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Honeymooners Pt 3

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“So it’s just an open buffet?” Loki muttered, holding his tray of food.

You stood close to him, feeling nervous. “I guess so, we grab what we want, then err, find a seat.”

Loki sighed, “And on our special day, every seat is taken.”

“There’s a booth over there, that couple looks nice, maybe we could get to know them, see if they’ve seen anything suspicious.”

Loki raised his eyebrow and glanced down at you. “Darling, I don’t know if you’ve forgotten, but mortals aren’t the most aware of magical activity, you thought you were alone in the universe for centuries. Something as small as a magical portal, hidden by the operator of this establishment would certainly go unnoticed.”

You bit your lip, “Well, shouldn’t we mingle or something? If we keep to ourselves, will that look suspicious?”

“How am I to know, these mortal customs are ridiculous.”

“I’m sure you have weird customs.”

“We do but this one is far stranger.”

You pinched the bridge of your nose, balancing your tray in one hand and sighed. “Look, husband, darling, light of my life,” Loki snorted and you continued, “as your wife, I’m saying that we go befriend a couple so I can uh, show my husband off. Because I’m more in love and proud that he took me here, alright? Besides, people are going to start wondering why we’re standing in a corner and not just eating.”

Loki scowled, “Couldn’t we go back to the room and eat?”

“No, I’m not having people think weird things about me.”

Chuckling, Loki shook his head, “The food you chose is hardly conducive to such activities anyways.”

“I know, I chose them on purpose.” You called over your shoulder, making your way through the tables and over to the solitary booth.

“Hey there, I’m sorry to be rude, but there’s no other tables available.” You trailed off, looking around the room to double check that there were indeed no tables.

“Oh absolutely! Come sit by us! We were so lucky to steal this table from another couple that got up at the last second, you’d think that they wouldn’t over book like this, or at least have as many tables as rooms.” The woman shook her head. She was short and petite with deeply tanned skin and long auburn hair that trailed past her shoulders. Her eyes were the color of deep caramel and she seemed to glow in the presence of her new husband. “I’m Clara by the way.”

You told her your name and glanced over your shoulder, making sure Loki was behind you. “And this is Loki, my husband, it feels so weird finally saying it.”

“Doesn’t it though?” Clara beamed, “this is my husband, Toran.” The man beside her appeared tall, not as tall as Loki but still taller than you. He had broad shoulders, built in a way that reminded you of Thor - bulky - but you didn’t doubt Loki was stronger than him. Why that suddenly mattered to you was beyond your knowledge and you forced the thought away. His hair was dirty blonde, short cropped and he had a small blonde soul patch growing under his lower lip.

“Hey there.” Toran offered his hand for you to shake.

You shook it and thanked them for making space for the two of you. Toran stood up and moved around to sit beside his wife and you slid into the booth, allowing Loki to have the edge.

Loki glanced distrustfully at Toran but finally sat down and forced a smile.

“Don’t mind him, he’s just shy.” You looked at Loki and smiled.

Loki’s eyes darkened, that scowl ready to spread across his face but he was supposed to be a happy newlywed and forced a smile. “Forgive me, I’d rather have my beloved all to myself but it seems only right that I show her off.”

Clara giggled, “He’s so sweet. Toran and I have been in our room all day, we got married yesterday, it’s been so lovely, just really having time to ourselves.”

Loki snorted into his drink and you elbowed him in the ribs.

She continued, “Have you two been, you know, not to be too forward or anything, I’m just not sure how much is normal here, Toran says he’s tired and needs some time to recoup.”

You flushed deeply and Loki took another drink to stifle his laugh. “Well we just got here a few hours ago, but wanted to uh, take things slow a bit, really enjoy the time getting to err…” You trailed off, looking to Loki for help.

Loki’s eyes sparkled as he looked down at you, “Whatever you want, my love, it’s about us I know, but you deserve to be worshiped, you are the princess of my life after all.”

You grit your teeth and forced a smile, turning back to the couple across from you, “Isn’t he sweet?”

“He calls you his princess?” Clara cooed, “Toran, you don’t have that many pet names for me, how come?” She glared at him and he glared across at Loki.

