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Some questions about Harry Potter

If truth potions exist, why was Sirus Black convicted of the murders he didn’t commit? Wouldn’t interrogation under the effects of a truth potion reveal his innocence?

If Voldemort could curse the Defense Against the Dark Arts professorship, why didn’t he just also curse the position of headmaster? Why not curse the position of Auror? Why not use that ability to try and stop everyone who opposed him? Furthermore, if Dumbledore knew that the position was cursed, why didn’t he try to do anything about it?

If Voldemort is the result of being conceived under the effect of a love potion, wouldn’t that mean there are a lot more Voldemorts running around in the world? Or is date rape and loveless marriages just not a thing for wizards?

If the power to travel through time exists, why do they only use this power to let a 13 year old girl take extra classes? Why not use it to stop Voldemort? Why not use it to solve crimes by revisiting the scene when it took place?

How did Dumbledore not know about the Marauder’s Map and its users in general? Why didn’t Dumbledore do anything about James bullying the shit out of Snape? Shouldn’t he have learned by that point that bullying wizards never ends well? Is Dumbledore some kind of secret asshole?

Why are young wizards-in-training not allowed to use magic outside of school, even if they’re in a household where their parents use magic all the time? Wouldn’t it make sense for them to practice their skills rather than risk them getting sloppy and lazy over the summer?

Why is the age of majority in the wizarding world 17? Do wizards biologically mature faster than ordinary people?

Does Hogwarts offer classes outside of magic-related stuff? Is there a single wizard who understands basic algebra? What about political science? Is that offered? Do they study muggle literature, or only wizarding literature?

How did literally no one know that Harry and Voldemort had sister wands? Why didn’t Ollivander think to try and tell anyone about this?

Why would anyone agree to participate in the Triwizard Tournament if they didn’t know what the competitions were? What if the contests involved a gangbang?

If Nicholas Flamel invented the Philosopher’s stone and discovered the elixer of life, why wouldn’t he share that elixer with anyone? Wouldn’t that have saved countless lives?

Why is capital punishment forbidden in the wizarding world, but the Dementor’s Kiss, which is objectively worse in every conceivable way, accepted without question?

What was that black goo?

you know what kills me, what really haunts my deepest darkest dreams? harry using lumos at privet drive in prisoner of azkaban to do his homework. WARNER BROTHERS! Harry Potter WAS NOT ALLOWED TO DO MAGIC OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL. THAT’S WHY HE RAN AWAY AFTER BLOWING UP HIS FUCKING AUNT. Do you understand the MAJOR continuity problem in your adaptation of this billion-dollar book series? DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

want some more? want some discourse? here: why tHE FUCK does hermione fix harry’s glasses in chamber of secrets when theyre in diagon alley? binch knows she’s not supposed to do magic outside of school. hell, she prob knew that in the fuckin’ fIRST MOVIE, when she did the EXACT SAME THIng. want some more?? what about when harry did lumos at the beginning of prizoner of azkaban??? shit’s not a flashlight, that takes MAGIC. fucking call out post: harry potter movie directors Do NOT care about magical law!!

Sweet 16!

Billy Broadview making an appearance from the far far mystical land of Boyle,   Ireland (ohhhh maaaaagical) because Easter holiday lined up with my birthday this year! Boom, yay me! Cake and I don’t even need to go to class.

Now sadly they still don’t let me do magic outside of school, which is a shame because I have a new one I learned where I can colour eggs and then make them grow legs and run around. The dogs would’ve loved that!

But yeah, don’t worry Jonathan and Emily- I didn’t want you guys to miss my boyish charms too much while I’m gone so I might have set a couple loose in the castle for you guys to hang out with. The pink one with stripes is my favorite. I named him Scrambles. 

I find it hilarious that the ministry had banned underage wizards and witches to do magic outside of school like these are kids between the ages of 11-17, do you really expect them to do magic for most of the year and not do any for two whole months??


request: “Hello could you maybe do 5 with Fred weasley please and thank you” — by anon

a/n: the more i’m making imagines about fred, the more i find myself falling harder for him oh my god (but tbh, i like george more hehe)

5. “Why the hell are you blue?”

