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This must be the longest answer to a question ever in this group. Sorry about that, I kind of wanted to see how will this bit played out myself. So yeah some Rarities may seem that be missing but one way or the other those girls will eventually pop it out time to time.


Here is a little in progress digital painting run down on my Black Cat Magic base card illustration. I start practically everything I do in the traditional draw it by hand with a pencil and paper method. So the lines you see on the finished piece are the same lines I painstakingly inked by hand. Would digital be faster? Probably. But I feel as though I have more control with an actual pen in my hand. Don’t ask me why. There is no ctrl+z for screw-ups and random hand spasms with traditional media. This is just my method of madness. 
The very first thing I did after scanning my line art was to make a color study. I didn’t get all the details, and oof, it is a flat piece of poo compared to the final, but it was enough for me to get the wheels turning so I could visualize the color palette and tones I wanted to hit. I highly suggest studies, especially when you haven’t the faintest idea what you’re doing. (Or wait to the last second before the project is due and hurl paint at it while hoping for the best…pretty sure we’re all guilty of that one…)
I used the selection tool, soft brushes with faint opacities, and lots of dodging and burning to get the rest of my gradients. The kitty was the most difficult to render as she required a little texture, and those dainty highlights and shine. (Also the most fun ^_^ )