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Purification with Baths

(All of this is from this book that I made a post about. Authors: Raven Kaldera & Tannin Schwartzstein. This is from chapter 4, Internal Hygiene: how to not get ugly)

The problem with smudging is that it always involves smoke. People with asthma or sensitive fire alarms may want to use a different method. The nest most common purification method is baths. You will need a bathtub for most of them, although we will include shower formulas for those of you with only shower stalls.

Floral bath

Soothing, calming, and brightening for depressed days. Also good for getting one in a romantic mood, not just before the a date but when the magic is going out of a long-term relationship due to stress and exhaustion. You can either use floral oils such as jasmine, rose, lavender, or apple blossom, or use live flower petals. For the destitute, check dumpsters behind florist shops and pull the petals off the discarded or bruised flowers. You will need at least two cups of flower petals. If you’re worried about clogging the drain, put them in a bag (even an old t-shirt with the holes knotted shut will do) and float them in the water. If you like them floating around on the water, put a piece of fabric over the drain when you let the water out.

Herbal baths

Cook the herbs into a strong tea on the stove and pour them into the water. Simmer, do not boil. Suggested herbs include sage, rosemary, thyme, tarragon for courage, ground sandalwood for sensuality, bay leaf for warrior energy, or mint and eucalyptus to promote physical health. Resins will not break down when boiled. If you want to use a resin, you must add the essential oil or absolute (resin tincture).

Shower formulas

For this, you need to brew up one to three gallons of a strong tea. Take your shower first, like you normally do, and then at whatever temperature you can tolerate, dump the pots of water over your body. These teas can be boiled and set aside in gallon plastic jugs for when you want them – in the hot summer, you may want to dump them over you cold. Don’t keep them for more than a week and check them frequently for nasty, green floating things or bad smells.

Steam baths

Yes, baths can be done in an apartment, if you have big pots and a stove. Fill all your large pots with boiling water and add herbs or oils. Fill the tub half full with the hottest water you can get from the tap and place a chair in the tub. (If you use a metal chair, rest your hand on it before sitting down to test the temperature. If it I wooden, make sure you have a place for it to dry out afterwards. Avoid padded chairs as they will absorb moisture and get mildew.) Then, pour the boiling water and sit on the chair, being careful not to touch the water. Relax in steam until water cools.

The White Bath

Famous in Afro-Caribbean traditions. It is associated with this Orisha (deity) Obatala, who represents justice, compassion and healing. The most common ingredient in a white bath is coconut milk, usually canned, since if you use real coconuts, you’ll have to split a lot of them. Other suggestions are baking soda, or sugar, or a few drops of vanilla extract, or powdered milk. Powdered moo-juice will last forever and may be carried with you anywhere. You can combine any or all of these, but no more than two cups of material per tubful. For dissolving purposes, make sure the water is pretty hot. Soak for as long as you need and then rinse off with the shower. Lighting white candles around the tub is also good, as is coconut incense.

Although you will want to rinse off at some point, we recommend that you wait at least twenty minutes before rinsing, in order to let the energy of each bath soak into your skin as you get up and move about. It’s traditional, though not necessary, to wear only white for the first few hours afterwards. (A really big t-shirt works well.) If you hate white, you don’t have to wear it, but please, whatever you put on should be clean and freshly laundered, and also have clean towels ready to dry off with.


Faerie Bath Recipe/Spell

Add the following to your bathwater in however small/large portions you wish:
2 parts rose petals and/or hips
2 parts lavender
2 parts hibiscus
1 part dandelion
pinch of sea salt
4 parts Moon water (i used about 1/4cup because it’s all i had left)

To take this from simple relaxing bath to a spell to call upon the Fae and/or realign your energies through them, simply light two or three candles (a white and then whatever other colors you feel relate to what you need at the moment), and a handful of the stones you are closest to or you feel can help (I used rose quartz, howlite, petalite, botswana agate, fluorite, and amethyst just to name a few).

Extra: I added a bit of lavender epsom salt and a Rose Queen bath bomb I had laying around to my bath tonight because I felt like pampering myself; feel free to add your favorites as well to make this bath work for you even better!