Masterlist + Request here!

    As you watched Fred use the rolling brush to paint on the white wall, you couldn’t stop yourself from laughing because of his obvious annoyance about the way the two of you weren’t allowed to use magic in summer — since it was stated in the law that wizards below seventeen weren’t allowed to use magic outside of school.

    “Bloody hell, Y/N, if I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t be tolerating this.” said Fred upon hearing your laughter inside the big room.

    You got up from your current position, which was just below the ladder he was on, where you were doing your own painting.

    “I know, Freddie.” you grinned. “Thank you again. You didn’t have to do this but you did.”

    He looked at you, “It’s the least I could do for your parents who welcomed me so warmly. Also, I may or may not be doing this to get on their good side.” he winked before working on his part of the wall again.

     You snorted and continued to paint.

     It was the summer before your seventh year with Fred and he gladly volunteered to help when you wrote to him saying that you were about to paint a whole room by yourself as part of your household chores. Of course, your muggle family was delighted to have him over as well, the ginger haired Weasley honestly already on their good side because of his kind and funny nature.

    Just as you were about to glide the brush on the clean wall, multiple of blue paint suddenly dropped on your hair, and in the next second, it seemed like half of the can of paint fell down on you.

    “Fred …” you spoke in between deep breaths.

    “Oh, crap, Y/N, I swear that was an accident.” he rushed down, holding the can and placing it on the ground.

    When you looked at him, you could see that he was trying hard to suppress a laugh.

     You slowly chuckle, “Oh, you think this is funny, huh?” you exclaimed, stepping closer only for him to step back when you did so.

     Fred raised his eyebrows. “Love, don’t do it.”

    “Don’t do what?” you asked innocently, a hand now on your hair as you attempt to get some paint on your fingertips.

    With a playful smirk, you practically tackled him unguarded which resulted into the two of you landing on the floor. Fred groaned as he was the one under and therefore was the one who felt the impact, his hands secured on your waist while you took the chance to get some paint on his face.

     Fred laughed, “Y/N, stop!” he shouted quite loudly, his grip now on your wrists to stop you from making more damage. “Damn, woman. When the Sorting Hat placed you in Gryffindor, it didn’t say to live up to its symbol and pounce like a lion.” he chuckled.

     You sat up, still strangling his hips. “It’s your fault. You’re the one who poured this filthy paint on me.” you sighed, thankful that the paint used could be removed by water.

      “I told you, I didn’t mean it.” he sent you a goofy smile. “Though, I’m glad it happened. I mean, look at out position right now.” Fred wiggled his eyebrows.

     "Very cheeky, Weasley.“ you moved away from your position to instead sit beside him where he was still laying down with his face covered in paint.

    You reached out to him again and drew a mustache above his lip, laughing.

    Fred rolled his eyes, sitting up as well. "Enjoying yourself, are you?”

    “I always enjoy myself when I’m with you.” you said, winking at him.

    He snorted before leaning down to kiss your lips sweetly. “Can’t deny I feel the same way. You know how much I love you, right?”

    “No, not really.”

    Fred quirked an eyebrow, “Is that an excuse to make me kiss you again?” but he was already starting to lean in like seconds ago.

     You shrugged. “Maybe.”

     "Hmm,“ he was staring at your mouth,"it’s kinda working.”

     You pressed your lips onto his and he hastily kissed back, a hand automatically making its way to your waist to pull you closer. You chuckled at his sudden eagerness, now running your fingers through his red hair which was now tinted with blue.

      Kissing Fred always seemed to put you into another world. At that moment, everything around you was slowly fading away and the only thing that you were concentrating on was his lips and his hands. He practically drove you crazy, and he knew that he did.

      He smirked, pulling away. “Someone’s coming.”

     Indeed there was, and when you looked behind, your mom suddenly entered the room, her eyes widening at the sight of the two of you.

     "Why the hell are you blue?“ she demanded.

     Sharing a knowing glance with Fred, the both of you burst out laughing, unaware of your mom’s expression that had confusion written all over it; but it wasn’t long before she too smiled, realizing that what you had with Fred wasn’t just some fling — it was for a lifetime.

