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So, the finale of Lost Light #9 is quite something, right? Especially as we end up going back to the Lost Light to do a little bitch of catching up to do with First Aid and the rest of the protectobots (We’ll see if Rook is included). And of course Getaway.

Those are characters that we know, that have followed us for the majority of the More than Meets the Eye run. This one however, he’s from a bit further back.

For those of you that don’t know, this is Scorponok. He is a bit of a big name from the old days of G1. Not quite the cartoon, but the immediate Japanese sequel to it, the Headmasters. He also had his fun in the Marvel continuity.

Scorponok was also a bit prominent in the IDW comics.

Like all good stories, it starts with a personal beef. Back in the days of gladiators fighting in the arenas, Scorponok and Grimlock had a bit of a rivalry going on. But of course the war marches on, and this becomes nothing but a footnote.

Scorponok is clever however. Smart as well. In flagrant disregard of the Tyrest Accord he seeks out aliens, gives them a bit of Cybertronian technology and through the guise of powerful companies and connections allows them to develop weapons. Once their usefulness is exhausted, but before they manage to do anything proper with the weapons, he then eradicates them and takes their innovations for himself and the Decepticons.

On Nebulos, he makes a remarkable innovation, creating imitations of Transformers via the local Nebulonians.

But then he left when Ultra Magnus found him, and escaped capture.

It was on Earth, while repeating the same progress with a little bit of new innovation taken from Nebulos, he decides to take a step further and bonds himself with the human contact via the headmaster process. Well, after he had tested the technology using Sunstreaker as the unfortunate labrat.

And it is there where he encounters an old rival.

Scorponok tries to use Grimlock’s rampage to make a test run with his headmasters on earth, for his Machination firm to overthrow Skywatch as the protector of Earth, while he is part of the threat they are fighting against in the first place.

In the end, it fails. He is defeated by the other dinobots and his connection to old actual head violently severed.

And Scorponok ends up on Garrus-9.

We never saw Scorponok in Last Stand of the Wreckers. In fact, there was another character that we also didn’t see in that comic. Grimlock was also supposed to be imprisoned on Garrus-9.

Grimlock was nowhere to be found. And Scorponok had also disappeared as well, though no attention was brought to that fact.

But now it seems that Scorponok has been busy while in hiding. Raising a new faction, or at least taking control of it. 

A faction Grimlock seems to have some familiarity with.

Maybe Scorponok wanted a punching bag for all the humiliation he had suffered at Grimlock’s hand.

Or maybe Grimlock accepted.

Last time at the Animal Shelter…

- Sophronia spent most of her time taking care of the animals.
- The animals spent most of their time playing with each other and doing animal-y stuff. :) 
- Sophronia bought a cauldron and spellbook to learn more about and practise her fairy powers. 
- She also flirted around downtown, but nothing serious came of it. 
- Thanks to a glitchy beach lot, the shelter moved to downtown Pine Lake, where the kittens grew into cats. 

Halloween at Hogwarts (Supergirl Style)

“So Muggles dress as witches and wizards and try to scare each other, even though they can’t do magic,” Lena recaps, her brow a map of confusion, worrying at her bottom lip as she tries to understand.

Kara adjusts her glasses and her yellow and black striped tie, her face turning slightly pink at the sight.

“Yep,” Winn answers gamely.

“Absolutely,” Maggie nods sincerely.

“Are they joking again?” Lena turns to Alex and James, who shake their heads.

“Nope, this isn’t like that time they tried to convince us that rubber ducks were actually Transfigured animals,” Alex mock glares at her Hufflepuff girlfriend, who leans into Winn conspiratorially.

“Ravenpuff jokester squad for the win,” she congratulates him, and they clack their wands together in imitation of something they call lightsavers, or something like that.

“Nerd,” Alex murmurs, and Kara snorts.

“Hey, you can’t laugh at that, Little Danvers, because if I’m a nerd, you’re the…”

“The nerdier nerd?” James suggests, and he and Maggie share a dap. 

“Yeah, that.”

“So wait, can we go back to the original point?” Lena asks, absently flicking her wand at the stack of books on the massive shelf in the Room of Requirement and coaxing them to magically rearrange themselves in alphabetical order.

“About dressing up for Halloween?” Winn perks up.

“We’ll look pretty strange at the feast,” Lena says into a moment of silence before they all break out hysterically laughing.

A Gryffindor and his Ravenclaw best friend? A Slytherin sister with her Hufflepuff sister and girlfriend, who has her own Ravenclaw girlfriend? They already look pretty strange in the Great Hall. Not to mention Adrian and Lucy – cracking open the door to the Room of Requirement as they laugh – a Hufflepuff first year and a Gryffindor fifth year who are about the same height and wearing matching grins.

