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Fnm Recap

So it’s late and I’m kinda tired and on mobile, but I figured since I only go to fnm like once a year I might as well write a short recap of it.
So I went to fnm at Card Kingdom in Ballard, probably one of the best card stores/game stores around (you should check it out if you ever have the chance). I played W/U monument/spirits, a deck a friend lent me because I don’t keep any decks up to standard rotation since I never play at tournaments back home. Anyways there were quite a lot of people playing WhiteBlue. I lost the first two matches, one to a very similar U/W that was more focused on spirits and one to a Grixis Bolas control thing, whatever that was. Both dudes were really friendly though, we chatted a lot and I didn’t mind losing to them. I even traded a bit with the second one, giving him an italian Hour of Devastation (which he was running in his deck) and a promo scavenging ooze for a walking ballista, since that’s more likely to hold onto its price. And he was incredibly nice, he gave me the Dromoka The Eternal promo from the clash pack for free as “a token of our friendship”.
This is the amazing kind of players that I love to be surrounded by.
Next game, almost exact mirror matchup, very fun dude, we played to three and I managed to edge out a win.
Last game, got seated against this kid (I say “kid” but he was probably 16 or so). He asked me what my score was, I answered, and then he told me that he would concede to me since he was 0-3, because he wanted me to have the pack. I was quite taken aback from this, but I thanked him and asked if he wanted to play it out anyways. We played a game and I won, but he didn’t seem to be having much fun (apparently he was realizing that he didn’t really like the deck he was using), so instead I asked if he had a commander deck and wanted to play some of that. His expression answered me immediately. He pulled out his Karlov and I did the same with Daretti. We had a fun back and forth for about half an hour, and he finished the game by casting Crypt Incursion and blasting me with his Aetherflux Reservoir. An excellent win.
So anyways I went 2/2 so I won a pack of HoD and I asked him if he wanted to do the honors of opening it, which he did, and I got a Samut, the Tested and a foil Refuse//Cooperate. So yeah, I’m happy!
All in all a great fnm. I hope I’ll be able to go one more time before leaving the States because I always have so much fun!

Last time at the Animal Shelter…

- Sophronia spent most of her time taking care of the animals.
- The animals spent most of their time playing with each other and doing animal-y stuff. :) 
- Sophronia bought a cauldron and spellbook to learn more about and practise her fairy powers. 
- She also flirted around downtown, but nothing serious came of it. 
- Thanks to a glitchy beach lot, the shelter moved to downtown Pine Lake, where the kittens grew into cats. 

Hello Everyone, Jakal comin in with a recap of my Amonket Prerelease!

First off I hope yours was fun, and even if you weren’t able to make it this time, you can still grab some packs after launch and enjoy next week!

Anyway first thing I wanna shoutout is these new POP OUT COUNTERS. I know we were told about them previously, but after seeing them up close I’ve gotta say, they’re something special. A real lifesaver if you need extra tokens to keep track, and I hope we see this in future sets!

Speaking of which, I made some quick token for my deck! By this point you can probably guess which colors I went with. The hippo was for Mouth/to/Feed (more on that later). But what was the Zombie used for you ask?

that’s right dudes. I pulled Lilliana.


no joke, I gasped when I saw her in my last pack.

Now how did I do?

In 4 rounds, I won 2 outright, 1 tie, and 1 2-1. Which cards did the heavy lifting? Well beside the obvious (*cough* Lilli *cough*), the cartouches and trials really showed some power! I ran Trial of Ambition, as well as the green and black ‘touches. There’s nothing sweeter than playing your trial, then effectively getting an extra two or three copies of it.

That Mouth/to/Feed I mentioned earlier: super useful. The hippo applied excellent pressure on curve, then guaranteeing extra cards once the board’s stalled out.

Archfiend of Ifnir looks like an Intro-Pack rare, but hits like a truck! Once you start cycling, your opponent start wasting away. Even if you don’t draw Archfiend, Blighted Bat provides the flying power you need while you build your board. Greater Sandwurm works as a great pocket nuke (especially if you can revive him), while flashing in a fast-cat Pouncing Cheetah is super satisfying.

Finally Throne of the God-Pharaoh…ooooh THAT THRONE DUDE!!! Guaranteed extra damage your opponent can’t work around? Plus giving exerted creatures some use on their break-turn? Sign me UP! Needless to say I played pretty aggressively, and was rewarded.

