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In the interest of saving time and avoiding flooding the tag, I’ll start compiling the rest of the con hallway photos I’ve taken.
Thank you everyone for letting me take your pictures, I really loved all of these cosplays! Especially those Harry Dresden, Merle, and Nacho Libre cosplayers!

If you or your friends are here, let me know and I will tag you!

(If you want photos either posted individually or taken down, just ask!)


some twitter doodles of my good good magic boy Joel Farnham, the half-orc wizard i’ve been playing in a dnd game with some friends over roll20 (including @galaxyofgover, whose elf bard Mia is on the far left in the group shot!)

we’re the Adventurers of the Serpent Isles, aka


Storytime with Joel and The Bots

My submission for @aggressivelyarospec AggressivelyArospecWeek. I wrote about Joel Robinson from Mystery Science Theater 3000, who I headcanon as aro/ace and also as someone who, at one point in his life, wanted children of his own.

Please note that this is entirely a headcanon and that you are more than welcome to have a different headcanon from mine. Draw a picture, write a song, compose an awesome play, make a goofy post, whatever it is that helps you express your important headcanons! I’d honestly love to see more headcanons about these wonderful characters!

And for context: this takes place a few days after Women of the Prehistoric Planet, so this would be very early in the show’s run and only a few months into Joel’s captivity. The only thing you need to know is that they had a couch briefly on the bridge.


Word Count: 2572

“C’mon, Joel! Hurry up!”

From the Satellite’s kitchen, a slightly muffled voice responded.

“One more minute, Crow! My hot chocolate’s almost done.”

“How long does it take to make one cup of Swiss Miss?” Tom Servo shot back. “It’s like you’ve been in there for hours. Did you fall into the stove again? Do we need to call LifeAlert?”

“You keep up with that sass, Tom, and there’ll be no RAM chips for any of you guys. Now I said a minute and I meant it.”

The Bots both groused for a moment. Then the bridge of the Satellite of Love fell into a restless silence as its robotic crew waited impatiently on their big comfortable couch.

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