“We brought a pre-feast feast!” Adrian exclaims as he lets the massive bulge in the stomach of his robes clatter onto the table. Lucy does the same, and the amount of Honeydukes candy on the rug in front of them is enormous.

“How did you – “ Winn starts to ask, and Adrian just holds up his hands.

“Ask me no questions, and I’ll tell you no lies!” the smallest of them declares, and Maggie asks with her eyes before tugging him playfully down into her lap. 

“How are you a first year and already know more ways out of the castle than most seventh years? And how are you encouraging this, Lane?” she asks, but she’s grinning and reaching around Adrian to open a chocolate frog as she speaks.

“My mom says I’m special,” Adrian grins with a sparkle in his eyes, and James holds out a hand for him to slap.

“She’s got that right, little man,” he ruffles his coarse hair gently after pausing with his hand above his head, giving Adrian the choice to accept or reject the touch. The little boy beams.

“And Lucy and I also had a great idea for costumes!” he buzzes with excitement, and Lena exchanges an amused look with her girlfriend.

“Tell us the whole plan,” Lena quotes one of those Muggle TV shows Winn likes to watch on that odd little screen of his.

Kara beams and leans over to kiss her girlfriend while Winn high-fives her. Maggie snuggles into Alex’s arms, and Alex gladly holds her Hufflepuffs in her Quidditch-trained arms.

When they show up to the feast in the Great Hall that night – already brimming on full from the Honeydukes sweets – Adrian is drowning in Alex’s spare Slytherin robes, and Kara has never looked so good in her girlfriend’s blue and bronze. Lena sports Kara’s Hufflepuff gear with elegance, and Maggie fits nicely into Lucy’s Gryffindor robes. Lucy rocks Adrian’s yellow and black, and Winn looks extra sharp in James’s red and gold. Clark swoons slightly when he sees James stroll by in Alex’s Slytherin gear, and Maggie keeps biting her lip at the sight of her girlfriend in Winn’s spare Ravenclaw tie and robes.

Headmaster J’onzz takes one look at his costumed students – his children, really – and smiles, because the way they’re so happy together? The way they’re just… family, regardless of House?

Is exactly what holidays, even the silly ones, should be about.


{ Display photos: Darling Charming from Ever After High }

Dress is altered, but I replicated the pattern for Weiss’s dress and i’m having a lot of success with it \(OuO)/ Jacket, pauldrons, bodice jewels, belt, and other accessories are all entirely hand made. I’m wearing this to Emerald City Comic Con so worn pics are coming soon.

Hello Everyone, Jakal comin in with a recap of my Amonket Prerelease!

First off I hope yours was fun, and even if you weren’t able to make it this time, you can still grab some packs after launch and enjoy next week!

Anyway first thing I wanna shoutout is these new POP OUT COUNTERS. I know we were told about them previously, but after seeing them up close I’ve gotta say, they’re something special. A real lifesaver if you need extra tokens to keep track, and I hope we see this in future sets!

Speaking of which, I made some quick token for my deck! By this point you can probably guess which colors I went with. The hippo was for Mouth/to/Feed (more on that later). But what was the Zombie used for you ask?

that’s right dudes. I pulled Lilliana.


no joke, I gasped when I saw her in my last pack.

Now how did I do?

In 4 rounds, I won 2 outright, 1 tie, and 1 2-1. Which cards did the heavy lifting? Well beside the obvious (*cough* Lilli *cough*), the cartouches and trials really showed some power! I ran Trial of Ambition, as well as the green and black ‘touches. There’s nothing sweeter than playing your trial, then effectively getting an extra two or three copies of it.

That Mouth/to/Feed I mentioned earlier: super useful. The hippo applied excellent pressure on curve, then guaranteeing extra cards once the board’s stalled out.

Archfiend of Ifnir looks like an Intro-Pack rare, but hits like a truck! Once you start cycling, your opponent start wasting away. Even if you don’t draw Archfiend, Blighted Bat provides the flying power you need while you build your board. Greater Sandwurm works as a great pocket nuke (especially if you can revive him), while flashing in a fast-cat Pouncing Cheetah is super satisfying.

Finally Throne of the God-Pharaoh…ooooh THAT THRONE DUDE!!! Guaranteed extra damage your opponent can’t work around? Plus giving exerted creatures some use on their break-turn? Sign me UP! Needless to say I played pretty aggressively, and was rewarded.