All-in-all I had a great time. Even without the wins, I helped two people refine their decks, and made a new friend (he even goes to my parish!). I can’t wait to use those prize packs in a drafting pool. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even get back into competitive…

Let me know how your prerelease went in the comments, and until next time, peace out!

An edh game with a frand

As some of you may already know, today I played a game of edh with @commandtower-solring-go. It was my first time playing Max, and, unsure which deck to use, I opted for Khemba. She’s not multiplayer-focused, unlike many of my decks (Lazav, Anya, Karametra, Riku… you get the picture), but she’s also less brutal than my Sigarda deck, which is, by my impression, faster and harder to debilitate. Khemba gets crazy if you let her, but she’s not as difficult to counter, in my opinion. The moment I saw Max bust out Kynaios and Tiro, I knew this was going to be an interesting game. Max’s strategy was, of course, a mix of group hug and pillowfort, which is something I’ve almost never gone up against before.

Unfortunately, I was off to a bad start. I had to mulligan once and even then I only had a single land, albeit I had several 2 and 3 drops in my hand, so I kept. Now, this was a very long game and it is difficult for me to remember everything that happened and I do no wish to bore you, so I will not get into specifics too much. I will, however, attempt to divide the game into archs. 

The first arch, which I would like to call The Struggle, is me, surprise surprise, struggling to build a board state while Max mana-ramped like crazy and had us both drawing tons of cards. Unfortunately, many of mine ended up in the grave because I didn’t have enough to play them. I was lucky enough to get some of my all-stars, though, such as Brass Squire and Stoneforge Mystic, which I used to tutor up Darksteel Plate for when I finally managed to get Khemba out.

The second arch, which I would like to call Bant Shenanigans, was defined by Max dropping a Horizon chimera, followed by a Progenitor Mimic copying it, in addition to Elspeth, which was perpetually on 6 counters as I scrambled to keep her off ult. Oh and also the dude was drawing like 4 cards a turn. Needless to say, Max did reach 100 life points this game.

The following arch is where the tides turned. Seeing as I was starting to get a good amount of equipment and cats out, Max played Subterranean Tremors for 4, killing most of my dudes and my equipment. This also hit a lot of his artifacts, though, such as Norn’s Annex and Orbs of Warding, which made it more feasible for me to attack him again. I don’t remember if this was prior or after I played Harsh Mercy, but essentially we both suffered some losses.

I’ve lost count of the arcs, whatever. Max successfully ulted Elspeth, and I fortunately followed with Eldrazi Monument. From then on until the end of the game, we had a stalled board where I would attack with Khemba, deal some damage, and he’d recover. To my advantage, I pulled out Kusari-Gama, which is one of the dopest and more obscure equipments ever:

You read that right, folks. Khemba was an unstoppable force. She kept getting stronger, but at a certain point it became almost irrelevant because Max dropped the end-all be-all Platinum Angel. So yeah he was at -98 life, but he had a Platinum Angel equipped with Lightning Greaves, and also (which I didn’t realize at first) a Sylvan Safekeeper. I attacked and destroyed the Greaves using Argentum Armor, but then he plopped down this dude.

With the stalemate now complete, it was mostly a matter of who got decked first. Spot removal was completely out of the question against him, but the same could be said for me, since all my creatures were indestructible and my Leonin Abunas gave all my artifacts Hexproof. So we took a few turns drawing cards (I spent most of my turn on my upkeep, adding counters like crazy because I had Cathars’ Crusade out), and then, finally, a literal god came to my aid:

Choosing the last two modes because I really felt like trashing all those stupid tokens and counters I had out, all the creatures on the field (except Khemba because Darksteel Plate) were destroyed. From Max’s point of view, this happened:

Max: well, at least he doesn’t have his army anymore

Me: “Max, I daresay you’re at negative 98 life.”

Max: “Oh shi-”

And thus, with a thunderous roar Max exploded into a dazzling array of lights and confetti, never to be seen again.

For those of you who are interested in witnessing the madness firsthand, i have screencapped the final boardstate, just as Austere Command hit:

Yeah, I know. Trust me, we had no idea what was going on either. 

Well, that concludes the event. If this seemed long to you, don’t worry, it was. I think it lasted about 3 hours, is that right? I honestly have no idea. Regardless, I believe we both had a lot of fun. I certainly did, Max is a delightful opponent, so much so that we cannot wait for our next match, which will most likely be Sigarda 1.0 vs K&T, or, as I titled it, Unstoppable Force meets Immovable Object. My Sigarda deck may be overall stronger than Khemba, but we’ll see how it fares against this very specific type of deck. Having a 30/30 doublsetrikehexprooftrampleindestructibleflying creature isn’t of much use when you can’t attack. I very much look forward to that match.

