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Am I the only one who wouldn't be completely crushed if Finn didn't turn out to be force sensitive?

I just think it’s good to have characters who can kick butt and take names without magic powers. A protagonist who can hold their own, shoulder to shoulder with a Jedi without having access to the force.

Leia and Han were good for that, but then Leia turned out to be a Skywalker. So y'know, that went out the window. Still, Han is a good supporting character, though fannon would like to insist he is also a sensitive. Which is on the one hand hilarious because he would hate that, but kind of screws the ‘you don’t have to be a Jedi to do anything useful in this story’ thing.

In the prequel trilogy, we had Padme, who would have been an awesome example, if she hadn’t had all of her character development axed from the final product. As it stands she’s kind of bland and doesn’t accomplish much after TPM. (In the movies! I know she’s the bomb in The Clone Wars)

In all honesty, I want Rey to keep Anakin’s lightsaber. I want Finn to find his own way to help.

He’s already an enjoyable, heroic, multifaceted character all on his own. 

Anyway, that’s my opinion. Not trying to start anything. Please don’t shoot me. I would resent that. :(

The best thing about the PC Yuan-Ti Pureblood race in Volo’s Guide to Monsters is not the poison immunity, or the magic resistance. Those are powerful, but I’m totally ok with a DM nerfing or removing them.

No, the best thing is that they can cast animal friendship, on snakes and snake alone, an infinite number of times a day, every day, for their entire lives. That’s the real reason to play a sneople imo, just go around befriending the fuck out of every snake you meet and amassing a hoard of reptilian noodles. Including:

That is extremely good and important.

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Where did that snapchat come from?! How did you find it?

Well obviously I have magical powers and/or people on the inside. How else would I be able to run such a successful and informative blog?

Fire Wizard Types

Pyro Wizards: The ones that play with fire. Pyro Wizards use fire to burn their enemies over time, causing damage to them each round. They are very passionate and driven, they’ll fight for anything they believe in. They also tend to be a bit hot-headed as you would expect. Pyro wizards wear bold bright oranges and reds, reflecting the colors of fire. If a wizard is at a high level they wear blue to show their status as a pyromancer. Since fire is an element of emotion, it can be difficult to sustain if the wizard is incapable to control their emotions, this is especially hard for young pyro wizards as well.

Light Wizards: Light magic may be confused with sun magic, but sun magic gives power to a wizard’s spells. Light magic is the actual manipulation of light. Light wizards are able to create light to blind their enemies and create illusions, or “tricks of the light” to distract enemies. They are also able to gain power from positivity. If they gather enough positivity they are able to create rainbows to make enemies into allies for only a short period of time. This makes light wizards naturally optimistic and friendly. Light magic is a peaceful form of magic, and is more used for support and not really actual attacking.  

Dragon Wizards: Dragon magic is probably the hardest to master, since dragons are hard to come by. Even dragons in pet shops are rare and are very expensive. If a wizard can access one, they can use them to create a soul bond, meaning anything the wizard feels, the dragon feels and vice versa. Dragons can be a good source of power and make the wizard stronger. In personality, dragon wizards are fierce and powerful, they make very good leaders. They tend to share a similar personality with their dragon. Dragon wizards have draconic tattoos on their body, which often happen to be symbolic. With having a deep connection with their dragon, they are also capable of getting hurt if the other gets hurt, or they can even die if the other dies.

Up next is storm~ Had some help with a friend for this one.

Magic is Emotion

I just realized why they most likely say that magic is emotion. They tell us that the most powerful magic of all is love, true love, and that it creates happiness.

Because then you don’t need other things to bring about that happiness, like drugs that can create a high that can make you believe you’re happy temporarily. That’s why magic seems to symbolize so many different things. But it all comes down to emotion and the different ways that you can bring emotion about and which emotions you can bring about. Sex, drugs, alcohol, power, loving someone, hurting someone all capable of leading to hate, anger, love. And when you have real love, it makes you happy, so you don’t really need an addiction to do that.

But then there are also corrupt types of love, like possessive love. Those are not true. For instance, when love turns possessive, it stops being true. That’s why Rumple couldn’t wake Belle. Because he was possessive and kept hurting and manipulating and lying to her, she stopped wanting to be with him and True Love’s Kiss couldn’t work.

And that’s why true love magic is also the thing that can transcend realms and break any curse. It can take people out of their heads, out of the prison of their minds they have locked themselves in and break through, help them overcome whatever addiction they have because they no longer need it to achieve they used to with it. Because they’ve found a positive way to reach an even greater high. A good one. A healthy one. And one that doesn’t hurt themselves or others.

telepathy, in general, is portrayed in pop culture as being potentially very traumatic for individuals with the power. magical headaches, hearing things you shouldn’t hear, being tortured and abused due to your unique access to critical information…

additionally, it’s implied that queenie’s legilimensy is genetic. she can’t switch it off. she doesn’t need to touch someone to have access to their thoughts, because she is being bombarded with them constantly, every day. ‘people are easiest to read when they’re hurting,’ and everyone is hurting in some way. everyone has worries on their mind.

most adults couldn’t handle it. how do you???? expect a young child to???? have access to the emotional sophistication of hundreds of people several generations her senior? how do you expect a child to be able to handle a constant barrage of unfiltered internal commentary?

people hold their tongues around kids, so as to avoid damaging their delicate sensibilities. we all; censor ourselves around each other. queenie doesn’t have this privilege. at all. ever. beginning when she is VERY young.

so sorry if being afraid of hundreds of voices in your head is a little melodramatic????

After months of fine tuning, the Element Infused subspecies has officially launched! 

Infused dragons are unusually tapped into the streams of magic that flow through Sornieth. That connection can manifest in one of two ways-

  • Stable Infused dragons can temporarily ‘lend’ their magic power and element to other dragons, or, with training, attach that magic to an enchanted item.
  • Unstable Infused are walking ‘magic batteries,’ powering up the magic of same-element dragons all around them whether they like it or not.

Genetics are a fun optional addition to the game- anyone can decide for themselves which type of ability their own dragons have, but for those of us who prefer play with breeding, I have an equation I can use to determine what kind of power your dragon would be born with.

They can be of any element, so no matter your Flight, this subspecies has a spot for you.

Stop by and check out the combination lore thread and hatchery if you’re interested!

(Boots appreciated!)


//With the help of my bff @purge-with-silver , the mystery of Ezreal’s magic has been solved!

He indeed, took no magic classes as a kid, had no idea or care about magic alltogether, apart from the hextech stuff.

But apparently, his power is still there! And it is what allows him to use a powerful magic equipment that easily. He may not think much of it, even now, but his potential is intact! What changes is the awareness of it.

In another comment, it is mentioned the second gaunlet is important, and if Ezreal learns about it, it will matter to him, a lot. So we can hope for some really interesting stories!!

His meeting with Lux is mentioned to need it’s own very story as well!

Result: Ezreal is a beast. And i’m happy.