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Addicted appreciation week: day three x favorite book

With the six of us on this hill and the packed lake house behind us– I feel sentiments far beyond this sunrise, this morning, this moment. We filled an empty house.
    I’m thirty seven.
    Just yesterday I was twenty and meeting some of these people– people that i’d spend my life with, that’d become my home.
   Just yesterday I was twenty– still deeply and desperately in love with my best friend.
                                                               I grew older.
                                                            We all grew older.

In a blink of an eyes, our children will grow old too.
And i’ll think: just yesterday they were twenty. Headed for college. Falling in love. Memories will flood behind us, the lake house no longer filled to the brim. As quiet as the moment we first walked in– and we’ll sit on this hill. Feeling the stillness that exists. 
                                       And then we end– we end where we started.
                                                                  Just us.
                                                               All six of us.


An Accident of Stars by @fozmeadows

Okay guys this book is fantastic!

Seriously, I found it by chance at Barnes & Noble and you should all go read it. It’s a portal fantasy book (think Alice in Wonderland or Narnia) and its really well written.

As someone who gets tired of reading real books cause there’s never as many LGBT+ characters as there are in fanfic.. GO READ THIS BOOK! Absolutely fantastic characterization, plenty of LGBT+ people, polyamory, fantasy, magic. I love it. And it deals with darker themes as well, everything has consequences, the kind that can be ignored in books like Narnia. People struggle physically and mentally just like real life. Plus the author is gender fluid and bisexual!

Go support LGBT+ authors and LGBT+ fiction books!! There’s a sequel coming out in a few months and I’m very excited for it.

So go read it and then come talk to me about it cause it’s great.

Witchy Tip Magical Substitutions

According to my dash, magical substitutions is a hot topic right now. What if I can’t find meadow sweet or true heather doesn’t grow in my area. Do I have to special order horsetail fern? The problem is that a lot of spells don’t explain why they want you to use a certain herb. Witches usually base their herb, color and other choices on correspondences, so if you know where they pull the correspondence from, you can find a wide selection of substitutions.

Magical correspondences are often based on planetary correspondences. And the planets are associated with different types of magical influence. Meadow sweet? That’s associated with Venus. Venus is associated with love, pleasure and perhaps a bit of luxury. Rose and daisy flowers are both possible substitutes. Heather is a Mercury herb and lavender or rosemary might be your substitute.

Now the spell writer might combine different planetary influences to make a spell work better. Sometimes you can back track by learning the planets and then figure out what elements the spell writer is pulling together to create the spell.

Now not all spells are written based on planetary correspondences, but they are a tried and true method of creating spells and a great resource to learn to write your own.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: How does society operate and organize in Barbie Fairytopia? We have seen that Elina lives in a flower names Peony. Are these assigned at birth? The flower is sentient, so does it have a choice as to who inhabits it? And speaking of flowers, in the beginning of Magic of the Rainbow we see the pixies emerge from smaller, less roomy flowers. Are these their homes? As the pixies are characterized by their high voices and smaller size, are they children? This could be, as one says "my mommy says if I eat all my broccolini I'll grow up to be like you," but if so where is said "mommy" figure? She couldn't have fit into the small flowers the pixies emerged from. In addition, how come all the pixies look exactly the same? What is the relation between pixies and fairies? Are they a subspecies? Also, what about this broccolini? It seems to be a common food. Is it farmed somewhere? This would mean that some sort of economy would have to exist, and some fairies would hold jobs as farmers, but from our small glimpses of Elina's everyday life outside her adventures, she is seen playing around and flying with Dandelion. Neither she nor Dandelion seems to have a job, though they live by themselves. Is there a system of goods and services? Is there a form of currency? Is the broccolini farmed using fungi slaves? And how big exactly is Fairytopia? It is seen to encompass fairy town, the magic meadow, the crystal palace, etc. It is stated that Elina is a flower fairy in the wiki, but what of the other types introduced in Magic of the Rainbow?? There's a moon fairy, a sparkle fairy, an Oread, another variety of pixie, a nature fairy, ect. Where do these new species reside? Also, does this apparently very extensive world hold trade with Mermaidia? Also where the hell are the Boggs of the Hinterlands in comparison to everywhere else? WHERE IS THE WORLD THAT MARIPOSA TAKES PLACE IN. She is a butterfly fairy, and stated to be a good friend of Elina. The world of the Butterfly fairies has a different ruler than that of Elina's! Do the multiple realms have good relations? What is Fairytopia's system of government? At the head is the Enchantress. She is seen to be very powerful and kind, but is she the absolute ruler?? To what extent does her power extend? There are the seven guardian fairies who take part in the annual Flight of Spring. They seem to be powerful, but are they in possession of any political power? Also, each of the guardians is seen to wear their color and even look in a way associated with their color (ex: Azura has blue hair, wings, and dress). Their apprentices don't have the same color scheme in that their color schemes don't always reflect of their aspect of the rainbow (ex: Elina, pink with blonde hair, controls blue as Azura's apprentice). Does that mean that this original group of Guardians is the first? How does that reflect upon Fairytopia's age as collective nation? What the fuck.