Thank you all for stopping by and reading, and a giant thanks to @commandtower-solring-go for the great game! 


{ Display photos: Darling Charming from Ever After High }

Dress is altered, but I replicated the pattern for Weiss’s dress and i’m having a lot of success with it \(OuO)/ Jacket, pauldrons, bodice jewels, belt, and other accessories are all entirely hand made. I’m wearing this to Emerald City Comic Con so worn pics are coming soon.

What I loved about Supernatural 10x19 “The Werther Project”
  • Sam agreeing to kill Crowley because that’s surely gonna go off without a hitch
  • “like a diseased killer puppy”
  • Dean really starting to lose control
  • The Cinematography! Especially the transition from Sam and the tape recorder to the original Men of Letters meeting
  • “I’m 300 years old. Beauty sleep isn’t optional.”
  • Dean showing up all creepily when Sam is investigating the house
  • Dean o-so-convincingly pretending to be part of the neighborhood watch
  • Susie describing Sam as “Tall, white, pretty hair.”
  • Rowena to the rescue!
  • Sam showing off his lock-picking abilities
  • Sam generally being a BAMF this episode
  • BENNY! We missed you!
  • Rowena to the rescue! 
  • …. or is it?
  • Purgatory being Dean’s “happy place”
  • Have I mentioned Benny yet?
  • Sam easily translating Latin on the go… you know, like one does
  • Dean admitting to having thought about suicide and that Cas and Sam won’t be able to kill him if the time comes and if they do they’ll never recover from that and ahhhhh
  • Dean breaking free of the enchantment
  • Sam putting Rowena in shackles 
  • “The universe is trying to tell us something we already know. We’re stronger together than apart.”
The Hour of Promise!

After last week’s hiccup, I can safely say this one is much better. So let’s see what Hapatra is up to during the end of the world! Spoilers ahead.

- Our meme queen is hanging out with the rest of the late Rhonas’ viziers, unaware of their patron’s demise.

- Hapatra finds the current events unfolding to be just a tad strange.

- The viziers all suffer minor heart attacks, assumingly at the same time Rhonas is killed.

- They look up and see the locusts gnawing at the Hekma, along with the Locust God chillin’ like a villain.

- Hapatra thinks helping Kefnet deal with that might be a good idea, but before any of them can do something, they are informed of Snek God’s death via Scorpinox.

- #LetHapatraSayFuck

- They retreat into the temple, and I guess the writers remembered that we haven’t actually seen what the Temple or Trial of Strength looks like, and we get a brief summary. Better late than never?

- Hapatra arms herself for combat, but not before taking time to appreciate her amazing sense of humour.

- Naturally, she has a pet basilisk.

- Hapatra unleashes the menagerie of cat snakes and the like upon the city, to deal with the encroaching sambies, and locusts.

- She kills a bunch and comes to the realization that the God-Pharaoh actually is a piece of shit.

- Not just a piece of shit. A WHOLE shit.

- She comes across a pair of kids fighting, finding out that the mummies don’t seem to care about the apocalypse going on.

- Yeah, it’s the end of the world, but shit man we can’t skip breakfast!

- Hapatra runs into Samut and Djeru and teams up with them to find Oketra.

- They pass by Gideon and Liliana, silently telling them to go fuck themselves. Rude.

- Oketra and Kefnet are seen fighting Scorpinox. They do a pretty good job, and take the thing down.

- Only to make the same mistake Rhonas did and assumed that he was dead, and caught off-guard when he regenerates and stabs Kefnet in the head. RIP

- And then stabs Oketra in the gut, instead of going for a headshot like the first two.

- Hapatra cries. Samut and Djeru cry. I cry. Gideon shows up, and probably cries.

- Hapatra puts the burden of Bolas-Murder on Gideon. Does she assume all -’trespassers’ have the same power levels?

- We’re halfway through the story now, Bolas better be building up to his grand entrance.

The Shkreli’s List Panic of 2016

Before I get into the meat of this post, which is a call organize against the Reserved List, I would like to remind everyone in the reblogs to include @wizardsmagic, @markrosewater, @tabakrules​, @dougbeyermtg​, and @wizardsdeveloper​ because part of this effort is to keep Reserved List posts appearing in their Tumblr Feeds.

Wow. What a last two weeks it has been for the community of Magic: the Gathering? Let’s recap from the beginning:

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