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New students in astrology get sent all kinds of misleading messages about good and bad in a horoscope. It is completely misleading and I’ll even say that these things are wrong. This kind of thinking is an extension of the days of old, hundreds and even thousands of years ago.

At the top of the list of things that new students are taught as being bad is the square aspect. You know that it measures 90 degrees but what does a square mean? When things are square to each other, the intrinisically slower moving planet in the square is modifying the symbolism of the planet it is aspecting. It shows an imbalance between the two symbolisms. When a balance isn’t achieved, the symbolism of the planet being aspected is taken over by the aspecting planet.

For example, Neptune square Mercury is saying that idealism, confusion, creativity and all those things you know about Neptune dominate the need to think and communicate a certain way. If the energy is being used creatively, spiritually, or some things like that, what can happen is a loss of focus, too much daydreaming, avoidance of reality and those types of things. When a balance is achieved, the Neptune-Mercury contacts is an absolute strength.

When we stand up, our bodies are 90 degrees to the surface of the ground. When you lay down, your body is parallel to the ground. It takes no energy to lay down but standing up requires a lot of energy. Just think about that a second. To do anything effective, to accomplish or achieve anything requires standing. When you feel badly, what do you say? “I am going to lay down. I don’t feel so good.” When you faint, you fall. You are not accomplishing much in that condition. right?

Squares represent the kind of energy and tension that one needs to achieve things. I have 5 figures worth of horoscopes of very successful people and you know which aspect does NOT dominate in those horoscopes? It’s the trine. The horoscopes shown above represent seven extraordinarily wealthy people, alive and dead. You do not see a preponderance of things in these horoscopes that beginning astrology labels as “good.” Oprah has the Sun in the 2nd House squared by Saturn. Any book or web site you go to will describe this scenario as an almost guarantee of poverty.

Steve Jobs’ horoscope, for all intents and purposes, has a Grand Cross. Bill Gates’ horoscope has the best possible wealth aspect there is - Jupiter conjunct Pluto, and it is in the 2nd House but the rest of the horoscope is a mass of tension, not a lot of “good” stuff.

Begin to see squares as the energy that provides the motivation to do something, not something BAD you have been fated with by the heavens. If you manage the squares, they become an absolute strength for you. Take a guy like Arnold Schwarzenegger who came from a tiny place in Austria, went on to body-building notoriety, film recognition, held public Office, and married a Kennedy. Take a look at his horoscope. It’s ALL strength: the Sun is conjoined by Saturn and Pluto. Mars in the 6th is quindecile 5 planets and the Ascendant. Where are all the trines and “good” aspects???? There are none. It’s just a mass of tension. Tension motivates achievement WHEN it is managed.

If there IS something about squares that has a dark potential, it has to do with health. Horosopes that are dominated by hard aspects have a tendency to experience health concerns moreso than charts without it but that can be easily avoided by eating nutritiously.

Horoscopes of American Presidents are just full of tension. I think the only one I have seen that has, say, a Grand Trine, is that of President Bush, the father. Otherwise, they are dominatd by hard aspects. You need that kind of strength to get to that position. Horoscopes dominated by sextiles and trines are typically easily content. Contentment isn’t very motivating.

Be proud that you have squares! Be glad that you have a horoscope dominated by hard aspects and not dominated by trines. Hard aspects represent strength!!!

Storm Cuddles - Philip X reader

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“Y/N, I’m here. It’s going to be ok…..” 

Philip said, his hand gliding down your back as he held you close to his chest on your bed. You took a deep breath, trying to calm your breathing. Ever since you were a child, thunderstorms always terrified you. Tonight, however, was the worst storm in a year


You felt your heart beat almost burst out of your chest as the thunder boomed from outside your bedroom window. You violently shook as the light flashed and Philip squeezed you closer to him. 

“P-Philip, I’m s-cared,” You said into his chest. He ran his hands through your hair and rubbed soft circles down your back. 


Your breathing got rapid and Philip began to rock back and forth with you, trying to calm your nerves.

“Shh, Y/N I have an idea,” He said, pulling away from you for a second to reach over to the bedside table. He opened the drawer and grabbed a pair of headphones. 

