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When you grow up– no matter where youโ€™re from or what country youโ€™re from, what ethnicity [you come from]– you read fairytales. Youโ€™re hopeful. And you feel like you want to believe in something bigger than anything you know. And so, I cried the entire day when I found I out that I was playing Cinderella because never, in the realm of any reality, did I ever think I was going to get the chance to play this character.
—  Dania Ramirez, on playing the first Latina Cinderella in popular memory, San Diego Comic Con 2017

I finally finished! I’m really proud of this one because it’s my first drawing with the whole background and stuff. I really wanted to draw a “wizard/witch’s” room so I decided to design the room of Lily Luna (and the boy sitting on the floor is Teddy Lupin of course). I hope you like it!

“The witch and the princess”

Wow! How I missed drawing good stuff again!! I started with this two gorgeous ladies almost a month ago, before finals, and I have finished them this week! 

I realized I hadn’t done any pic with Naminé and Kairi together and that had to be fixed. The title sounds like a fairytale, doesn’t it? (●´ω`●)

I hope you like it! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

get weird this or that

black magic or love me like you? weird people or grown? lightning or OMG? secret love song ft jason derulo or secret love song prt II? hair or adidas? i love you or love me or leave me? the end or the beginning? 

reasons the dursleys will never be redeemable ( so please don’t bring that noise around me ): 

  • harry wasn’t afraid of spiders because they lived with him in the closet he was locked in
  • his “bedroom” was a closet 
  • a closet he was locked in almost daily and sometimes for days on end
  • by the age of ten he knew enough to be afraid to burn any of the food he cooked for the family because that was his responsibility
  • harry was less bothered by the lack of food during the horcrux hunt because his aunt regularly starved him 
  • harry was rarely called by his own name before the age of eleven
  • he was constantly told he was worthless 
  • he was constantly told he was a burden in explicit terms
  • was never acknowledged as a member of the household, let alone family
  • would rarely address him when speaking about him even when he was in the room 
  • harry had no idea what his parents looked like before the age of eleven 
  • harry had no idea what his mother’s maiden name was before the age of fifteen 
  • if you think that was the first time aunt marge went off talking shit about lily you are sorely mistaken 
  • petunia hit him with a frying pan
  • vernon choked him 
  • dudley and his friends beat him up and his aunt and uncle all but encouraged it
  • harry’s glasses were irreparably ( before magic ) broken from the amount of times dudley punched him in the nose
  • petunia and vernon kept up a lie for years that lily and james died as a result of their drunk driving

Witchtips’ Rebloggable “Frequently Asked Questions” - Part II

What is a Sigil?

A sigil is a symbol, usually one that has been created and drawn by a Witch, that has magickal properties and energies in it.

How do I create a sigil?

There are different approaches. I like to create my sigils with numerology in mind and I like to include shapes and patterns of a certain number depending on the goal of the sigil. Some Witches like to write out their purpose and then take the vowels out of the sentence and use the shapes of the remaining letters. After you have created your sigil you have to activate it, which is similar to charging. 

How do I find spells to perform? Can I write my own? 

Spells are very easy to find, both on Tumblr and on other magick websites. I find that writing your own spells sometimes works better than using existing ones. Part of this is because you know your own goals and may require a specific spell tailored to those goals. When creating your own spells make sure to research your ingredients and make sure that they fit your goals. 

I’m not open about my craft with my family and friends. What are some easy ways to practice in secret?

This is a huge question and I’m sure I won’t cover everything in this response. Here are a few tips:

  • Instead of using smoke cleansing, keep a spray bottle with salt water in it and spray the coroners of your room when you feel you need a protection/good energy boost.
  • Bath magick is a great way to practice on the down low. Bathing is a personal activity so it is unlikely that you will be questioned about your bath/shower time. 
  • Instead of having a bunch of empty and conspicuous jars in your room, keep easy-to-reloacate items in them. You can keep things like pencils/pens (You can fill a new jar for each kind of writing utensil because hey, organization is important right?), Bobby pins or hair clips, makeup/paint brushes, candles (that could also give you an excuse to be able to burn candles since they’re in a jar and are not in danger of causing a fire), craft supplies, makeup like lipstick, etc.
  • Take up baking or cooking. No one will question why you have so much salt/herbs around.
  • Bake sigils into your food with egg wash, glaze, marinade, and dough.
  •  Instead of an altar, create an inspiration board or collage.
  • Find a quiet and safe place outdoors to perform your rituals
  • If you have or want to have witchcraft books, they fit great in sock draws or under beds.
  • If you have to do a ritual or spell that takes time and cannot be hidden, disguise it as a school project.
  • Sigils are very easy to hide, draw them on your body where no one can see them. 
  • If you wear makeup, draw your sigils on in concealer.
  • Recipe organizers are great for making a disguised spell book
  • Instead of leaving a jar of water out to be charged by the moon go for a night walk or go star-gazing and bring it along.
  • Gum and mint cases are great for carrying around herbs and crystals.

How do I know if my spell worked?

Spellcasting is mostly trial and error. Start with spells that have obvious desired results, like a spell to cure a headache. If it doesn’t work at first, try it again and maybe tweak it a bit. You should be able to observe the results.

Why are some Witches against cursing?

Some Witches choose not to perform curses or to share them/reblog them/recommend them because of the Threefold rule (which is a bit like the Hindu/Buddhist idea of Karma). The idea is that if you perform a curse against someone, that negative energy will come back to you three times stronger. This has been experienced by many witches, most of whom will warn against cursing. A lot of Witches do not curse because they do not want to put out or receive negativity because it could put them in danger.

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