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What kinds of martial arts do ponies practice?

Oh, there are many styles, with many different names. Primarily though they come in one of two categories: front forward or rear forward.

The front forward category mainly involves striking with your front hooves, possibly while standing on your hind legs for extra height and balance while having both front hooves available for striking as needed. Facing your opponent has the main advantage of allowing you to direct blows with good aim. If you’re using some sort of weapon, it generally also falls in this category.

The rear forward style is primarily about bucking, allowing you to achieve greater impact but making it harder to see what you’re hitting. This style is easier to use and more defensive, intended drive away an attacker rather than disable. Since your bucks will hit quite hard, an attacker will have a hard time approaching you safely and will hopefully retreat. Some styles do employ this offensively however, but it’s generally harder to use than a front forward style in this manner.

There are of course exceptions, like Tailkwondo which uses the tail as a whip followed up with bucks or strikes from the front, combining multiple techniques into a highly rotary fighting style.

Furthermore, pegasi have their own fighting techniques on account of their wings, which allow far greater mobility and multiple angles of attack, or even picking up their opponent and slamming them into the ground, making use of gravity as well as their own strength. There are also styles for combat mid-air.

Unicorns don’t have much in the ways of martial arts, since most unicorns can use levitation to strike with loose objects at a distance. There are of course many magical fighting techniques, but since we were discussing mundane types of defense I won’t bring those up. Still, there is the traditional horn jousting, but it’s really more of a tournament sport rather than an actually applied self-defense method.

It should be noted that most ponies do not practice any kind of martial arts at all. There’s really no great need for self-defense, unless you know you will be putting yourself in harm’s way. If needed, ponies will improvise, or simply gallop away. Ponies aren’t really built for fighting, but we can be quite fast when we need to be.

I think my goal for my future pay checks is to buy at least one witchy book with each one. I want to build up my arsenal of books about magic, because I feel I am definitely lacking in magic-based books (though not in books in general…).

This pay, I have bought the physical copies of “The Sister’s Grimmoire” by Bree NicGarran and “The Witches Cupboard” by Bree NicGarran and Anna Zolinger. I have both on Kindle, but my smart phone isn’t always working in order for me to be able to read those. I decided to get “The Witches Cupboard” while it was still available, and got “The Sister’s Grimmoire” because it was offered on flash sale, and I could have both shipped together.

Honestly, if you can I’d recommend both these books, as well as “Grovedaughter Witchery” by Bree NicGarran, or @breelandwalker here on Tumblr - her books are well written, clear and easy to understand, and cover some material that I have not seen in any other witchy books I’ve happened to peruse. I am also excited for her new book “Pestlework,” which is coming out soon.

If I can’t find my copies of “1,001 Spells” by Cassandra Eason and “The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells” by Judika Illes, those are next on my list. They are pretty awesome spell reference books, either to use (though some are sort of iffy on using things from other cultures) or for as inspiration for your own spells.

I firmly believe that there’s a “right” time to read a certain book. It’s okay if you’re interested in a book and it sits on your shelf for years. Maybe it didn’t call out to you when you wanted something to read because it was waiting for the right time to mean the most to you. Not saying this is always the case, but this has happened enough to recognize the magic.


Hi there little flowers! I hope you’ll like this lil guide I made :)

Thank you so much @inkanddestroy for this post (where you can find other ways to draw sigils and how you can activate them) you baiscally taught me how to draw them.

I love you guys.

Me: I wish I had more time to read

Also me: *spends an eternity on Tumblr reading about other people reading*

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Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.
—  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, J.K. Rowling