magic boot

The rogue in our party happens to be the queen of an entire island, a fact which we found out not ten minutes ago, in game. She’s well kept, and well spoken, and she’s never sworn before. She also has the Mobile feat.

She was the only one in the air (Thanks to some magical boots) and we were fighting a chimera.
All we heard, while she was panicking, was:
‘Stab and run Motherfucker, stab and run!’

*Logs on to tumblr
*Throws an attempt at a Taako design at the internet.
*Shrugs and runs away

Art blog

justin: “taako is not a good person.”


  • splits stolen gold and silver with magnus and merle
  • gives magic boots to magnus
  • returns some silverware to angus
  • tries stopping magnus and merle from stealing from a bank
  • later decides to teach angus magic bc he felt kinda bad about the silverware
  • made everyone macaroons for candlenights despite him not having cooked/baked for people in literal years
  • distracts a killer cockroach from eating magnus and merle despite not wanting to be a part of the fight to eat his sandwich
  • saves ren from a bank explosion despite knowing time would reset soon anyways
  • gives ren a heartfelt certificate and feather duster despite only having met her like that day
  • saves merle, magnus, and all of Refuge by talking things over a date with the literal grim reaper
  • right before transforming into a bird he throws his umbra staff to magnus saying it has feather fall in it so that magnus wasn’t stuck in the tree
  • before magnus loses his memory about the guy that killed his beloved wife and father-in-law, taako insists he explain his backstory in hopes of filling him in after the sacrifice is made
  • him and merle take on the task to avenging magnus
  • astral projects to save magnus’ soul from being sucked into the murky black sea of suffering souls and is successful with the thanks of merle’s help

(add more if i missed anything, these were just off the top of my head)

#3- The Boot of Balance

Wondrous Item, Uncommon

A flashy trickster once tried to design a pair of boots that would grant him exceptional balance, but he was captured by the authorities before he could finish the pair. This one right boot can grant the wearer enhanced balance and acrobatics, but only on the one foot.

When worn, the wearer has +5 to all acrobatics rolls that involve them using the foot equipped with the boot. For example, hopping one footed across platforms or resisting being pushed off a cliff on one foot. The boot has no effect if both feet are used.