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Okay, I know the official Ilvermorny description says it’s granite. I know this, I am aware of the fact.

But I think maybe this is a flaw in storytelling and worldbuilding. While, yes, they’re freaking wizards and they can do what they want, I still feel like Ilvermorny should reflect the upbringing and the culture of the people who founded it. And that culture was one of little shacks, skin tents, and log cabins.

So while I know that the official version of Ilvermorny does indeed look something more like what @asheathes​ posted (which, btw, is freaking gorgeous, thank you for your artistry) here, I kind of really want an Ilvermorny that looks more like… this?

Or maybe a bigger version of one of these:

(that last one is my fave)

And can you imagine the interiors?


Entrances: (ignore the muggles no-maj’s)

Common rooms:

Dear, good old JK. I love you, I love Fantastic Beasts and the Cursed Child and… basically everything. But granite castles really aren’t an American thing, and I really think you missed a fantastic chance to make Ilvermorny an enormous magical log cabin with walls that can literally be grown to accommodate new students, and beautiful rustic decor and natural stone floors and big roaring fireplaces that aren’t dank and damp but warm and bright… Not only would this be fantastic and different, but it would really better reflect American history and culture.

I just really want a log-cabin Ilvermorny.

i’ve seen a lot of people worry that the text is foreshadowing something but i don’t think it is. when i read it it felt more like a text to let us know that even has people that care about him, but that he’s not magically cured because of it

Media log update, book 48: Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce

More confident and less problematic than author Tamora Pierce’s earlier work Song of the Lioness, but with its same fun sense of magic and adventure. The Lioness Alanna and her friends return as supporting characters this time, with the main focus given over to new character Daine and her own distinct magical powers. This first book in the Immortals quartet tells a satisfying story in its own right, but it also sets up a larger plot and character arc for Daine that should follow through to the other books nicely.

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SSWU 3/25/2017

Behind Blue Eyes (song)

Log Horizon (fandom)

Touya jumped backwards, straightening his sword in front of him as he took refuge behind his sister’s barrier.
“Rudy, you better have something up your sleeve!” he shouted, and got a cocky grin back from the sorcerer.
“Of course Touya! Would I ever let you down?”
Isuzu scoffed, twirling her spear around to smack one unfortunate upside the head, then thrusting the butt of it into another’s gut, shoving hard enough to fling it backwards into the oncoming crowd.
“Will you hurry up already!” She shouted backwards, “I’ve already buffed you as much as you’re getting!”
Rundel Haus saluted her, smirking slightly as one, then two, then three Lava Shots came into existence, hovering over his head as he decided on targets.
A hand motion fired them, and they raced forth, three streaks of heat and light that were guided by his will straight into the densest grouping of enemies before exploding.
“Good job Rudy!” Minori called, her eyes fixed on the status screens that floated in front of her, showing the data on each of her party members.

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At this point I think 90% of the problems on OUAT could be solved just by the characters keeping a diary. Dark and angsty thoughts? Write them in the diary. Deep dark secret to ponder and work through? Write it in the diary. Think you’re not getting more heroic? Keep a diary and occasionally go back to the beginning to see how far you’ve come. Character development stuck in a loop? Keep a diary so you don’t keep going through the same thing over and over. Thought of an ingenious evil plan? Check your diary to see if you’ve tried something similar before and maybe don’t try it again if it didn’t work. Can’t remember the entire last year because of a memory curse? READ THE DAMN DIARY.