magic is just science we do not understand

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Hi ^^ I'm just curious on what you two personally believe witchcraft is, if it is something supernatural or what some calls "placebo effect" or something entirely different!

Heya hun!

What a great question :D EstFortis has already kind of answered this from her perspective, and it was a great post, so I’m totally just linking you her answer here. Absolutely worth the read.

MmeHW’s approach is muchly similar. I often joke that I’m so mundane I’m practically a muggle. Alright so… 

In my opinion is magic supernatural, or a placebo effect?


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Think about it, what is the placebo effect? You believe someone’s going to make you feel better, and it does. Does science have to break down the whys? Who’s to say there isn’t something happening on a supernatural level as a result of your belief?

Witches joke about the above scene a lot. At least, the ones I know. And we laugh, but like… damn if there isn’t a fuckton of truth in it. At least how I see magic.

(putting a read more, cuz this is probably going to be long…)

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2 am rant

Ok I’ve been considering this for a while now but it’s something that needs to be said. KEEPER is by fAR my favorite books series, maybe ever, but like,,, OH MY GOD THERES SO MANY THINGS
-the world is shit. Like, it’s this perfect place of happy magical wonders, and like,,, NO. It feels like there’s too little culture, too little developmental errors that’s have just become general flaws in the society, etc. it’s bland, and there’s so many flaws and plot holes- like if they live all over the world how do time zones work????? I understand that “oh hehe they’re basically magic but it’s all SCIENCE” is supposed to fix everything but really, take some more time to develop the society as a whole. We see way to little of that already with Sophie being who she is and like,,, it needs so much more development and culture and ugh. The universe is like a huge building that towers way to high for its crummy foundation and broken windows.
-Sophie. Oh god I could go on for hours. HOURS. About how terrible of a character she is in general. Not a terrible person- character. She’s undeveloped, COMPLETELY. We have almost no information about any of her past and that’s boring. We literally know more about Dex and the way he’s lived than we do about pre- first chapter of keeper Sophie. And that’s NOT good for a main character. I may be a tad over exaggerating but if we dont know more about Dex then we definitely know more about Tam and Linh. Like- I know we might get more with the next book, and we most likely will get a LOT more. But the thing is- WE HAVE FIVE BOOKS OF CRAP ABOUT WHAT MAKES SOPHIE SOPHIE. GOD, THATS AGITATING. Her past is so empty and all i can remember off of the top of my head is she had a tradition of having alfredo once a week (I think it was Thursday???) and that she beat a fifth grader in a spelling bee in kindergarten. ((Idk maybe it’s cuz she read the whole encyclopedia by then and had a photographic memory.)) Not only that, but she’s,,,, BORING. CLICHE. OP. HONESTLY, I hate it. Giving her two powers? That was enough. Oh wait there’s anoth- anot- fuck more- DAMN IT PLEASE NO. I swear, she pretty much got a power a book. Like,, no. She’s cliche af bc EVERYTHING SHE DOES IS SO PREDICTABLE. It feels like Shannon is trying to mash this perfect being into an anxious and fearful meat suit and like,,, I get the anxious and fearful but in general her personality is more bland than uncooked spaghetti. She’s not INTERESTING. Shannon tried fixing it with humor but it doesn’t working on Sophie. When she made that joke? With the stark flower stew? I cringed bc THAT WAS SO UNNATURAL GOD. I’m sorry but personality= negative 0. She’s legit my least favorite character bc I can’t relate to her, I can’t connect to her, I can’t see myself in her, I can’t feel empathy for her (for a smart elf she’s a freaking dumbass a lot of the time) I’m not able to connect with her. Sure she was put down a lot in education and has been through some crap but like,,, it’s hard to reflect on that and see myself in her bc she just kinda,,, ugh. Honestly if I was put in a room with her, hitler, and Joseph Stalin, I’d shoot her then myself. GOD.
-WHERE THE FUCK IS THE DIVERSITY. And I’m not talking race- wait yes I am. It feels like there’s way to few poc for a species that’s so bent on diversity that they ruin marriages and destroy families to achieve it. Then there’s the fact that there’s no mention of LGBT. SOPHIE LITERALLY LIVED IN SAN FRANCISCO. g o D HAVE MERCY BC IF THE BOOK IS SUPPOSED TO BE DIVERSE AND ACCEPTING SHOULDNT IT AT LEAST HINT AT SOME LGBT STUFF.
-“you can wear whatever you want ya just for beauty blah blah blah” my ASS. Sorry della, but if that were true why the fUCK isn’t Keefe going around wearing dresses and nice ass makeup??? One of the things that points that girls are degraded is the fact that guys aren’t expected/ allowed to wear feminine clothes. It’s not just about what girls wear, it’s about it not being looked down upon to be ‘girly’. GOD.

