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((Here, have the Magic Trio.
You have no idea how much I struggled with Arthur’s armor srly
I used the Awakening desings for the first two, and for Vlad I used the Fates one ‘cause I… I honestly don’t like the other one tbh.
And I didn’t even like the Fates one more, but I thought I could make it work out so here ya go :3c))

That SoulMate AU where people become magic when they meet their soulmate.

EXCEPT for Alfred and Matthew it’s the reverse. And they’re both afflicted with magical curses that can only be cured by their soulmate. 

Alfred has fire control but he’s slowly burning alive. He’s getting hotter every year and one year it’ll kill him. And Matthew is the opposite. He’s ice but he’s freezing slowly and losing his emotions as his heart freezes. 

anonymous asked:

If the Axis, Prussia, and Romano all turned into mythical creatures, what would they be?

(Here, have a related ask.)

South Italy: A vampire! He want all the advantages when it comes to attracting women, obviously not realising the consequences for his beauty regime and near-obsessive love of garlic.

Prussia: He’d be a wizard! He could fire off wicked spells, cause a lot of mischief, and use his magical powers to his advantage! You know, all the stuff wizards aren’t meant to do!

(Unicorn by Vecteezy)

Be With Me [1/?]

Cheesy title, blablabla. It’s late night and I wanted to write and the USUK network discord chat gave me the perfect excuse. So here, have some Magical Strike omegaverse.

“Hey Kirkland. Did you hook up with someone?”

Arthur turned away from the coffee machine to look at one of his coworkers, who wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, and frowned.

“No. I don’t have the time for that.”

“Aww, don’t lie! I smell omega all over you!”

Arthur’s frown deepened and he lifted is arm to subtly sniff at it. His coworker only grinned more.

“I knew it! You’ve been with someone! So even a beta can get their hands on a nice omega once in a while, eh?”

Arthur paled, but his collegue didn’t notice as he continued to gush about omegas.

“They’re so nice! Their scents are heavenly and once they get in the mood, mmmh, I tell you, the best thing ever!”

Arthur cleared his throat to regain his composure and frowned at him.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have too much work to be with someone.”

His collegue only shrugged.

“You don’t have to lie about that to me, but sure, if you want to.”

“Before you spout nonsense you maybe should get back to work.”

Arthur took his finished coffee from the machine and left. He didn’t dislike it at first, but he came to hate the beverage over the years. It never had been good to begin with, but he had coffee from a machine for five years and it seemed to worsen with each day. He kept drinking it noenetheless, it kept him awake and the coffee machine didn’t offer tea. Not that machine made tea would have been good either. He sat down at his work station with a heavy sigh, he hadn’t expected this when he had applied to the job. His phone buzzed and he took it out to see a message from his sister.

Coming over tonight and bringing some of mum’s meat pie. Keys are at the usual place, right? I’ll make some tea for you to drink when you come back.

He smiled and replied to her before putting his phone away again and glanced at the mountain of unfinished work. Unlike in the films, it wasn’t an unimaginably high stack of paper, but instead about a dozen open tabs and word documents on his desktop. He sighed again. This would be a long day.

Rosa sniffed when Arthur entered his kitchen. The can of tea already sat there, hot and steaming and a plate with the meat pie next to it.

“Your scent is coming out.”

She surely didn’t sugarcoat anything. Arthur only sighed his what it felt like billionth sigh and sat down.

“I know. I have to heighten the dose again.”

“Again?” Rosa sounded alarmed. “How many are you taking already?”

“Three.” Arthur let his bones crack.

“Arthur, as much as I love and support you, that is too much. This amount of surpressants is going to backfire sooner or later. You’ll only end up hurting yourself.”

“I don’t care.” Arthur poured himself some tea. “As long as I can keep my job.”

Rosa frowned. “What if you never get heats again?”

“Never liked them anyway.”

“What if you’ll never find a mate?”

“Who said I wanted one?”

Now it was Rosa’s turn to sigh. “You’re so stubborn.”