Black Magic (Young!Sirius Black x Reader)

Originally posted by nellaey

Request from: Anon

Prompt: Hiya :) could you please do a Young!sirius x reader where Sirius and the reader grew up together, but now he is always teasing or harsh with the reader because he is jealous because she is close friends with James and Sirius thinks they like each other. One day he goes too far and James confronts him. Thanks Hun x

“Oh Sirius stop it, or I swear I’ll curse you” You huffed as you picked out your dress.

“Seeing James again I assume” He teased pulling at one of your perfectly curled hairs.

“As a matter of fact I am” You snorted swatting his hand away.

You had met Sirius when you were only three years old. Your parents were friends so the two of you spent lots of time together. This led to you meeting James and the rest of his friends. You were one of the guys. Though you always toyed with the idea of dating Sirius. You had become particularly close to James. He had his eyes set on Lily Evans but apparently she needed a push. So James had the brilliant idea to use you to make her jealous. That entitled you to go places where Lily was and cling to James. You were happy to help. In fact you assisted all of the marauders in getting girls. That is except Sirius. You were still unsure of whether or not he liked you.

It was strange though because ever since you started helping James, Sirius seemed different. He pulled away from you and began to tease you more and became harsh. You assumed he was having a hard time with school but whenever you asked he brushed you off. It was actually becoming rather troublesome.

“And where will you be going this time?” Sirius said flopping on your freshly made bed.

“Oh come on don’t be silly” You said shoving him off of your bed. “You know Remus is having a party tonight. His parents are taking their yearly vacation to the muggle world”

“Ah yes that’s right. What a coincidence I will be there as well” He said rubbing his head which had hit the floor.

“Now get out” You said playfully pushing out the door. “I have to change and I wouldn’t want you seeing anything”

“What’s to see” He said rolling his eyes and walking away. “See you tonight” He called as he slammed your door shut.

What was up with him? Did he actually mean that? Maybe this was a sign that he really didn’t like you. You decided you’d talk to James. Maybe he knew what was going on. “Oh dash it” You mumbled as you looked at the time. You ran outside and caught up with James and the rest of the boys. The only problem was that Sirius was nowhere to be seen.

When you were at the party James held you close and watched as Lily’s eyes flickered with jealousy. Mission accomplished. Halfway through the night you saw Sirius standing in a corner with his eyes on you. Except it wasn’t friendly. It appeared to be hatred.

“James” You said tugging on his shoulder. “Do you know what’s wrong with Sirius? He seems to be treating me so different”

James shrugged. “I have no idea. He hasn’t said anything to me. Go talk to him” He said nudging you in Sirius’s direction.

As you approached Sirius he started walking away and outside. “Sirius. Sirius. Sirius!”  You yelled calling after him. “Hey” You said catching up to him and pulling on his shoulder.

“Yes Y/n what do you want?” He said reluctantly turning around to look at you.

“I wanted to spend time with you” You said softening your tone.

“Well don’t let me take you away from James”

“Ha ha very funny” You said brushing off his cold tone.

“I’m serious Y/n”

“Well of course you’re Sirius…” You said making a joke.

“I don’t want to see you anymore” He said cutting you off.

“What?” You said shocked as the tears formed in you eyes.

“Go away” He said before walking away from you and further into the night’s darkness.

You ran inside as tears streamed down your face and right to James. As soon as he saw you the smile dropped off of his face. “Y/n what’s wrong?”

“It’s Sirius” You sad wiping the tears from you face. “He doesn’t want to see me anymore” You said your voice cracking.

“I’ll talk to him” James said storming off rather angrily. “Are you mental?” He demanded upon finding Sirius outside. “You made Y/n cry”

“No you’re the mental one” Sirius said rolling his eyes. “You knew I liked Y/n and what do you do? You pursue her and take her everywhere, mocking me”

James laughed. “You’re kidding right? I like Lily and Y/n was just helping me make her jealous” Sirius’s face turned pale. “You better go talk to her she’s in Remus’s room”

Sirius feeling rather foolish and embarrassed rushed upstairs to Remus’s room. As he burst through the door he ran to your side and knelt down next to the bed. “Y/n I am so sorry. I didn’t know you were helping James. I thought you didn’t like me so I got jealous and became mean. Please forgive me”

“Why would you be jealous?” You asked wiping away the tears. “I was still spending time with you”

He sighed. “Yes but not the kind of time you were spending with James”

“Why would that matt….oh” You said realizing. “You liked me all this time?” 