Songs aside. I’ve had some requests to make an empath shielding/tips/protection post and general information. So buckle in you witches because I’m about to unload a bunch of information: Shielding: your number one defence. As an empath, you are literally like a giant sponge. But instead of soaking up dirty dish water, you soak up negative energy. There a couple different ways that I shield. I shield 2x a day and try to do a weekly cleanse. My best shield I have found comes in the form of meditation. Focusing on me, myself, and I. I like to use an app called headspace. It’s easy to use and free. I have the full version of it so I have access to the short additional meditations. But honestly the free ones work too. They are usually 10-15 for the daily ones. And help you focus on your own energy. You can even cast a physical circle around yourself to push energy out. However, I rarely do this because I find focusing on myself brings my attention in and therefore blocks out other people’s energy and emotions. Protection: This is where the cleansing comes in. And I like the literal form of a bath. What a better way to wash away unwanted intrusive energies right? eyyy. okay. So here’s my ingredient list eucalyptus: good for a decongestant. Essentially it removes dirts and oils by opening the pores. I.e. you will flush out negativities. chamomile tea: I use a giant tea sachet. You can make these from cheese cloth. You just need to know how to sew a straight line or find one online somewhere, idk. The actual tea bags work too, but you need like a good handful equivalent. Anyway, Chamomile is calming and helps with focusing. Being surrounded by other people’s shit is distracting. Black Tea: Contains tanin, good for cleansing the skin and also helps with for focusing. Clean yo skin and that bitch Carol from your mind. (And then honestly I just like lavender, like so much lavender. I associate it with myself and is a “me” scent.) patchouli incense or sandalwood incense is pretty good: patchouli (grounding) sandalwood (cleansing) you choose. Not both though. They’re both really strong and both will make your house smell like a dirty dirty hippie (too bad I don’t care) 4 candles for the elements or whatever god/goddess you work with. I’m secular, so I don’t have deities. anty-ways. I also like any stones that I feel like for whatever I need to focus on to cleanse me. Don’t know what to use? quarts my dudes. All the quarts. Line your bath tub with it. Or any sort of energy shape. Instant protection or whatever intent you want. It’s like rosemary. Universal. (Also I like to use kids bath crayons and draw sigil on my tub wall. I charge them by rinsing them off into my bath water when I’m ready to actually wash my body) Other than that I like to keep rubbing stones to help me ground myself in public and I have a variety of types. Glamour make up is also great for empath protection. You can incorporate colour magick and intent to make you feel fierce and shielded. Eye makeup is my favourite, since the eyes are the windows to the soul. Also I like to line my altar with magic related gifts from other people. Like seashells I received for yule, a feather from an emotional reading I did for a guy last year, anointing oils from a friend, etc. Let me know if you need any further explanations on anything or any other specific advice. My inbox is open. Thanks witches.

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So I just read the last comic of W.I.T.C.H. And I’m crying. Like, really hard.

These five girls, Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin, represent my childhood and everything I am today. I grew up with them, I loved them.

The lasts sagas were not as good as the firsts ones, but still. They were my best friends, the best friends I ever had. They taught me how to be brave and to trust my friends because friendship is the strongest bond in the universe. They taught me that its ok to be myself.

I started reading it when I was about 6 years old, all my friends were collecting the stickers and I decided to give them a chance. I bought the 10th issue and after reading it, I wanted to become one of them. I hurried and bought the first two books and whatever merchandising they released (which was a lot). I have a schoolbag, the diaries, the specials, books, notebooks, pens and I still keep all the presents that were given with the comics. I read everything in it, from top to bottom, I sent letters and drawings, I used to imagine that I was one of them.  I remember when they stopped selling them in Spain and how angry I got, it’s true that I didn’t like the new power saga and the followings as much but… but they were my girls! There were things happening to them and I wanted to know them all! I had to fight with them! And then, there was the TV series, which felt a little odd as the characters’ behaviours, the plot, nothing was the same but I enjoyed it too, and the videogame! How many times have I played the videogame?! too many, that’s for sure. And re-read the magazines? like a thousand times each issue? when I say that I love something, I really mean I LOVE something. Oh! I remember that when I was little, I used to think that when I turned 13 years old (the same age as them), the Oracle would call me to become a Kandrakar Guardian. And how sad I was when I read the chapter were they were shown what would happen if they rejected their powers. 

I remember Hay Lin’s addiction to aliens and big glasses, her two ponytails, and her habit of writing things on her hands (remember when she created W.I.T.C.H? “There are our initials. W.I.T.C.H.! Isn’t it a good name?”). I remember Taranee and her alternative look, her braid, how shy she was and how much she loved photography. And Irma and her amazing magical bathtub, her funny jokes and her obsession about Karmilla. And Will and her conversations with the refrigerator and alarm clock, how much she enjoyed swimming and Lirón/Mr. Huggles (I CRIED A RIVER WHEN HE DIED) and her frogs. I remember how beautiful and rational Cornelia was and how smart and strong she was, breaking every stereotype. I didn’t a have a favorite, but Irma was special because she and I were too similar (and water was my favorite). And Elyon (which was my favorite secondary character) and Orube. And the Oracle and Yan Lin, and Caleb, Matt, Nigel, Eric (Hay Lin x Eric my first OTP), Joel and Martin, Vathek, Cedric, Uriah, Collins, and please, MISS KNICKERBOCHER and their families, their astral drops and the rest of the school. And their enemies, they really were badasses. And my favorite, the story about the origin of the Heart of Kandrakar:  Xin Jing and the Four Dragons.

W.I.T.C.H. means a lot to me. They had an asian cutie and a black nerdy girl, a chubby and a skynny girl and a gorgeous blond hair girl who was definitly not stupid (they messed this up a bit with the TV series, I hated how they made Cornelia). They had normal teenage problems and they had to go through them like any normal girl. The got their hearts broken, family problems and there were times when even their friendship was tested. And something that  I really loved is that Taranee and Cornelia had times when they wondered if they wanted to be guardians, because that shows that they were human and teenagers, actually, and being a magical girls was difficult and dangerous, but still they kept their powers and fought bravely.

And now… they are gone. I already miss them a lot…

good bye, my friends.


DC Meme  → Characters {1/10}

It’s about the next level. Smarter, faster, hotter, more in tune with changing times and changing crimes. But mostly… I guess this is about the revenge of one crazy man in a mask… on another crazy man in a mask. Heh.


✨A few pictures of where we are staying this week! The healing temple across the pond. The magical bathtub we took a long soak in last night & The Gang of Wolves and I :)✨
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