magic hour it exists!

Anonymous said:I’m curious to know what exactly happened in the 48 hours after Dipper revealed the existence of magic (and creatures) to his father. Bonus points for including the broken plate and/or Dipper’s father realizing that Grunkle Stan has known the entire time. :D OH, or how about his father realizing that there’s no synagogue in Gravity Falls because I’m sure THAT went over well. :P

“You knew?!”  Even Bill flinched at the tone he took with Stanford.

“How could I not?!  I have a damn demon living in my house!”

“I thought you were okay with me now.”  Bill pouted, Dipper slid his hand into his in a show of comfort.

“Don’t yell at Grunkle Stan!”  Mabel butted in.  “I knew too and I didn’t say anything.  I’ve been practicing magic too!  I am a potion expert.”  

Their dad rounded on Mabel, fire in his eyes.  “You what?!”

Bill let out a snarl and the cabinets rattled.  “Do not EVER shout at Shooting Star.”  Dipper have Bill’s hand a squeeze as their dad jumped back, horror on his face.  

“How could you not tell us…”  He muttered, still looking at Mabel.

“Well maybe if you had listened to me after that first summer we could have!  Maybe if you hadn’t shut me out we could have!”  Dipper’s voice was rising.  “Maybe if you hadn’t assumed everything I was doing was evil we could have!”  The cabinets were shaking again.  “Or if you would have given me a chance to say something about it, to explain!  Bothered to do research on your own!”  The dishes on on the table rattled, Malin was bristling in his lap.  “But no, you assumed, you turned your back on me!  On us!  This isn’t our fault!”  He snapped, a plate shattered.

Everything fell silent, his parents looking at the remains of the little white dish on the floor.  That was the first time they saw him DO magic.  Bill stood from his place smoothly, snapped his fingers to wisk the shards away, and held his hand out to DIpper.  “I believe we should go upstairs for a bit Pine Tree.”

He had learned how to spot Pine Tree’s anxiety and he had learned that it was best to remove him from the situation.