He shrugged running his hand through his back hair. “You caught me”

“Oh you fool” You said tackling him to the ground. “I liked you too”

He rolled you over so now he was on top. “Then I guess that means I can do this” He pressed his lips against yours and as he did you heard snickers of laughter.

“Boys” You said snarling. “I will use magic outside of school if you don’t get out of here” You said chasing Peter, James, and Remus out the door and down the stairs. You could hear Sirius laugh as you chased them outside and into the darkness.

I know everyone us complaining about Ilvermorny bring a singular school/being a Hogwarts expy/etc., but imagine the college town it would have:

  • Older students can live in apartments in the town (reserved for 6th and 7th years + graduate students).
  • Local businesses run by alumni that allow students to take part time jobs because of block scheduling
  • An always packed Internet cafe/phone bank where students can contact family and friends and use their tech (but mysteriously their phone can’t open any camera apps).
  • Music stores that allow Freshbloods (No-maj parentage) to keep up with the music back home.
  • A cinema that shows a mix of classic movies (both of Wizarding and No-maj origins), current blockbusters, and even student films put together with analog film equipment or over student holidays from home (registering to do magic outside of school is a pain but the best films have them).
  • Stationary and school supply shops, because like hell Ilvermorny is providing 1000+ students with pencils/pens/paper for a semester straight. 
  • School pride shops that sell mascot plushies that move and interact with its owner, student produced shirts (though there have been temporary suspensions in this service, most recently a distasteful shirt with the slogan “Smash that Wampussy” written on it and sold during a Quidditch match), scarves, hats, jackets, and whatever else college shops like to sell. 
  • Giant open green spaces to walk dogs and fly their owls (falconry is surprisingly a fun intramural and Thunderbird host monthly tournaments)
  • Chain restaurants that are run solely by witches and wizards if students are tired of school food
The seventh of 7 ways Otayuri decide to be cute af

Also on AO3 |

“Hey, can you give me my copy of History of Magic?” Yuri put out a hand.

Otabek didn’t answer, but the book came flying right into Yuri’s hand. Yuri noticed. “Oh please, stop bragging you’re allowed to use magic outside of school. If the Ministry thinks I did it, I’ll be in huge trouble!”

“You shouldn’t worry so much, no one will come to punish you.” Otabek said calmly.

“That’s easy for you to say, you’re already 18.”

“And if they sue you, I’ll go to the Ministry, explain what happened and show my wand.”

“Fine,” Yuri sighed in defeat, “use magic like the superior being you are.”

“Just older.” Otabek waved the supposed compliment away.

Yuri looked up from his book. “How are you doing on your Patronus?”

“I cast it actually.”

Yuri’s eyes widened. “Oh really? What animal did you get?”

“Do you want to see for yourself? I can recreate it.” Otabek suggested.

“Yes, please,” Yuri almost begged him.

Otabek smiled. “Sure, give me a moment then.” He closed his eyes, brows furrowed in concentration. When he was focusing on a happy memory, he raised his hornbeam wand and said expecto patronum.

Nothing happened for a second, but then a silver mist appeared from Otabek’s wand. It took form and immediately, Yuri clapped his hands together in joy.

“What a beauty!” Yuri crouched down to take a better look at the Patronus.

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you give me something to think about (chapter 1)

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Summary: Trini has no plans for the future, no idea of what she’s going to do after she leaves school. All that’s left is to enjoy the last year she has left.

And oh, what a year it will be.

The Slowburn Hogwarts AU that no one asked for.