“We both are.”

Arthur loosened his tie a bit. It was unusually hot today in the office. Did the forget to turn the air conditioning on? He fanned himself with his hand and tried to concentrate on his work again, but for some reason, he couldn’t focus. His mind was dizzy, the world in front of his eyes was swimming and he felt strangely light headed, despite the hot temperature in the office. He opened the first button of his dress shirt and made another attempt at concentrating, but to no avail. His head was stuffed with cotton and his desktop was blurry. Did he need new glasses?

Arthur failed to notice that the usual hectic clicking of keyboards in the office had lessened and several heads were turned towards him, sniffing the air as if it was a drug. One of his coworkers growled lowly and started inching towards him. When the others noticed that, they also got up, all moving towards Arthur’s desk.

Arthur leaned against the backrest with a sigh, took his glasses off and rubbed the bridge of his nose with a groan. He had been rather on the edge for the last few days, and today was the worst of them. Only when he felt a familiar wetness between his legs, he realized the situation he was in. The surpressants had stopped working. He had grown immune.

The chair clattered to the floor as he stood up with a quick movement and bolted towards the restrooms. He locked himself in a toilet stall and nervously bit his lips. He didn’t have much time. He needed to  get out of here before his heat got the better of him and turned him into a wet, moaning, begging mess. He knew what his heats were like, and even if it was weakened by him taking surpressants so long, it was still strong.

Arthur remembered with a shudder his high school days, where he hadn’t been taking surpressants and suffered through ten days of ridicously strong heats. It had been hell and it would be even worse now if he didn’t get out of here and back to his apartment soon. No doubt one of the alphas had a little less restraint than the others. He would be stripped, taken, knotted and marked without a second thought. Arthur didn’t even want to imagine it. A knock came from the door of the stall he was in.

“Yes?” He hated how weak his voice was.

“So it is you, Kirkland.” A cold voice replied. Arthur’s breath got stuck in his throat. His boss.

“You’re fired.” Arthur heard footsteps walking away and a muttered ‘filthy omega’. He pulled his knees to his chest, hugged them and started to cry.

His heat was long over, but Arthur failed to find a new job. Omegas were rarely employed afterall. His sister came over sometimes and tried to help the best she could, but her workplace didn’t need any new employees in Arthur’s field and they weren’t willing to employ someone with no experience.

Then the eviction notice came. He couldn’t afford paying the rent anymore and the owner of the apartment building was not hesitant to kick him out. Arthur swallowed dryly. What should he do? Moving would cost too much money, but he couldn’t pay the rent either unless he got a job, but no one would employ an omega. It was a cursed circle.

He had already started selling stuff he didn’t need to be able to afford the necessarities, but he slowly, but surely ran out of things to sell. He was getting desperate, even applying at jobs that he wouldn’t even have considered taking before, but the answer was always the same: no, no, no, no. We don’t want omegas here. Omegas should stay home and be a good mate, cook, clean and have children.

It was frustrating and infuriating at the same time. He was tempted to kick a chair when he come out from one of the offices in the employment agency after another fruitless attempt to get a job. He maybe even would have done it if it weren’t for the alpha in the same room. He gave him a quick once over.

Younger than him, a purple star painted on his cheek, one of the bangs in his fringe dyed in the same colour, a ridiculously long fancy coat with fur around the collar, skinny ripped trousers and the dress shirt with a few buttons too many open. Arthur allowed himself a small smug smile. Alpha or not, this guy probably wouldn’t get employed either.

Then the alpha looked up from his phone and his gaze landed on Arthur. Arthur froze when he grinned and walked over with long, confident strides.

“You!” He exclaimed, his voice loud and boisterous. “You’re perfect! Do you know how to organize stuff?” Arthur just nodded, overwhelmed by the alpha’s whole presence. “Perfect! Perfect!” The alpha laughed, his laugh equally loud as his voice. He leaned forward to look directly into Arthur’s eyes. “Ever wanted to be a secretary?”