magic lad


aka my magic lads

ok so i’ve only finished season 1 and i remember very little about pagan magic (which is odd considering i was surrounded by it because of mum and her friends for years and still am)
but heres some dumb late night thoughts

(edit) I finished season 2

-Sams a fuckin kid 100%
-Jake pretends to dislike the app but if you’re lucky you’ll see him watching videos on it (especially Sams because he’s gotta look out for his bro)
-Felix has 100% yelled “ITS NOT A PHASE MUM” a minimum of 10 times
-Felix gets Andy into mcr by accident
-he has no complaints about it though
-Sam dabs unironcally the others hate it
-Sam is the biggest meme in the group
-Felix the tumblr blog boi
-like he has the edgiest tumblr and it’s beautiful everyone is mildly impressed with how organised and surprisingly aesthetic it is
-Sam drunk skating the viral video
-Sam will never forgive Andy for uploading it
-Andy secretly loves musicals
-Oscar loves musicals too and one day he catches Felix watching Heathers and Felix is just “NO ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK” and Oscar just “WELCOME TO CANDY STOOOOORE”
-Oscar has a space aesthetic board on pinterest and runs a conspiracy board on tumblr
-Mia likes when Sam plays with her hair
-Ellen on the other hand smacks Felix if he tries to braid hers without permission
-Oscar putting daisies in Felix’s hair
-Felix getting a daisy chain tattoo because of it
-When something odd happens thats not magic related Felix and Oscar look at each other in the eye and go “Aliens?” “Aliens” with a slight nod
-Andy can totally make chinese dragons out of water y'all can fight me on this
-Ellen, Mia and Viv as the disapproving but loving girls who with like one other person (PREFERABLY SASKIA) form their own elemental team
-boys night out which is actually a boys night in where they play video games and watch movies with Oscar because he’s part of the team too!!!

Shadowhunters- The unspoken LGBTA+ Fandom

Perhaps it is just me but until this week I was unaware how awesome the shadowhunters series really is; for mainly this reason: the LGBTA+ representation (canonically speaking) is fantastic. 

We have an asexual vampire (which probably stood out the most for me, since you very rarely see any asexual characters that explicitly voice that they are in fact asexual), a bisexual warlock and a gay shadowhunter, along with a handful of other gay/ bisexual characters that were mentioned in passing. 

Now, I am aware that three LGBTA characters (although they are technically main characters, not just supporting) isn’t a lot, but let’s keep in mind that these three are also of non-white ethnicity (I’m not going to say what nationalities they are because I honestly have no idea), which is absolutely brilliant in representing our community, as opposed to the traditional white token twinks that are thrown in as background characters if the writers wish to introduce an LGBT character.

Right, so next? Let’s see a butch black lesbian werewolf with an equally hot mundane trans girlfriend in a cute flannel and ripped jeans. A small trans boy that goes to Alec because he wants advice on how to talk to boys; obviously Alec doesn’t know shit so he sends him to Magnus, thus leading the warlock to teach little Tommy how to mix a mean martini and maybe even use his magic to give the lad the body he’s always dreamed about… 

This fandom is my everything right now; let’s make it better, let’s bring trans, agender, aromantic, pansexual characters into the canon because frankly, we need it.