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Request: all your earthbound HCs

This is pretty much all of them… hehe

- Born and raised in Onett, with his Mother and sister Tracy (who is 3 years younger)
- His dad left when he was 3 and almost everything Ness does is for his dad.
- Loves rock music and blasts it on his Walkman 24/7
- He’s and optimist and loves to see the best in people, that’s why he keeps giving Porky a ton of second chances
- Ness and Porky have been “friends” since Kindergarten
- Ness is heterosexual, and married his high school sweet heart Paula Polestar.
- He was super DUPER anxious to be traveling with such a pretty girl art first, but once they warmed up Ness and Paula bonded over inside jokes and making fart noises in public places.
- Ness would literally put himself in danger to make sure Paula didn’t get hurt, but he learned that she was pretty reckless and strong as heck.
- After college, the two moved into an apartment in fourside.
- Later they had 2 kids, Harmony and Buzz (named after buzz buzz)
- The two inherited their parents’ psi but aren’t allowed to use it unless there is an emergency.
- Paula works at a fourside elementary school and Ness works at the monotoli building
- Nesspaula had their first kiss before heading into the cave of the past in fear of not coming out alive, the first “official” was after one of Ness’ baseball games. (Jeff and Poo were there too.)
- She’s a year younger than Ness and much stronger than him
- She looks delicate but can rip you to shreds
- Paula isn’t shy when using her psi
- She’s literally the local celebrity of Twoson and hides away in the preschool to avoid the press and their questions about psi
- She’s the mom friend of the group
- She’s AMAZING when dealing with kids, she also loves it too
- Jeff confides in Paula and Poo lets Paula braid his hair
- Paula originally thought Jeff was an alien
- Polestar is in-fact her last name
- Ness’ mom loves Paula and insists she’s a keeper for Ness.
- Paula literally broke out in tears when Ness collapsed into Magicant
- Ness and Paula are the closest on the team
- She loves New Age music as well as 90s pop
- Paula lowkey tells Jeff her future plans for her and Ness’ wedding
- The only son of Dr. Andonuts
- His mother died during childbirth
- Dr. Andonuts tried to take care of him but went into hysteria after his wife died and sent Jeff to live at Snow woods
- Jeff has only ever known being alone, he’s naturally shy and only opens up to the closest of friends
- When he was leaving Snow woods it was 3am and he almost forgot to get his glasses he was in so much of a rush
- When Jeff first arrived, he wouldn’t engage in conversation with ness and Paula but walk awkwardly in the background
- He eventually opened up to all 3 and they have been best friends ever since
- Jeff often has nightmares which keep him up at night. Which is also why he prefers to stay up late and finish projects.
- Jeff first thought Tony was annoying being the total opposite of him: popular and sociable
- He refused his friendship at first but then started to open up when they would talk late at night. He was Jeff’s first friend.
- People often try and ask Jeff about his dad but it upsets him because not even he knows a lot about him. Tony shoos them off.
- Jeff has a place in the woods where he likes to contemplate
- He had his first kiss in the school library after hours
- Jeff isn’t very romantic, but realized he was falling for his roommate during the journey. He was mistaking his homesickness for missing Tony, because he was so close to him and being without him hurt.
- He spent about a year after the journey out of school and with his dad, but decided to return to finish high school.
- When he returned he also confessed and found himself with a new boyfriend.
- He also tends to hold hands a lot and gets worried when Tony is away too long, because the tube incident really messed him up. He worries all the time for the safety of him.
- He sleeps with a laser under his pillow
- Jeff and Tony got married after college and live in Dr. Andonuts’ lab, which is now habitable for a family.
- They have a daughter. She was made completely by them using science.
- Jeff is super protective of his family in fear of losing them and being alone again, as isolation is his greatest fear.
- Dr. Andonuts is also trying to be a good grandfather too, he thinks he can make it up by being there this time.
- He works as an occupational scientist and Tony is a teacher at Snow woods.

- Older than the rest of the gang
- Is fluent in like, 4 languages
- He is considered a heart throb in Dalaam and literally has girls lining up outside his castle to see him
- He has crowds watching him Mu train
- He is versatile with weapons and can use both a sword and his body as weapons
- Poo loves to mimic other people and cause trouble
- He loves to do this to Jeff the most, because honestly Jeff has the most material to work with
- Poo broke Tracy’s heart by saying “eww you’re too young for me.”
- He fell in love with a princess from another kingdom and literally talked to Ness about her all night by using telepathy
- Poo=Johnny Bravo with chicks on the journey, and Ness had to drag him away
- Poo is pretty buff
- He also hates the cold and when he visits Jeff he always complains. Which is double the complaints because Tony hates when Jeff brings other guys into their dorm
- Poo loves to stargaze, and the four meet up in Dalaam once a year to do observe the sky and have a party
- Once poo became king he had a son and the two are pretty much the most pompous people in Dalaam
- He rules with kindness and equality for all his people, or else the evil Mu guy comes and rips off their limbs or something.
- Poo’s parents are pretty laid back when it comes to royal training, mostly because Poo’s retainers have whipped him into shape already
- Poo gets his way by threatening to use pk starstorm
- Ness and Poo have vowed that one day they will combine starstorm and Rockin to create the greatest PSI power ever
- Jeff and Paula don’t want them to do that at all