
  • Genie: I'm sorry but you get only--
  • Me, still not listening: For Mare to end up happy and overall healthy by the end of the fourth book with a new sense of self love.
  • Genie: ONE wish you only--
  • Genie: But--
  • Me: :-)
  • Genie: ...are you done? You know you can only have one--
  • Me: wAIT! Ok im done. nO. FOR RQ4 TO BE A BESTSELLER. Ok, okay now I'm good, seriously now I'm good.
  • Genie: My goodness *rolls eyes*