magic cabin

I think I could watch dust forever.

so I stayed at this cabin earlier this summer. one day I woke up at 5a.m. and saw the incredible light coming through the front door. I couldn’t just let it go and fall asleep again. I set my camera up, shook some old pillows and caught this beautiful second before the wind blew all of this out

[Annabeth enters Cabin 6 to find her siblings and Billie Ng in the midst of an intense debate. It appears to be Malcolm versus everyone else.]

Annabeth(Wondering if she should intervene): Everything okay?

Billie(Incredulously): Your brother thinks he should be able to harness the universe.

Malcolm(Throwing up his hands in exasperation): For the last time, when I said harness I didn’t mean harness! I meant- well, I just meant that- UGH, I can’t think of the right words right now! I just think the world ought to be more organized!

[There is a pause as Billie and the Athena kids look first at each, then out the window, where Kayla Knowles, having apparently stolen someone’s pegasus, is shooting arrows at Julia Feingold from midair.]

Annabeth(Gently): Malcolm, that’s just fantasy.

Malcolm(Massaging his temples with a sigh): I know. That’s the trouble. It’s all well and good to talk about how the universe is ruled by logic and the harmony of numbers, but the fact is we live in a year long summer camp run by a guy who’s half man, half horse and the gods have a habit of going around to atheists’ houses and smashing their windows.

If you had told me a year ago that I would be obsessed with two high fantasy series and having actual conversations with people about paint sex and edgey bat lords and wingspans and the eroticism of nibbling earlobes and getting someone off by touching their wings and a magical domestic cabin and iron coffins


I wouldn’t have been THAT surprised because I know the kind of person I am

But it would have been a little shocking

Log Ilvermorny

Okay, I know the official Ilvermorny description says it’s granite. I know this, I am aware of the fact.

But I think maybe this is a flaw in storytelling and worldbuilding. While, yes, they’re freaking wizards and they can do what they want, I still feel like Ilvermorny should reflect the upbringing and the culture of the people who founded it. And that culture was one of little shacks, skin tents, and log cabins.

So while I know that the official version of Ilvermorny does indeed look something more like what @asheathes​ posted (which, btw, is freaking gorgeous, thank you for your artistry) here, I kind of really want an Ilvermorny that looks more like… this?

Or maybe a bigger version of one of these:

(that last one is my fave)

And can you imagine the interiors?


Entrances: (ignore the muggles no-maj’s)

Common rooms:

Dear, good old JK. I love you, I love Fantastic Beasts and the Cursed Child and… basically everything. But granite castles really aren’t an American thing, and I really think you missed a fantastic chance to make Ilvermorny an enormous magical log cabin with walls that can literally be grown to accommodate new students, and beautiful rustic decor and natural stone floors and big roaring fireplaces that aren’t dank and damp but warm and bright… Not only would this be fantastic and different, but it would really better reflect American history and culture.

I just really want a log-cabin Ilvermorny.

9. We all talk about it.

“Can we all talk about it? Because surely I’m not the only one who was not expecting this.”

The four members of MJN stood in the portakabin, in the aftermath of a rather tense encounter with a couple of Dementors that had shown up rather unexpectedly at the airfield.

“I think that’s fair enough. Lord knows, I was hardly expecting for all of us to be magical either.”

Douglas looked thoughtfully out the window as he spoke, eyeing the scorch marks he could still see on the tarmac from their spellwork.

“It’s brilliant! We should’ve talked about it sooner!”

“Arthur, it’s not really something we’re supposed to talk about! You know about the Statute of Secrecy, right?”

“Oh, don’t bother Martin, I’ve had that discussion with him before.”

Carolyn rolled her eyes as she tucked her wand away and stopped Arthur from waving his around in his excitement. Douglas smirked, as he slipped his own wand into his pocket.

“We all went to Hogwarts, I assume?”

The strained look that immediately crossed Martin’s face, along with the small sound he let out, made them all look at him questioningly. He flushed a little.

“Sorry, I just- I did attend when Harry Potter was there, so…”

“Skip, you know Harry Potter?!”