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your fat

It seems your letter was corrupted at some point during transportation. Such things can happen; after all they’re often sent long distances via dragon fire, or transcribed into horse code and sent via telegraph. Even the conventional method isn’t without issues, as transporting the physical letter may expose it to the elements, which can cause degradation.

With only two words, if even that, I really can’t decipher what you’re trying to learn about my fat whatever it is. Or maybe it’s about my father, or my fate? Regardless, you will need to resend your letter. If you’re sending letters from far away, I do suggest writing in large, thick characters and using a waterproof envelope.


So we’ve reached the half-way point in the year. That wonderful time when we think “thank the stars that it’s half over” concomitant with “holy crap! how is it halfway through the year already!”

I have to say I’m not particularly impressed with my progress with reading this year. I haven’t read anywhere near as many books as I wanted to by this point, but as I am in the final year of my PhD I will have to cut myself some slack.

See my favourite books of 2015 so far

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I'm interested in your grimoire project, but I find myself very curious about the type of spells or magic available in this book. Have you shared an excerpt from it at any point that I somehow missed?

We’ve shared a few preview spells, yes.

You can also check out #The Sisters Grimmoire tag on my blog and Anna’s blog.

People are stupid sometimes.  They thought the Library was a dangerous place because of all the magical books, which was true enough, but what made it really one of the most dangerous places there could ever be was the simple fact that it was a library.
—  Terry Pratchett. Guards, Guards

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Hi lizzy! ive been studying for a while and things have gotten bad. like homeless bad. do you think you can recommend something that could help?like a "simple spell" or knot magic?

send an ask off anon. I’ll give you a few of my personal ones. I would prefer to not post them publicly on tumblr. 

If you don’t want to ask off anon, you can try some things below that I’ve gathered from a few spell books

From “Crone’s Book of Magical words” by Valerie Worth (below)

You can also do these spells from the “Encyclopedia of 5000 spell” by Judika Illes

Lucky Written Talisman “Ojala”

One a piece of paper write, while focusing on your desire:

O  J  A  L  A

O  J  A  L

O  J  A

O  J


Fold the paper carefully and wear it in a locket or in a pocket

Change in Fortune Bag

Carry dried violets in a red bag to see your fortune change for the better.


With the middle month coming to a close, I thought I’d join in the fun and list my top books of the year so far! ….which ended up being much longer than I first planned, oops. Everyone should read these and then come yell with me about them.

Honorable mentions: The Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler, Lois Lane: Fallout by Gwenda Bond, The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly BlackEmmy & Oliver by Robin Benway, Crimson Bound by Rosamund HodgeThe Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes, and The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand.

The moral of the story is YA authors need to stop being so awesome, clearly (except not really).


Apv: Seeing some witch blogs got me thinking about my Librarian AU where Iri is an owner of a little book store (mostly supernatural stuff) and runs it with his sister Lana (and a lil demon who is bound to her) and they basically just practice the magic art of Mana and all that jazz hahaha

There once was a girl named Taylor, who was very studious and strong. Taylor wore glasses, was a little chubby and wore a dark blue sweater with a white skirt.

For a couple of weeks ago, she started to visit an old library, which everyone said was haunted and was cared for by a sweet old lady.

One day, out of curiosity, the blue haired girl investigated the “dark” part of the library and found a big, old book about magic in one of the bottom shelves. This was a big surprise, because she didn’t know that these type of books still existed. Taylor quickly ran and sat in a corner to read it, undisturbed. After looking at some pages, she decided to try one of the spells, thinking that they were not real and that the whole book was a joke. The spell she chose was used to summon a “companion” from the world of shadows. Taylor could not help but chuckle a little bit when she read this.
After stuttering some nonsense words, the pages emanated with a strange smoke, followed by a fire. Taylor quickly threw the book down, burning her hand in the process and walked back, horrified.

This can’t be happening, magic does not exist.

It was safe, she was just having some weird dream. Or at least Taylor thought so, when a shadow with female form emerged from of the flames, as they were extinguished.

“Ahh-!” Was all that Taylor, who was trembling, could say.

After the creature looked around, appearing a bit confused, her eyes focused on the girl and hummed.
“It was you who called me, human girl?” Asked the shadow, with a relaxed, dark voice, as she approached Taylor

“Ahhhm … y-yes?”

“Well,” the spirit slowly sat in front of her,  “Please do not be afraid of me. You called me, so now I have to serve you. First, What’s your name?”

“M-My name is Taylor,” she said, while fixing her glasses and reaching out to her servant to give her a handshake “Whats your name, Miss?”

“My name is Rogue,” she answered, as she grabbed the hand. “Or, at least that’s what my creator called me. People around the world use my services, but lately I haven’t gotten many customers.” Rogue looked at the book lying on the young girls lap, and carefully took it, beginning to read.
“Ah… this… where did you find it?”

“On one of those shelves over there…”

“Hm … that is …”

“Is ..?”

Rogue looked very upset. The tall figure closed the book and put it on the bookcase, starting to think for a moment. How could this book end up in a place so stupid and vulgar? That’s unacceptable. Who let this happen? Why her book?

“E-excuse me, did I do something wrong?”

“No. This is not your fault, unless you were the one that put it here first.” Rogue threw a dark, cold look at Taylor, but then stopped realizing how stupid that sounded. Shes only a small and simple human, she couldn’t do anything like that.

“No!! It is the first time I’ve come to this section!”

“I understand… by the way,” She said, as she looked at Taylor’s hand.

“What is it?”

“Your hand.” Rogue grabbed the dark skinned girls right hand, which was injured, and began to investigate. “When did this happened, master?”

“Ah, recently: after you appeared,  I dropped the book and burned me with its flames.”

“…Do you want me to cure it?”

“Wait, can you do that?”


“…Is it going to hurt?”

“No, just relax and let me do the rest,” the shadow said, as she put her hands over Taylors and began to sing. While she sang, a light began to radiate from Rogue’s hands, and it slowly healed the burns.

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The Dusters

~~Who sweeps across your book case, trailing sunlight, trailing dust? When all the lights are turned low, and children in their beds, the Dusters come a dancing and see what you have read.