All-in-all I had a great time. Even without the wins, I helped two people refine their decks, and made a new friend (he even goes to my parish!). I can’t wait to use those prize packs in a drafting pool. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even get back into competitive…

Let me know how your prerelease went in the comments, and until next time, peace out!

October Week 3 Participant Recap

The third week of Poeticstories Spooky Poetry gave us a sugar rush with the prompt Magical Piece of Candy. We loved all unique, spooky, and a little weird pieces that you produced. Here are this week’s participants. If you don’t see yourself on the list but wrote a piece, message @just-4-thought
















Each week we pick one piece to be entered for a chance to win the prize-of-the-month. The winner-of-the-month will have their work featured here at Poetic Stories for the entire following month! Congratulations to this week’s winner, @rcsegoldqueer! Please do take a moment to read it! 🎉🎉🎉
What I loved about Supernatural 10x19 “The Werther Project”
  • Sam agreeing to kill Crowley because that’s surely gonna go off without a hitch
  • “like a diseased killer puppy”
  • Dean really starting to lose control
  • The Cinematography! Especially the transition from Sam and the tape recorder to the original Men of Letters meeting
  • “I’m 300 years old. Beauty sleep isn’t optional.”
  • Dean showing up all creepily when Sam is investigating the house
  • Dean o-so-convincingly pretending to be part of the neighborhood watch
  • Susie describing Sam as “Tall, white, pretty hair.”
  • Rowena to the rescue!
  • Sam showing off his lock-picking abilities
  • Sam generally being a BAMF this episode
  • BENNY! We missed you!
  • Rowena to the rescue! 
  • …. or is it?
  • Purgatory being Dean’s “happy place”
  • Have I mentioned Benny yet?
  • Sam easily translating Latin on the go… you know, like one does
  • Dean admitting to having thought about suicide and that Cas and Sam won’t be able to kill him if the time comes and if they do they’ll never recover from that and ahhhhh
  • Dean breaking free of the enchantment
  • Sam putting Rowena in shackles 
  • “The universe is trying to tell us something we already know. We’re stronger together than apart.”
Frozen Vent-Elsa and her parents

I know that Elsa'a parents were not good parents. We all do. They were well intentioned, but that doesn’t really help.

The thing that everyone keeps forgetting is that Elsa WANTED to keep the gloves on. She WANTED to keep her powers in. She WANTED to conceal and not feel. And her desire to do so was NOT because her parents had told her to do so at a young age. Her desire to keep the GLOVES on was from her parents since at the time that they were introduced, she was eight. EIGHT!!! Of course she was gonna listen to her parents! Half of “Conceal don’t feel” is her parents and the other half is HERSELF.

We all see that Elsa’s story in Frozen is one about not being able to let who you are out. But when we look at Elsa’s story, a ton of people just say: “Elsa had bad parents! They traumatized Elsa! Poor Elsa! The victim of horrible conditioning!” Which isn’t false, but it’s just so much more then that!

I think this scene says it all:

See, ELSA just said she doesn’t want to touch anyone. ELSA just pushed away her parent’s help. Elsa was mostly doing this too herself.

What the King and Queen of Arendell did wrong is that they let it get to this point. That they let Elsa live with her fears. They didn’t go hug her anyway. Because they were scared of her.

And THAT is how Elsa was traumatized. She saw that if she could make HER OWN PARENTS scared, that there was no one who wouldn’t be.

The King and Quuen of Arendell made some major parenting errors. But They are not to blame for Elsa’s fears. They simply did not help her control her fears. And that is something all parents should do for all of their children. Regardless if they have magic powers or not. 

Recap: I believe that the King and Queen of Arendell were about 65% responsible for how Elsa responded and dealt with her powers and that Elsa was 35% responsible. Whereas I feel like the rest of the fandom says the King and Queen were 90% responsible and Elsa was only 10% responsible. I believe that I have given sufficient evidence to my belief. So PLEASE stop saying that they are to blame for Elsa’s trauma. Elsa is the only one to blame for that.

(It is fiction so you can still believe whatever you want.)

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And all of this, simply makes her MORE relatable! Amazing job as usual Disney!

I’m sorry that I made you all feel so sad. Please feel better!

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The Shkreli’s List Panic of 2016

Before I get into the meat of this post, which is a call organize against the Reserved List, I would like to remind everyone in the reblogs to include @wizardsmagic, @markrosewater, @tabakrules​, @dougbeyermtg​, and @wizardsdeveloper​ because part of this effort is to keep Reserved List posts appearing in their Tumblr Feeds.

Wow. What a last two weeks it has been for the community of Magic: the Gathering? Let’s recap from the beginning:

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