There’s so much more but I’ve been writing for over half an hour and it’s 2:21 am so,,, yeet.

/also why is Keefe and Tam teased at one point for wearing more hair product than Biana? Is it because it’s… *gasp* gIrLy!?!?!?!?!? NeVeR!!!!!


Captain Canary

Random AU

Turned into an animal AU

A/N: There didn’t seem to be anything like what you requested in the jar, so I hope a little revenge on Mick’s behalf will do.


“He looks like he wants to kill me.” Ray said backing away from Leonard’s chair on the bridge.

“So nothing’s changed then.” Jax replied from his place by the main console.

“Alright, alright. What do we know?” Sara interrupted, spinning the captain’s chair to face the rest of the room.

“We know that Snart is a cat.” Mick replied. “A very angry tom cat from the looks of it.”

“Hey man, you’d be angry too if you got turned into a cat.” Jax defended earning a grateful meow from the feline crook.

Sara sighed. “Alright, let me rephrase. Other than the obvious, what do we know?”

“That, from what anyone can tell, a metahuman did this to him.” Stein answered.

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Muslims using Science/Magic and Non-humans practicing Islam

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I write ‘magic realism’ in one large universe where the 'magic’ isn’t really magic. It’s the use of universal elements, science at the highest level possible. Supernatural creatures aren’t a product of magic, they’re different species and some species have different yet similar genetic make-ups to humans. My question is would it be appropriate for a Muslim person or group of people to be a part of one of these different genetic groups? Would it be appropriate for a non-human to practice Islam?


So while we have answered this type of question numerous times, I’ll do it again just to make a really simple and clear statement:

Every muslim has a different way of looking at things. Some will find it problematic, some won’t. The general rule of thumb would be if it is science, it isn’t magic. Topics more complex than that would have to be handled by someone who understands Islamic societies well, ideally someone who is a part of one. Personally (and I would like to underline that word a million times), if a person is born with this ability (sort of like a gift from god), and uses it in accordance with their beliefs (e.g. to do good), then I don’t see a problem with it. That’s how I justify muslim witches and wizards in the HP universe. A muslim seeking out black magic to harm others is what I consider haram.

Regarding the second part of your question, if they are similar enough to humans and live like humans do, I don’t see why they shouldn’t be able to practice Islam. It could potentially be problematic if “beasts” like dogs or monkeys practiced Islam because that lends itself to dehumanising a religion that is dehumanised and demonised on a daily basis.

-Mod Yasmin

PTA Sans: The one where Linda was against vaccinations (because that is how she rolls)

Or: Where Sans didn’t know where to begin, had a bit of a bad time and Papyrus had to pick up the pieces.

Warnings: some swearing, Linda, debate about vaccinations, Sans rambling about vaccination, Sans having a flashback and a bit of a bad time, no beta around here

AO3 Link

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I know Dany is not fireproof and what happened in AGOT was unique. But do we know why it happened? I mean, I always assumed the deaths of Drogo and Rhaego "payed" for the birth of the dragons, but something "payed" for Dany's one time immunity to fire? Or it was just "magic"? Idk if I'm making sense and sorry if you answered that before :(

It was magic. Or to be more accurate, wild instinctual magic, miraculous and unpredictable:

George_RR_Martin: TARGARYENS ARE NOT IMMUNE TO FIRE! The birth of Dany’s dragons was unique, magical, wonderous, a miracle. She is called The Unburnt because she walked into the flames and lived. But her brother sure as hell wasn’t immune to that molten gold.

Revanshe: So she won’t be able to do it again?

George_RR_Martin: Probably not.

March 18, 1999

I have carefully rationed magic. I went back to The Lord of the Rings and looked at how Tolkien does it. The Lord of the Rings is set in a magical world but there is not that much magic actually on stage. For Tolkien, wizardry is knowledge, not constant spells and incantations. I wanted to keep the magic in my book subtle and keep our sense of it growing, and it stops being magical if you see too much of it. In Tolkien, Aragorn’s sword is magical because it just is; not because we regularly see it helping him win fights. In these books, magic is always dangerous and difficult, and has a price and risks.
The whole point of the scene in A Game of Thrones where Daenerys hatches the dragons is that she makes the magic up as she goes along; she is someone who really might do anything. I wanted magic to be something barely under control and half instinctive–not the John W. Campbell version with magic as the science and technology of other sorts of world, that works by simple and understandable rules.

