magic nation


trinity_fatu: I have 5 brothers and no sisters, @arianeandrew you’re that sister I never had. We’ve fought, cried, laughed, partied, traveled, got in trouble 😬, shared secrets, lifted each other up, etc if that’s not a sister I don’t know what is “sisters from another mister” as you would always say 😂 luv ya #NationalSiblingsDay

That SoulMate AU where people become magic when they meet their soulmate.

EXCEPT for Alfred and Matthew it’s the reverse. And they’re both afflicted with magical curses that can only be cured by their soulmate. 

Alfred has fire control but he’s slowly burning alive. He’s getting hotter every year and one year it’ll kill him. And Matthew is the opposite. He’s ice but he’s freezing slowly and losing his emotions as his heart freezes.