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Truth In Who We Are (100 Suns Trilogy: Chapter 13)

(A/N: just a little notice that the chapters will be posted whenver I can because it’s coming up to assesment time in my first semester, meaning I have a lot of assignments, tests, etc happening, hope you understand, and enjoy!)

She held the glass of wine in her hand, surveying the contents as if it was remotely interesting. It wasn’t, if anything she was using it as a distraction for the impending doom of Tom’s news to Jessica. Zoë stared intently at the deep red colour it held, her eyebrows knitted together as if by some magical power she could make glass break in her hands.

She wished hard to make the glass break, to cut her hand and bleed to death.

That was a little dramatic but a true reflection of the past hours news. It had shook her more than she realised. She couldn’t fathom that anything Tom had said was real, she was sure she was stuck in some kind of different dimension, another dream.

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Destroy Rooney

“Destroy Rooney” is a animation that did not come true. It’s so-colled magical girl animation that transforms with magical power. However, it makes functional transformation more muscular tramsformation than decoration.

The link below is a pilot film connecting rough drawing. It is an incomplete film which does not contain audio, but if you are interested, please have a look.

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things that are canon in ace attorney (spirit of justice edition)
  • apollo instinctively cleans whenever he sees a mess because he’s the only one who cleans the WAA office
  • apollo’s father was a musician. apollo’s mother is also a musician. i’m not saying singing genes but singing genes
  • apollo and nahyuta used to run around in fields butt naked and get leeches on their butts
  • dhurke has photos of this
  • apollo and dhurke had an airplane vs bird argument very reminiscent of the stepladder vs ladder debate
  • maya informed phoenix that she had outgrown said debate. the two proceeded to have the debate anyway.
  • phoenix believes in apollo justice
  • apollo owns a red suit jacket
  • upon seeing said suit jacket, trucy recommended that he, phoenix, and athena start a stand-up comedy troupe named “primary colour punch-lines”
  • phoenix took a camera to khura’in and took photos of everything, like a dumb nerd
  • edgeworth missed phoenix while he was in khura’in and denied it vehemently, like a dumb nerd
  • edgeworth had his cravat attacked by a dog
  • apollo thinks edgeworth’s cravat is a strong fashion statement
  • phoenix believes in apollo justice
  • simon stood as athena’s co-counsel in court
  • athena has succeeded in co-ercing apollo into buying her juice four times in one month, just because he hates running and refuses to race her
  • phoenix never forgets to water charley, even though his desk is a mess
  • sometimes phoenix looks at charley and smiles
  • most of the law books in the WAA are magic books in disguise
  • apollo is actually trucy’s magic assistant (albeit a somewhat unwilling one)
  • the detention center guard is better than athena at trivia
  • apollo keeps manga on his desk because “manga these days are super realistic and informative. i need them for research…”
  • according to athena, apollo gets prickly whenever klavier gavin comes up
  • athena’s theory about said prickliness is that apollo hates klavier because he’s beautiful
  • ema skye is finally a forensic investigator!!
  • she gave up snackoos. unless she is stressed, and then she does not give up snackoos.
  • apollo thinks trucy’s smile has a magical power that make it impossible for him to say no
  • as a result apollo spent hours making a dragon prop for her show
  • apollo is afraid of heights
  • i mentioned that in a previous post but guys. it’s really important. he’s really afraid of heights. poor darling
  • he had to get athena to hold his hand while they were investigating a high place because he thought he might faint
  • when apollo was told to say something snappy to the camera, he pointed and yelled “T-talk to the hand! KA-POW!”
  • phoenix. believes in. apollo justice
  • athena said that simon looks like a panda
  • dhurke had a cactus named apollo
  • apollo can’t swim
  • athena and apollo call phoenix “the turnabout terror”
  • pearls calls apollo “mr apollo”
  • apollo calls maya “ms fey”
  • phoenix “ninja’d” some back medicine into his pocket
  • edgeworth got sentimental because he was investigating a case side by side with phoenix
  • he then got very offended when phoenix pointed this out
  • phoenix suggested that edgeworth dye his hair black
  • edgeworth got very offended at this too
  • the return of the NGHOOOOOH
  • ahlbi described “a guy with two crops of hair sticking out of his forehead like antennae” and “this lady with a long bunch of hair that looked like a big, orange spider leg” and phoenix immediately identified them as sounding like apollo and athena
  • athena later got very offended at being called “spider hair”

“I hesitated.”

In an alternate universe, language holds magical power. However, the more speakers there are for that language, the less powerful the magic becomes, making languages like English nearly powerless. You are the last speaker of a dying language.

Hannibal / LOTR AU

  • Hannibal as EvilElrond, Lord of Balendell, super old elf famed for his big library and lavish hospitality (including lots of roast boar), he has long silky hair, pointy ears, and wears kickass velvet robes, his woodland realm is on the border of Mordor and people keep going missing nearby because of those pesky orcs honestly can you believe they keep eating people right on my doorstep anyhoo grub’s up my honoured guests 
    • *he is probaby the source of that story about man-eating orcs once being elves
  • Will as the Aragorn: super beautiful slow-ageing reluctant half-elf prince/ranger who was raised by Hobbits and just wants to go back to messing about in boats in the Shire (has a habit of making himself seem small cuz he’s used to fitting himself into hobbit holes)
  • Comes to Balendell in Company with his Regent, King Jack the Giant-Killr his second Zeller (as Boromir, resents Will for being all fey and nimble and unfairly good at fighting and the prince of his kingdom), Price the chirpy Hobbit, Bev the Dwarf (because obviously, Hetienne Park would die of fun). 
  • Hannibal the disgruntled yet polite host wants Will to stay forever and sail to Valinor with him feel right at home, showers him with elf gifts and attention (honestly all Elf Lords help their guests to bathe Will it’s tradition frankly it would be rude not to accept come into my library little fly) and helps Will with his terrible tragic Mordor-sickness by giving him this completely harmless talisman of invisibility to wear just wear the ring Will wear it ignore the dark voices it’s I SEE YOU 100% safe.
  • Also featuring: Frederick Wormtongue, Mayor of Chill Town (wants to be an advisor to the future king and is thus all up in Will’s business and Hannibal is unrelaxed about it), Franklyn the fat cheese-hoarding Hobbit (who loves elf culture and just wants to be friends with the famous Lord Hannibal but Hannibal is like ugh get thou off my dick), Randal!Beorn, ring-mad king Mason (whose sister has to take up all the slack), and some kind of Thorinn/Smaug/Francis mashup.
  • & Other Elves: Lady Alana of the Blooms (Lord Hannibal’s lovely step-daughter, Will is crushing on from afar until Hannibal hints she might be his biological mother just to fuck with his head), Lady Bedelia (GALADRIEL, Hannibal’s long long long long suffering mother in law), the Princess Lounds of Mirkwood (a red haired elfess crackshot archer who does whatever the frick she likes because she’s a legend.