GRRM, July 2000

I find myself more in sympathy with the way Tolkien handled magic. I think if you’re going to do magic, it loses its magical qualities if it becomes nothing more than an alternate kind of science. It is more effective if it is something profoundly unknowable and wondrous, and something that can take your breath away.

GRRM, May 24, 2007

Dany worked on instinct to create the ritual that birthed her dragons, based on little more than her dreams and what she’d seen Mirri Maz Duur do with Drogo. Was all of it necessary? Was there something about the scented oils that soaked the wood for the pyre? Something about the contents of the three levels of the pyre? Did the magic require the burning of Drogo’s body and the horse as well? What about the placement of the dragon eggs? Did it matter that Rhaego had also died? (Recall that his body was not said to be in the pyre.) Was Mirri’s death also necessary? Did Mirri’s song as she burnt have any contribution? Was the magic affected by at what point Dany walked into the flames? Was her fire immunity loaned to her by the dragons’ hatching at that exact moment, or was the magic that hatched fossilized dragon eggs also what granted her fireproofness? Or was it that only someone who was fireproof at that moment (and born amidst smoke and salt) who could wake dragons from stone? What about the red comet, that rose for the first time that night, the “bleeding star” that signifies the birth of the Prince that was Promised?

We don’t know. We’re not supposed to know. The details aren’t important, the how is not important. The point is that it was magic and mysterious and a miracle, unknowable and wondrous; and Dany did it all on her own based on her own instincts, and she became the Mother of Dragons and the Unburnt. That’s all that matters.

Because it’s been a while since I have talked about Tolkien critically here are some thoughts I have been having specifically on the “magic” component of Arda.

I feel that “magic” in ME and Arda proper is less what we normally think of as magic (as being irrational, capricious, fairy tale-esque) and more like a science and an ‘ability’ or ‘energy’ that we of this world just do not understand.

What we call “supernatural” occurrences of this world just may be another thing we have yet to grasp like our ancestors trying to understand lightening. Our current understanding of our physical world is -very- limited when the heart of the matter is brought up, so I believe it is not a stretch of the imagination to claim that “magic” in Arda is not so.

While the term “magic” has been used in reference to the rings of power by some, we have to understand that by the events of third age much of Middle Earth, and all its technology (yes, technology) has been wrecked supreme. So much so that it is fair to claim that the populations ‘thriving’ in the third age are existing in a post-apocalyptic world where knowledge is lost and civilizations are ripped apart relocated over, and over, and over again.

When confronted with ‘ancient technology’ such as the rings it would be very hard for some to NOT call them magical. Imagine if you handed your great, great grandmother your cell phone of today, she would probably call it magic as well for her understanding of her world is drastically different from yours. What’s ‘normal’ and ‘easy to distinguish between magic and technology’ for you just may be an impossibility for your ancestor at first glance.

Only in Arda’s case it goes in reverse order; the ancestors had the knowledge of how to craft fantastic items ranging from stone as hard as diamond, giant tributes carved from mountains, magic doors that open with the right words, songs of power (which what even is this and where did it go???) and even medical technology that unfortunately the knowledge for was lost in time and destruction of civilizations, mostly due to Sauron’s meddling (so much for his loathing of wastefulness, I think if ever he sat and thought things out better he’d realize how much worse he was making things than better but that’s another conversation).

Third age Middle Earth is completely ignorant on many of the technologies that existed in the past with exceptions to some of the older elves. Anything to a hobbit that existed past their understanding of how the natural world works and the technology they had would be instantaneously regarded as “magic”.

So I feel for my own personal understanding and interpretations of Arda it is not unfathomable to regard ‘magic’ as simply being technology, or biology, in use that we just don’t understand.

But of course thinking this way is purely optional and it could go the other way as “this is pure irrational magic” and leave it at that.

 As always, feel free to jump in with thoughts or observations or counter arguments! I love reading what people think.