He turned back to you and pulled you into him once again. He put the headphones on you and plugged them into his phone, playing a soft and gentle rhythm

She’s constantly amazed by the blades of the fan on the ceiling

You closed your eyes, trying to focus on the acoustic melody of the song

And the funny little faces she makes can’t help but be appealing

You felt the light rumble of the thunder outside, but the music seemed to drown out all your worries. You opened your eyes and looked up at Philip. He was smiling down at you, still holding you into his chest

She loves to ride through the town with the top down
Feel the warm breeze on her gentle skin

He brought his lips to your forehead and peppered slow kisses all over your face. You let out a shaky breath as you felt your heart beat slow down, your nerves finally calming after what seemed like an eternity.

You closed your eyes again, drowning in Philip’s touches and the music. Your breathing returned to normal as you felt yourself begin to doze off. Philip continued to hold you close to him, his embrace successfully lulling you into a sweet and comforting sleep.

He always knew what to do

Finding Out What Kind of Witch You Are

I have been doing an ongoing offer to read what kind of witch someone is. This is just for fun and not really meant to be taken seriously. However I figured I would make a post on how to figure out what kind of witch you actually are.

The simple answer is, time will tell you. It doesn’t come overnight. There are an infinite variety of witches and abilities and magic, and you aren’t going to really know what kind is right for you (unless you’re one of those folks that has an incredibly strong, crystal-clear calling!) right off the bat.

When I started practicing magic full time four years ago, I was really confused. Am I a hedge witch? A green witch? A kitchen witch? Well as it turns out I’m not a witch at all! I am a spirit-person. I am a person meant to work with spirits, but not witchcraft.

Pay attention to what comes easily to you, and what does not. Spirit work and conjure come very easily to me! Energy work does not. I do every spell with spirits involved. Maybe you are a secular witch! Maybe you have a beautiful rainbow of personal power that can fuel every spell on its own. Maybe you are meant to work with crystals, or plants, or animals!

Practice everything. Expand yourself. Magic is a buffet and you have an all access pass. Give everything you do a solid try, and if it doesn’t work… don’t give up! Put it on the shelf and try again in a few months or a year. After all, you have your entire life to expand and grow.

NOTHING is the end-all be-all of magic. I used to think energy work and out of body experiences were “it”, and that is what it took to make a good mage. Well, I suck at both of those and I’ll never be great at them or even do them at a basic level. So don’t get hung up on anything. Even spellwork. Even meditation. Even grounding and centering. If you can’t do it one way, try it another way. I get around my inability to have OBEs by bilocating. I get around energy work by having spirit friends who can do it for me.

Don’t expect this to come about in the space of a few weeks. Give it years. I have heard it takes a newborn baby 6 years to develop a personality that will last a lifetime. So I say, give your magical identity six years. I have been practicing 4, and have a solid idea of who I am magically, but I know I still need more time to develop and expand myself until I find my core. Then, the sky is the limit!

Don’t be intimidated by these big time spans I am throwing out. You can practice magic fully, beautifully, and wonderfully without knowing your magical identity. Practice a lot of different stuff. Don’t be stuck on one or two things that you think are the most important things ever. If it isn’t working, try other stuff. Revisit things that didn’t work out for you in a few months to a year. Pay attention to what does work for you, and expand that as much as you can.


it’s been a week since my workshop at the queer shabbat retreat, and i’m still processing everything i took away from spending the day with so many incredible people! it was such an honor to be there and felt especially necessary/healing during this difficult time in the US. holding space together & sharing our stories as queer/trans Jews (of many different ages, backgrounds & practices!) was really powerful.

wanted to share a few photos - the finished talisman bag at the top is by my lovely new friend Tamar (thank you for the photos!) and i took a few shots of the table (the “Jewish magic buffet”) before the workshop started. 

i spoke a little about my own experience and how important Jewish magic, myth & mysticism is to me as a queer & trans Jew: all these things are expansive, subversive, rooted in community, intertwined with mainstream tradition while also being other. my own practice is offering me a way to (re)connect to Judaism on my own terms & i wanted to share that! we spent about a half hour putting together our bags and then another half hour sharing the stories & meanings that went into them. the response was totally overwhelming and i got so much inspiration from hearing folks’ thoughts.

if anyone is interested in running a workshop like this, i’d be happy to share resources & talk you through the setup! thanks everyone who gave me input beforehand & thank you especially to all the folks who attended!

- Ezra