magic lad

Okay I’ll just write this one down, because I’m a bit too lazy to draw it on the whiteboard. Anyways lets see.

The bunch of you who have been following this blog for years now (you go guys) might be familiar with Fauxsquared, mostly because he was the artist of the now dead (Tho’ there’s still a “in memory” archive blog) Trixie is Magic. Back in the day we used to have crossovers with eachothers ask blogs all the time. It was a riot. But as time came by we both lost interest in our pony blogs and that led to the Trixie is magic being deleted and LAD getting cancelled.

And that bring us to like a month or so ago when Faux and I started chatting again. Faux sorta needed an excuse to draw after one big art block and he just sorta, asked me if he could goof around with LAD for a bit. Since most of his blogs where gone and I havent been using this blog for like a year or so.

So that’s really what was up with this blog the last couple of days. Just 2 guys goofing around in a dead blog sorta just bringing back memories and such.

There’s not such thing as new mods, cause frankly this blog is still dead so why would we need a mod to begin with?

I run a tight ship, so beware.

Allow me to introduce to you, Sovereign Vee, Queen of Bacon, Palewdin, WWV World Star Hiphop Champion, Top Hyena, Lewdie.

This is a flat-colored WIP and she is currently missing her teeth. I will finish that at some point.

Her uniform has no actual rank insignias, pins, whatevers as to not contradict with Luna’s army :^)

would u serve her

Playing remove kebab actually summons Serbs

We were at the beach and @herrinn turned it on (after it went off as her ringtone) and before we knew it, we were approached by a girl who asked us where we were from and if we’re from the Balkans, because she was wondering why we were playing traditional Serbian music

Meme magic, lads