Trini stifles a yawn behind her mouth as she steps onto the pitch. It was early enough in the morning that the sky was barely lit, and Trini shivers a little at the lack of the sun’s warmth. She closes her eyes for a moment, breathing in the smell of grass and the dewy morning air. She loves Hogwarts, but sometimes the Hufflepuff dorm was too… crowded wasn’t exactly the word for it, but it didn’t always feel right. She always found it ironic that even in a world full of witches, wizards, and magical creatures, she still somehow felt out of place. Taking another clearing breath, Trini mounts the broomstick and kicks off. She lazily circles the pitch, more focused on brooding and enjoying the sunrise than she is on actually flying.

She’s seventeen. In her last year at Hogwarts, and even though she was more or less a loner at school, she still thought of the castle as home, more so than the house her family lived in. While she is excited to be back, she still can’t quiet the anxiety she feels when she thinks about the future. Shaking her head, she leans down and picks up speed, starting to weave patterns around the goalposts. She’d always dreamed of flying as a kid; it was an escape, a chance to get away from the heavy expectations of her parents, the stares and comments from the other kids at school, the bullying, all of the confusing emotions that she always tried to bury. Flying was easier than thinking about the real world, and it was something that Trini always turned to when stressed.

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anonymous asked:

I have a question that is really bugging me. You may not know the answer, but in the 3rd movie when he is doing the "Lumos maxima" spell. Why didn't the ministry care. In the "Chamber Of Secrets" they said he would be expelled. I know this question has probably been asked before, but I want to know.

I think it’s probably one of those “it looks cool, but they didn’t really think it through things”. It was a pretty neat opening shot. I guess the movie could argue that he’s not being punished because no muggles saw it, even if that’s not how the Trace actually works.  Harry should get in trouble for doing magic outside of school, and it doesn’t really make any sense that he’d be risking that.

I was actually telling Lauren about another of those “doing it for the #aesthetic, even if it doesn’t make sense” moments the other day. You remember that scene in the Half-Blood Prince movie where some Death Eaters destroy a bridge? The scene takes place in the summer of 1996, construction on the bridge they destroyed (the Millennium Bridge, London) started in 1998. So, the movie had Death Eaters destroy a bridge that wasn’t going to exist for at least another 2 years. 


H.G x Reader #6

Prompt: Hermione telling you, her muggle girlfriend, about her being a witch.  

Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

Hermione paced the length of the lake as she awaited you. She ran her hand through her hair repeatedly and wrung her hands to rid herself of the jitters. “Merlin, Hermione,” she scolded. “You’re a Gryffindor. Summon some courage will you?”

“Hermione!” You called. Her head snapped up at the call of her name and a grin spread across her features as she realized you had arrived.

You jogged over toward her and eagerly greeted your girlfriend with a kiss and a hug.

“Hey, lovely. How are you?” You beamed as you held you girlfriend tightly against your chest.

Forgetting her nervousness momentarily, Hermionel let herself be engulfed by you, simply enjoying the safety your embrace brought her despite your lack of magical qualities.

This was what she loved about you. You were always her anchor from the wizarding world. No matter what she went through she always came back to you. And the thought that you may reject her based on what she was about to confess… that this may be the last time you ever held her so lovingly frightened her.

But you needed to know. You were both slightly older now. Often times you’d both speak seriously about the future you wanted to have together and if you really wanted to have a future with her, if you really saw yourself with Hermione, then you needed to know the other half of her.

“I’m quite tired honestly. But I’ve missed you,” she answered, her response muffled by your shirt.

You rubbed her back comfortingly. “I’ve missed you too, my love.” You kissed her forehead and sat down on the blanket she had laid out before your arrival. You pulled her down into your lap and rocked her back and forth as you spoke.

“How has school been?” You wondered, threading your fingers through her hair.

Immediately Hermione’s thoughts and emotions went haywire. She took a deep breath and turned in your lap, placing both of her legs beside either side of your waist so that she faced you.

“I’ve actually been needing to talk to you about that.” She looked you in the eye and bit her lip. Concern marred your features.

“Is something wrong?” You questioned worriedly.

“I… yes, but I actually need to tell you… what’s going on. Where I go.” You raised a brow. Though you used to question where- which school your girlfriend went to during the year you had now grown accustomed to her answering with something along the lines of “a special place. A private school. I’m sworn to secrecy so I can’t tell you much about it” and then changing the subject. Not that that dulled your curiosity, but you had learned that bringing up the subject caused her anxiety and so you stayed away from it as much as possible. Now your curiosity had spiked again.