You jumped, knee hitting the table as Loki squeezed a particularly sensitive spot on your leg. “Sorry, thought there was a bug.” You managed to grumble as Loki faked a coughing fit to hide his laughter.

“Oh I hope it wasn’t a spider, I absolutely hate those things.” Clara’s eyes widened as she scanned the booth for signs of the bug.

“It was probably nothing.” You quickly added.

“My darling here gets a little jumpy sometimes.” Loki managed to choke out, his laughter finally subsiding.

“So are you two going to take advantage of the shops here, or the hot tubs, they’re natural and built into the side of the mountain, hot streams come right up and this place was built around it.” Toran asked the pair of you.

“I hadn’t really thought that far ahead.”

“Really? Clara has spent years making her plans for this place.”

“I, oh…” You trailed off, worried that this could blow your cover.

“I made a list,” Clara interjected, “but that’s just me. I think it’s lovely that you’re more just go with the flow, I think that’s more romantic, don’t you Toran?” He nodded and she continued, “but we were thinking of visiting the beach tomorrow, you know the tram that is a never ending cycle up and down, so you can go at any time. Thought if we weren’t too tired we’d see the sunrise or maybe just enjoy the water.”

“I was thinking of doing that tomorrow as well.” You glanced at Loki and he shrugged.

“It’s clothing optional, there’s little cordoned off places for privacy if couples want to, you know.” She cleared her throat and blushed again, glancing at Toran.

You blinked hard, “Right, right, of course.”

Loki wrapped his arm around your shoulder, lacing his fingers into your hand, “My beloved here is awfully shy.”

Toran interrupted, “Actually it’s nude required, no clothes allowed once you step foot on the sand. At least, that’s what I read, not sure how enforced it is.” He looked Clara up and down, clearly mentally undressing her.

You glanced at Loki, the two of you making eye contact and swallowed nervously. Seeing Loki in all his glory tomorrow? Could you handle that?

“Oh, watch for the seismic activity, that’s what we were told, the floors kinda tremble at night sometimes and that lovely hotelier said that it’s just the deep set volcanic activity.” Clara said as she stood up, “We should probably get back to our room, look forward to seeing you two tomorrow at the beach.” Her eyes trailed over Loki for a minute and you felt a surge of jealousy and possessiveness well within you.

Loki seemed oblivious to her look, simply staring at you still. Toran followed after Clara, the pair bidding you both good night and left.

“Could that be the portal, I thought you said it was an inactive volcano?” Loki lowered his voice to ask you.

You forced your thoughts away from the look Clara had given Loki and considered it. “If it’s a big and powerful enough portal, siphoning who knows what through it, that would make sense that the ground trembles. Awfully irresponsible that the owner wouldn’t know.”

“Unless he’s in on it.”

“Well hopefully we’ll run into him tomorrow.”

“Not on the nude beach though.” Loki added absently, munching on the last of his food.

You groaned, resting your head on the table, “Don’t remind me.”

Loki chuckled, “Come now, love, only a week more of this, it will be lovely. Let’s get back to our room and figure out our sleeping arrangements.”

“I kinda hate you right now.” You grumbled.

“You can’t hate me pet, we’ve only been married one day.”

“My next husband better bring me here too.”

Loki laughed, a smile widening across his face as he gently kissed your cheek, his fingers playing with your hair. “Shall I carry you to bed?”

“No, you’ll make a scene. Every other guy here will think he has to in order to please his wife.”

“I would carry my wife, she would want for nothing.”

“She’d want a divorce, putting up with you.”

“You wound me.”

You straightened up, making sure you hadn’t actually upset him but Loki continued to grin at you, eyes alight with mischief. Rolling your eyes, you playfully shoved his chest. Loki caught your hand and pressed a kiss to the back of it.

“Shall we, love?”

You rolled your eyes again, “C’mon you goon, let’s go figure out how to sleep in that sex bed.”

