magic recap

EDH Recap

So I’ve went to my LGS for the weekly EDH evening with my trusty hippo deck. Two of the players never played against me before & one of them was really suspicious of my deck. Like he didn’t believe me when I said I don’t really have a “plan”. He targeted me several times with Ghonti to try & stop me from doing whatever I was going to do, only to find out after the game that I really didnt have a plan. It was fun.

What I loved about Supernatural 10x19 “The Werther Project”
  • Sam agreeing to kill Crowley because that’s surely gonna go off without a hitch
  • “like a diseased killer puppy”
  • Dean really starting to lose control
  • The Cinematography! Especially the transition from Sam and the tape recorder to the original Men of Letters meeting
  • “I’m 300 years old. Beauty sleep isn’t optional.”
  • Dean showing up all creepily when Sam is investigating the house
  • Dean o-so-convincingly pretending to be part of the neighborhood watch
  • Susie describing Sam as “Tall, white, pretty hair.”
  • Rowena to the rescue!
  • Sam showing off his lock-picking abilities
  • Sam generally being a BAMF this episode
  • BENNY! We missed you!
  • Rowena to the rescue! 
  • …. or is it?
  • Purgatory being Dean’s “happy place”
  • Have I mentioned Benny yet?
  • Sam easily translating Latin on the go… you know, like one does
  • Dean admitting to having thought about suicide and that Cas and Sam won’t be able to kill him if the time comes and if they do they’ll never recover from that and ahhhhh
  • Dean breaking free of the enchantment
  • Sam putting Rowena in shackles 
  • “The universe is trying to tell us something we already know. We’re stronger together than apart.”
Modern Recap

I got a message earlier today that my LGS was organizing a last-minute Modern event and I thought “eh, why not?” so I hopped by unleashed some infect. There wasn’t THAT many people, but enough to have quite a bit of variety an action.

My first match was against Jeskai Control (which is a HORRIBLE match-up for me) I was able to lose 1-2 (weirdly enough I was lucky on the second game and was able to win that one.) but I expected losing.

Second match was against some UR Thopter deck, it was janky and a bit all over the place but they had no interaction & my Unblockable Infects were too fast for them. I won 2-0

Third match was against Goblins; it was VERY short & VERY close. I ended up winning 2-1 and the 2 games I won I was a like 2 or 3 life points left…

Fourth match was against Soul Sisters…needless to say that it was a good match-up for me and my opponent wasn’t too happy to see me put down an infect counter on the table before the game started. I won 2-0

The top 4 players did some single elimination matches to see how the prizes were distributed. I faced off against Lantern Control (oddly enough we both thought we had a horrible match-up). He won the first game by locking me down; I won the 2nd game by having a Hurkal’s Recall in my starting hand and some Spell Pierce to keep it safe. He won the last game because I just couldn’t get some pressure early enough, it was really close though as I was able to somewhat play around his lock but it wasn’t enough…I lost 1-2


by being 3rd I was awarded ~12$ in credit OR 4 packs. I hesitated but ended up taking some packs since it’s just 12$…I went with Oath just for fun and….

My first Expedition ever!! :D

I’m so happy :D

I hope I’ll be able to trade it off soon to get closer to finishing off some of my decks. Sadly it’s not worth THAT much so I can’t get a playset of Hierarch or some Wastelands (who am I kidding i’m still really happy about this); but I can probably get the few fetches/shocks I’m missing for my Bant deck :D