“Um, okay.” You shifted so that you could rest your elbows on the blanket without moving your girlfriend.

“Go on then,” you said encouragingly.

She fiddled with her thumbs anxiously. “Do you believe in magic?”

Taken aback your lips parted in mystification.

“I suppose… I do… not?” Hermione raised her brows and you sighed as you went on to explain.

“I don’t simply because I’ve never encountered it. Though I think if it were real, if I saw it for myself, that would be pretty cool.” You shrugged.

She nodded and looked away, brows pinched together in thought. You rubbed a hand up and down her thigh as you studied her, “Why?

She looked at you, not really knowing where to begin.

“Does magic have anything to do with what you’re going to tell me?” You inquired.

“Um… yes.” She looked down at your hand still resting on her thigh and she grabbed it, playing with your fingers as she spoke.

“I swear I’m not crazy,” she began.

“-so… you’re a witch?” You asked incredulously .

“I- uh- yes. I am a witch.” Hermione answered apprehensively.

You leaned back against your elbows again and peered up at your girlfriend.

“I always felt something was odd about you,” you mused, the corners of your lips tugging up.

At your girlfriend’s offended expression you quickly jumped in to clarify. “Not ‘odd’ as in a bad way… just 'odd’ as in special. A lot more special than the other girls I’ve ever met before. ”

Your girlfriend bit her lip and turned away, attempting to hide the pink hue in her cheeks.

“So… what do you think? You really believe me?” She wondered. “How do you feel?” She tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear habitually as she awaited your response with baited breath.

It took you a few seconds to answer as you were still processing the information but you smiled reassuringly.

“Well like I said… this is pretty bloody amazing,” you grinned and brought your girlfriend’s hands up to your face. You pressed a kiss to both of her knuckles and chuckled, “I believe you. You can do magic. It’s amazing. It’s making me rethink everything I’ve ever known butttt… it’s wonderful. I’m perfectly fine. ”

She breathed a sigh of relief and tackled you onto your back.

Merlin, [Y/n]!” She squealed into your ear. You flinched but laughed at your girlfriend’s excitement despite the slight confusion. Merlin?

She pressed a sloppy kiss onto your cheek and pulled away, her arms still latched around your neck.

“So, can you show me your magic?” You breathed.

Her laughter died down but a serene smile crossed her face.

“It’s technically against the rules to use magic outside of Hogwarts. We have many rules to prevent the use of magic outside of the school grounds,” she traced her finger over your collarbone and peered up at you with a mischievous smile. “but I think I can do something about it.”

You hummed and pressed a kiss on her nose. “Is my 'Mione secretly a… dare I say, rule breaker?” You asked, feigning shock.

She shook her head but she cracked a smile.

“I never have been! But when you’re friends with Harry Potter all rules go out the window! Everyone is a bad influence on me,” she pouted.

You threw your head back as your body convulsed with laughter. “It’s okay my love-” you said in between breaths. “I love this bad girl thing you have going on.”

Her lips parted into and 'O’ shape. “You’re teasing me!” She punched your shoulder in mock anger but you grabbed her arms and threw her onto her back, never mind the shriek. You peppered kisses all over her face as she erupted in giggles.

“I love you,” you mumbled, a half smile on your lips.

Really?” She whispered. “I didn’t scare you off?”

“Well… I am still here am I not?” She gave you a crossed look but you continued. “No. You didn’t scare me off.” You replied seriously. “I love you. I’m glad you trust me enough to tell me this about you. I imagine Pigwarts-”


“-right. 'Hogwarts’ is a very special place to you. I want you to know that I love you, no matter what, okay? Nothing will scare me off. I promise.” You pressed a kiss tenderly onto the corner of her mouth and rolled onto your back, pulling her on top of you.

Positive?” She whispered.

Positive. Absolutely positive.” You answered back. She beamed and gripped your jaw, bringing you closer to her. You wrapped your arms tightly around her waist and kissed her lightly.

