magic missles

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Dragonrider Pharah, whose light witch girlfriend crafts riding tackle out of glowing blue magic

pharah is a conjurer/archer too and she’s excellent at magic missles/shooting stars. justice rains from above

This Happened:

Our party is searching an asylum because story

Dm: You find a privy

Sorcerer: I shoot a magic missle into it

Warrior: I barge into the stall

Me: ….

Sorcerer casts burning hands on the warrior

I… dont even…

Later in the campaign, our sorcerer falls down a pit trap.

Warrior: I tie to a rope to myself, so we can climb down and help

Rogue: climbs down

Warrior: I climb down after.

DM: Are you sure?

Warrior: yup.

“You fall down the pit attempting to climb the rope…that you anchored to yourself…”

Alright, my friend, my girlfriend (the DM), and I all started a new campaign that my girlfriend had been thinking about for a while. We were playing for a second or third time recently. Previously, my friend (a kenku wizard) had detected that there was a magical item in the back of a general goods store. I (a tiefling rogue) decided to ask if the store clerk if she had anything in the back, and she - rather nervously - told us that no, there was nothing in the back for sale. Seeing no reason to stay in the store, my friend and I left. Once outside, we agreed to come back later and steal whatever it was that was there.
Skip a quest later. We come back to the store near the end of the day. I, using my high bluff skill (“We only have a few silver and can’t afford a night at the inn”) and charisma, convinced the clerk to let us stay the night in the back with her. She let us back and we looked around for a second. My friend determined that the item was in the bedroom. After some investigating, we found out that there were runes carved into the walls all over the room. A little bit ago, my friend got a sentient spellbook stuck to her hand. We asked if it could remove every rune that was in the room. The book agreed.
Suddenly, in a burst of light, the book let off 15 magic missles and blew holes into the walls. Both of us freaked out. Frightened, my friend punched another hole in the wall by accident. I, in a blind panic, stole panties from the dresser next to me.

Never know when you might need a pair of kitten panties.