When Thor talks about science and magic being one in the same, he means that they are one in the same. Thor’s people have a better understanding of magic than we have of science. Our science is not as advanced as Thor’s magic. That’s just the facts. However, what I like about Thor is that he doesn’t treat Midgardians as inferior even though his world is light years ahead of ours. He’s fascinated by what we have and seeks to understand it. I don’t think he’s always granted the same respect, because we often associate ancient cultures with being primitive and unsophisticated and that shows in the way human characters treat him or people from Asgard or Asgardian magic. 

It’s not much different from how we approach cultures that are not our own, so I’m not surprised by it. Think of how many people here who think that Thor is unintelligent because he doesn’t immediately understand everything in the Midgardian world, despite the fact that Thor is very intelligent. Think of how many people here assume that Asgardian technology is from the dark ages and that they cannot possibly understand our tech, when Sif mentions Asgard having tech like ours ages ago. Think about how many people assume that Asgardians don’t have a complex understanding of their own tech, assuming that only human scientists like Jane or Bruce are able to understand the intricacies of their magic when really, they just put it in human terms. 

Thor understands Jane when she talks, and is able to communicate how his own society functions just as she is able to talk about it in human science-y terms. When Jane meets Eir and is excited by her tech, calling it out in human terms, Eir knows the intricacies of her tech that she uses as a healer and can confirm to Jane what it is she is using. Sif knows how to use human technology that is akin to us trying to use the earliest model of a computer – it takes time to revert back to old ways, but she was still able to use it. The Asgardians know that magic and science are the same thing, and they are able to explain it. They are able to use tech, and have more sophisticated tech than we do. 

People like Jane and Bruce are fascinated by Asgardian magic and technology because they are scientists and naturally curious about everything. That’s far from a bad thing, but the assumption that Midgardians have a better understanding than Asgardians do of their own stuff is false. Part of expanding the Marvel universe was not just to introduce Thor into it, but to reveal that technology from alien worlds was much more complex and that Midgardians needed to understand it if they wanted to survive. Tony sees this as a potential threat, which has him making the near fatal mistake of building Ultron. Nick Fury understands the risks in making contact with alien worlds. Many Midgardians are afraid, and seeing that Midgard is largely unprotected from alien threats, Thor vows to protect Midgard. 

When it comes to informational and cultural exchange with Asgardians, of course they learn more about us in the process but really, many of the characters are actually in the position to learn about the people of Asgard and the Asgardian characters are in the position to teach. I just wish more fandom interpretations made note of that, and realized that just because the Asgardians do not talk about their tech the way a Midgardian would, doesn’t mean they don’t have a “scientific” understanding of it. They do! Thor knows science! Sif knows science! Loki knows science! Odin knows science! Frigga knows science! and so on, and so on, but they talk about it in different terms, some of which we may have used for science back in the dark ages (i.e. magic.) That doesn’t make their understandings less intelligent or inferior.  

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hi. i have weird question... i am mcu fan obviously and i love Marvel ladies, but i just can't convice myself to like Jane. i don't hate her, but i just wish i loved her the way i love Peggy or May. could you make some kind of short/long list of reasons you you like this character so much? maybe you could convince me :) sorry if my request is too weird