She smiled into the kiss and mumbled a quick ’I love you’ before she rolled onto her back, half of her body laying on top of you with her arms and legs wrapped around you and the other half of her body laying next to you. You both looked up at the darkening sky but you couldn’t help but speak your mind about one more question. Essentially, ruining the romantic setting.

“'Mione?” You wondered.

She hummed and looked at you out of the corner of her eye, letting you know she was listening.

Does the fact that you have magic mean we can magically conceive a child of our own?” You asked jokingly.

She gasped and stared at you in shock. You bit your lip to repress the smirk threatening to escape but you were the one to blush next. Suddenly the conversation took an emotional twist.

Her eyes became glossy and her lip trembled ardently. “You want to… you really want to create a family with me?” She asked softly. The sentiment in her tone warmed your heart and you answered without a doubt in your mind.

Absolutely.” You laced your fingers with hers. She gasped at you in shock but she replied with the most delighted expression.

“Then yes,” she answered, almost shyly. “There are spells that will allow us to conceive children of our own.”

You smiled delightedly, both your cheeks still flushed and held your girlfriend close as the two of you watched the stars that night with the both of you occasionally stealing kisses from each other.

In a way you felt as if you were just beginning to date again, but it was nice to know that your girlfriend trusted you and that she wanted you to know everything about her. Because you really did still see yourself with the witch in the future.

A/n:Dedicated to the @Anon who requested this💛 Thank you for requesting this, I think this one is rather cute, I hope you enjoy it x

Innocent || Closed RP


Elliot couldn’t seem to sit still in the office he’d been ordered to stay in for the past quarter of an hour. After using his magic to repair a cart he had knocked over… and then replace all of the papers that had been stacked on it he was worried about what they might have in mind for him. He was barely legal to use magic outside of school but hadn’t been able to do anything when the angry cart owner had yelled at him to fix it.

The young wizard barely even looked at the man when he entered the room, just rattled off the desperate ramblings he had been formulating inside his head. “Okay! I know want I did was wrong and dangerous but none of them remember now and I didn’t hurt anyone. I can’t help but do what I’m told, it’s a condition. I have teachers who can vouch for me!”

Lily Evans and Severus Snape based on this:

Lily Evans: “Tell me about the Dementors again”
Severus Snape: “What d'you want to know about them for?”
“If I use magic outside of school -”
“They wouldn’t give you the Dementors for that! Dementors are for people who do really bad stuff. They guard the wizard prison, Azkaban, you’re too -”
He turned red again and shredded more leaves. Then a small rustling noise behind Harry made him turn: Petunia, hiding behind a tree, had lost her footing.
“Tuney!” said Lily, surprise and welcome in her voice, but Snape had jumped to his feet…

Ilvermorny Headcanon

So people have got me thinking about wandless magic in the US and here are my head canons about it:

-Parents teach their children magic without a wand before they go to school. MACUSA is surprisingly pretty lenient about that, and even allow students to perform magic outside of school as long as it’s within the home and wandless. 

-Everyone is surprised with that, but what they don’t know is that there was a huge argument about it that was waging for years until Seraphina Picquery came into office and decided to allow it with some regulations.

-Students learn wandless magic at Ilvermorny as well, because it becomes part of their culture. It’s actually pretty cool and students like it. Their magic is stronger because of it.

-It kind of causes problems for parents, though. Because imagine it: your teenager comes home from school with the ability to use wandless magic. How is that not problematic? And maybe they can only use it in the home, but just. Come on. Imagine fights with their siblings! Jeez.

-Hogwarts and Ilvermorny decide to have a sort of exchange program and the Hogwarts students that come to Ilvermorny are so shocked. Because these kids are adept at wandless magic and it’s so weird?

-Literally, a Hogwarts student gets sorted into Wampus and is sitting in the common room next to some of their new friends when they hear a shout of, “YOU ABSOLUTE BITCH!” and a book comes flying across the room at a girl’s head. The girl doesn’t even look up, just raises her hand and says, “Wingardium Leviosa!” and that’s it. The Hogwarts student is so taken aback and it takes the other students all night to explain it.

i could go on, but I’m gonna stop here.