magic bathtub

Faerie Bath Recipe/Spell

Add the following to your bathwater in however small/large portions you wish:
2 parts rose petals and/or hips
2 parts lavender
2 parts hibiscus
1 part dandelion
pinch of sea salt
4 parts Moon water (i used about 1/4cup because it’s all i had left)

To take this from simple relaxing bath to a spell to call upon the Fae and/or realign your energies through them, simply light two or three candles (a white and then whatever other colors you feel relate to what you need at the moment), and a handful of the stones you are closest to or you feel can help (I used rose quartz, howlite, petalite, botswana agate, fluorite, and amethyst just to name a few).

Extra: I added a bit of lavender epsom salt and a Rose Queen bath bomb I had laying around to my bath tonight because I felt like pampering myself; feel free to add your favorites as well to make this bath work for you even better!

Frozen bath bomb 😍❄️☄ my new winter favourite, magical, Follow my blog 😘 @niennarosebeautyblogger


DC Meme  → Characters {1/10}

It’s about the next level. Smarter, faster, hotter, more in tune with changing times and changing crimes. But mostly… I guess this is about the revenge of one crazy man in a mask… on another crazy man in a mask. Heh.

anonymous asked:

Okay, so, color me curious: how does rr link react to waking up in a magic bathtub only in his undies in this pile of fucking nonsense with no memories? I think the amnesia angle is . . . Interesting, I guess, tho I'd personally do more with it. Address it more ingame from the start. (Hope I'm not bothering you! Also hope ur having fun with the game when u can play it!)

I hadn’t seen this when I posted the drabble earlier, but hopefully that’s a satisfactory answer!

I find a lot of Zelda games bury their lead. Makes it good fodder for fanfiction at least!

I am enjoying the game! I’ve just had limited time to play! I took some time off later this week to rectify that, LoL

“In the mirror will I have a face.
How long does a good thing last.
Sometimes eating a guilty salad
I become a wife.
Let me be the woman
who takes care of you.
Weezy and George in drapes
and crystal silverware.
By the way predominantly white
means white. I want to be the first
Black woman to live her life
exclusively from the bathtub.”

From “Magical Negro #607: Gladys Knight on the 200th Episode of The Jeffersons” by Morgan Parker for Recommended Reading’s 200th Issue “The 200 Episode Club,” with original artwork by illustrator Chelsea Martin.

Read it for free in Electric Literature’s weekly fiction magazine Recommended Reading.