Well there’s a lot of reasons as to why i love jane

  • one, she’s a friggin’ astrophysicist, and she loves her career more than her life itself
  • I mean seriously she drove into the weird tornado thing at the beginning of Thor for science.
  • Also at first she really didn’t care about the fact they’d hit Thor because fuck that she had science to do 
  • Also while I’m at her and science, I just want to talk about how hard it is to have three degrees in astrophysics, like that shit is smart as hell, she gives  the science bros a run for their money yo. Which is why it drives me crazy when people talk about them creating new forms of space travel and shit like fuck that. If anyone in the mcu is going to do that it’s going to be jane motherfucking foster.
  • Then before she starts talking to Thor and actually starts to think she might be into him, she sees him and someone she can use to help with her research and that she can get information out of. There’s really nothing more than that to it until she breaks into the bunker with him.
  • but while I’m talking about that I’d like to point out that Jane stood toe to toe with Coulson while he was taking her research, hell when they took her notebook from her too, she tried to climb into the back of the van for gods sake. The girl is dedicated to her work.
  • Now lets talk about how despite how Selvig is telling her that her theories that are based around what thor told her she points out that “magic is just science we don’t understand yet” I love that quote for so many reasons. She is literally making in plain that she thinks that everything can be explained by her science. That this magic that thor speaks of (the bifrost) can be explained, and she can do that using Einstein Rosen bridges. She doesn’t allow herself to not question and try to understand what is going on around her. Dammit she is going to figure it out, to hell with everything else.
  • Okay but now I’d like to talk about how everyone is like “Oh jane just moped about after thor left. She clearly doesn’t love her science that much is she stopped after he was gone hurr hurr hurr. Because I think that is total bullshit. I think she studied everything she could with that at the time, and then allowed herself to move on. I mean hell it’s obvious she allowed herself to move on, she’s in london (probably working on something new) That’d explain why she does’t look at her old equipment, they’re just not useful to what she was doing now. I also think that much like Thor, she did what was right. Yes, both of them mopped around, but I think that they both continued doing the things they had to do, Thor protecting the realms, and Jane in her science.
  •  Now lets talk about asgard yes? Let’s just talk about how Jane knew what the machine they were using on her was, and she knew how it worked. Like seriously, even the healers seemed impressed. The little nerd. And Thor thinks that is adorable as hell. If u don’t  I can’t even with you.
  • Now I will admit that yes, she does become kind of an object for most of the movie, but as much as that sucked she really did have shinning moments in tdw and I will get to those.
  • But now another reason I see that people don’t like her is because of Frigga’s death. I want everyone to repeat this with me Frigga’s death was not Jane’s fault. It was Malekiths. Pure and simple. Yes, Frigga died protecting Jane, but Jane did not kill her herself. Jane did exactly what Frigga told her to do which was probably to hide herself, and that she would take care of the rest. 
  • And then people talk about how “Oh well Jane’s a bitch because she never was upset or apologized for Friggas death.” Well here’s the thing, she did. However, the scene got cut, unfortunately. But she very much did feel responsible for her death, and she voiced this to Thor. Who then told her how Frigga saved them all, and how her death was not Jane’s fault. Like if Thor doesn’t blame her, neither should you. 
  •  I would also like to point out how Jane is brave  as fuck. Like dude, she punched the motherfucking god of mischief in the face. The same guy who did untold damage to New York and her world. The girl’s got big balls yo. And then there are still people who are like “well she shouldn’t be abusing a prisoner of war!!!!!!”  which literally makes me throw up in my mouth. Loki is not a good person, and he did horrible things, believe me, a punch is the least thing he deserves. Her punching him was completely in character for her, and she is not a bad person for it. Seriously, if you think Jane is the bad guy for punching Loki, I don’t want to know you. And if you want Loki to punch Jane back or kill her for it, just leave now. Even he doesn’t seem pissed about. He thinks it’s funny that a little mortal has the guts to do that.
  • Okay now I will admit that from that part until the show down on Svartalfheim, and that did suck. But after the aether is out of her, Jane is literal perfection. 
  • It’s Jane who figures out how to use Selvig’s device to manipulate the Convergence, without her and her know how, Thor could not have defeated Malekith, there is no literal way he could have. For all his strength and power, he did not have the upper hand in that battle. Even he knows this when Malekith begins to use the aether to revert everything to dark matter.Seriously, Jane should get just as much credit as Thor for saving the world here. Seriously, if you like Tony Stark for saving the world with his science, but yo don’t like Jane for doing the same, I have nothing to say to you. That’s sexist plain and simple.
  • But all in all, Jane is not useless, she is not a bitch, she is not responsible for Frigga’s death or a whore for “falling in love with Thor after three days”
  • like dude, there was attraction there yes, but they were not in love after three days. And you know what, even if she was, Thor was too. Her falling in love does not make her weak, and I hate that people saying that more than anything. Especially because they hold men to such different standards, if you’re saying she’s useless for falling in love, by that same logic, Thor is too. And I highly doubt they’re thinking that.
  • Okay I think I’m done now, I may add more later.

Magic isn’t ‘just science we haven’t explained yet.’

It is a personal experience. The two things sometimes intersect, but one has exact measurements and the other has an incredibly fluid definition. 

Yes, some things that used to be considered  magic are now proven to be science. But for some people, magic fills the blanks where two sciences coincide. It can be the intersection between two separate things where they become related. It can mean the connection between the world we live in and the world we do not live in. It can be making things happen without lifting a finger or being in two places at once. 

There are just as many definitions of magic as there are people in the world. So limiting it to 'science we haven’t explained yet’ and scoffing at it is a simple matter of not understanding the WIDE variety of magic that exists in the world.