magic card alteration

During this lull between the end of the Wii U and the arrival of the Switch, I’ve been taking an opportunity to catch up on games that have been sitting on my shelf I haven’t played. So I finally got around to finishing Kirby’s Return to Dreamland. And as I often do after finishing a game, I look for fan art. I came across this image of Kirby riding Landia and of course, I got inspired to make a card.


Magic: the Gathering - Alphabet Soup

Check out these SWEET-ARSE blank MTG tokens from the brilliant and witty mind of card alter gal Ellie Shakirova (her Etsy shop over here).  This is a full alphabet set of 26 cards with matte lamination with appropriate place for you to pen in the token name and power / toughness.

God Bless the souls of the Redditors who also had a bit of fun with this project at the expense of a certain ubiquitous blue mind-mage -


That totally messed up Grapeshot I posted a while ago? It’s fixed now.

And melting my eyes …

Original title/type bars, stripped everything else. Just a test print, so none of the usual card text or artist credit. I normally destroy tests, but this one got a top coat and will be burning a hole in the not-for-trade section of my binder for some time.