I’m extremely sad to leave Tokyo today.
Even for the worlds biggest metropolis you could easily practice spirituality/witchcraft like so fucking easily. I hate being trapped in New Jersey and feeling so isolated. Incense here costs cents and comes in literally every scent. The accessories and fashion here is crazy fucking magical on another level and it’s not just cute colorful cartoony clothes you might see in typical Harajuku guides it’s very ethereal and colorful fairy like and expressive. Zen and spirituality is so fucking engrained in everything here. The people are also having a mini cultural revolution but I don’t want to talk about it too much it’s kind of a secret but there are like magical mini neighborhoods of mini universes dedicated to expressing oneself, art and magic cause there’s a collective of youth that believe in living life as a fulfilling experience and believing that the poor(like lower income cause like poor here is no where near the same reality as poor in the us) deserve to live an affordable life filled with art instead of slaving away as an office salaryman that literally die from overwork.
It’s magical without aiming to be magical it just is. Magical. If I lived there I would study their magic. It’s so fucking easy and FUCKING CHEAP to find tools there. Stores sell large tumbled crystals FOR CENTS and mini tapered and tea light candles in every sent and color and you know Japan would have them in crazy shapes. It’s so easy to find magical accessories and charms. It’s so easy to practice here. It’s just so sadly easy. You don’t have to be so closeted here. People understand spirits and magic. You just have to be mega careful who you speak to cause people will take you 20000000% seriously and in some cases that can be dangerous. Shit is real out here. Magic feels so much more tactile. Like it’s exhilarating but at the same time you have to be careful.
It’s nothing like Salem where it feels like a town that’s trying to be magical cause it’s a designation you know? Like since some places in the US feel void of magic cause of intolerance or this white western extreme scientific atheist culture (I can probably write more on this later to explain myself. I don’t have much time now), it’s like some towns have to DESIGNATE themselves like hubs or havens and some people try to take advantage of that and market to you something that’s not real cause they don’t believe in it themselves they just want to sell a gimmick. It just feels more sad and stifled in the US and I already feel that post Tokyo/Japan depression and I’m not even back yet. If I lived here having a hog warts witchy life would be easy, cheap as FUCK and like easily embedded into my life. Witchcraft books are everywhere, spiritual shops are everywhere, their florists are LIKE ACTUAL fair gardens AND sell potted herbs like almost all of them in the residential area. And of course it’s Asia so their tea/herbal shops are amazing and inexpensive. Dude I’m just fucking sad to leave. I’ve never been in a place where it’s just so easy and ingrained in everything.

Also to add with all this I can’t even fathom how Kyoto/Osaka will be lol.

authors talking shit about how they didn’t want to “””””force diversity””””” in their books because apparently it’s “””””unrealistic””””” makes me furious because like…..i’ll tell you whats unrealistic, it’s yall expecting me to swallow your racist bullshit lmfao if magic can be a thing in your universes i think brown fucking skin isn’t too far of a stretch 

and while we’re on the subject, no, calling a character “tan” isn’t fucking diversity
Wisteria - oxeh - 終わりのセラフ | Owari no Seraph | Seraph of the End [Archive of Our Own]
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Mikaela Shindou is a prince thought by many to be nothing less than a flawless prodigy. Despite the image of stone cold perfection he has up, he struggles with overcoming his own personal curse.

Likewise, Yuuichirou Hyakuya, a hot-headed knight with exceptional battle prowess, is assigned to the palace and while he has a keen interest in getting closer to Mika, he seems to be hiding a secret of his own beneath the jubilant demeanor he carries.
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Modern AU set in Silicon Valley. Basically its the Marauders being ridiculous and smoking a lot.

As he hands the pen back to Remus, exhaling slowly and enjoying the feel of Remus’ fingers playing with his bun, he chews on his lower lip nervously. “Moony, do you- is this weird? When we sit like this? I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, it’s just that Prongs has been an ass lately, and I- I don’t want- fuck, Moony, I just like this. You know, the way we are. It’s… I don’t know.”

Chapter six is live! Thanks to @wereflamingo, @mirgaxus and @memeraudersmap for their help, and thanks to you all for reading! <3

So, I noticed something recently (v1.2).

Spends thousands of years imprisoned.

Causes a bit of a ruckus once they’re released.

Is given a second chance by a kind-hearted soul.

Gets involved in a toxic, loveless relationship with a manipulative brute.

Later befriends a strange green creature (that sometimes wears a bowtie).

Is the single most OP person on their team.

Would rather not get involved with direct conflict….

…unless someone happens to mess with the one person they care about the most.

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