magic hat


Here my short film for my first Titmouse 5 Second Day!

It was really fun to have the opportunity to have a paid work day to work on whatever I wanted. The only rule is that it has to be at least 5 seconds long. I spent a lot of extra hours though to get it finished! But I’m really happy with how it turned out! And it was really great to watch everyone’s finished films on a big screen!

Thanks to Faith for being there to make sure it was looking good!

And if you’re interested here’s the concept art, clean model and the original animatic that I drew using Flipnote Studio on the Nintendo 3DS!

Hope you enjoy it!


My personal hat (if you couldnt tell from all the juggling pictures).

The hat itself is hand made from vegtan leather. It was all hand cut, and tooled, and dyed, and hand stitched by yours truly. The band is made from a strip of utility hide and lace. The antler tips and button on the back were gifted to me by the amazing Osteal and Wolftea.

This hat has magic powers.

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c: Late birthday gift for a very dear and close friend of mine, sorry its super later! ;;
Hope you love it! @wolfnanaki
I have a couple more late gift art that I owe to friends, so I won’t be posting anything else until all of those gifts are finished, but I will post the gift arts and such -nod-

I have been inspired by barachan and mintchoco lately ♥