magic line


if you’re living with your family or a flatmate and you’re not openly practicing witchcraft, there is a chance you won’t be able to make salt lines for example to protect your room - everybody would notice salt on the floor, right?

dissolve your salt in some water (moon water, storm water, blessed water, regular water, literally any water, whatever feels right) and sprinke/paint the line with it! you might want to watch out for the salt crystallizing the next day, but it won’t be much. you can also sprinke your door and windows (I usually do mirrors as well), treating them as a physical symbol of your barrier, strenghtening it and so on.

the water trick works in windy places as well, also where you have a door that always breaks the salt line


outer space stray puppies // i see the light

All those days chasing down a daydream
All those years living in a blur
All that time never truly seeing
Things, the way they were
Now she’s here shining in the starlight
Now she’s here suddenly I know
If she’s here it’s crystal clear
I’m where I’m meant to go

Baby witches:

I wanted to add to the growing list of posts that tell you that your craft is your own. You can do whatever you’d like, however you’d like, as much or as little as you’d like, just as long as you’re not taking from closed cultures.
But I see a lot of posts that say “13 things every young witch needs,” as if it’s a requirement to have crystals and herbs and jars. So I’m making it a point to say that whether you have rare herbs straight from the source of whatever country they grow in, or if you have only one tumbled rose quartz in your crystal arsenal, or maybe if you only have intent…

You. Are. A. Real. Witch.

You don’t need anything to be confident in your beliefs. Don’t let someone tell you that you need certain stuffs to validate your practice. Tools come with time, magic comes from within.

 “They say if you hold your breath for exactly 13 seconds at 3 a.m, while passing through the Grapevine on the thirteenth of the month during a new moon, you’ll be able to see the Spirits of the Liminal for seven seconds. Do not blink.”*

*No one says this. I made it up.

Just a little speed painting inspired by one of my favorite liminal spaces on the way into the Los Angeles area in California. 

SnK Season One Watch Party

Saturday March 25 from 11am-5pm EST (4pm-10pm GMT)
Sunday March 26 from 2pm-8pm EST (7pm-1am GMT)

Set one week before the inevitable explosion of fandom activity known as Season Two, we’re going to watch all 25 episodes of the first season.

Two days.

Somewhere around twelve hours of content.

Loud group renditions of the openings.

Bunny icons.

We look forward to sharing it all with you, so here is your warning to save the date!