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**Find My Kind** Spell

Here is a simple spell I thought I’d share for attracting like-minded people and luring towards yourself more genuine friends/friendships.

Quick Tip: A cup of Chamomile or Mint tea would be quite nice to start, finish or to drink throughout this spell, as chamomile is good for abundance and mint attracts prosperity.


Basil  - crushed, powdered, plain, whatever!

Rose or Clear Quartz (alternative = silver coin)

Vanilla Essence or Oil

Lavender -  sprigs or powdered, doesn’t matter.

A Candle  - white is great. so is orange or brown.

A Pen  -  green, orange or red would be best.

An Envelope

A Piece of Paper


1. Keep the quartz in your possession throughout the spell - in a pocket or next to the candle is fine.

2. Dab the vanilla essence in the four corners of your piece of paper.

3. Draw 3 circles/suns on the piece of paper with your pen, interlocking with each other like in this picture:

– write your full name in the middle section outlined here in red.

4. If you want, you can write on the other side of the paper the qualities you want the people you attract to have. A similar sense of humour, loyalty, any particular appreciations/hobbies etc.

5. Fold up the piece of paper and put it in an envelope along with the basil and lavender.

6. Pass the envelope through the flame of the candle as many times as you wish (if in a circular manner, aim it to be clockwise) and repeat this mantra:

I call upon my people
Listen to my voice
The blood that runs through all our veins
Will now give us no choice

Now is the time
For us to be bound
To attract like to like and within each other
Our light shall be found

I call my kin
Come to my side
Let our minds intermingle
Let our lives intertwine

– Repeat the last phrase as much as you like.
3 or 9 times would work quite well, but it’s up to you.

7. You may decide to burn the envelope - if this is what you choose, then wrap the ashes in a lettuce leaf and bury it in a flourishing garden or at the base of a big, old tree. If you do not want to burn the envelope, kiss it and bury it in your garden, close to your front door or at the roots of a large tree.

8. Keep the quartz on or around you when going to meet new people, or if you’re feeling in the mood to meet new people. If you don’t want to wear it on your person then keeping it in the bedroom or near the phone or computer should be fine as well.

Good times to perform this spell: Waxing Moon or Midday

~ BewitchedByNight

Things that are better than love:

The history of Disney parks attractions

Extinct Disney attractions

Disney dark rides but with the lights on

Reciting Disney attraction spiels

Disney attractions

Disney parks

Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it’s a feather bed.
A spell to make someone think of you.

I found this spell awhile ago and, after adding my own twists to it, used it previously to attract someone and it worked perfectly. So I have decided to share it with all of you in case anyone was looking for a working attraction spell.

First, set out a dish in front of you. Make a small pile of salt in the dish.

Recite this spell over the salt:

It is not salt I set to fire, but the heart of the one I seek;

let them have no peace of mind until they come to me.

In the spell, replace words like ‘one’, ‘them’, and ‘they’ with that person’s respected gender/pronouns if needed. Think of them whilst saying it.

Optional: Memorizing the spell and repeating it in your head throughout the day whilst thinking of your individual could make it more powerful or fast acting.

Yule Wish Bottle

This was a gift that I gave to a friend for success, prosperity, strength and luck in the coming new year.  

You will need:

a small corked bottle
whole almonds (employment, money, health)
rose buds (protection)
chamomile flowers (money, luck)
bay leaf (strength)
ground ginger (money, success, power)
five finger leaf (money, health, power, wisdom)
ground cinnamon (success, money)
ground allspice (money, luck)
ground clove (money)
elm bark (protection from gossip and false friends)
mandrake root (prosperity, gives the spell a kick)
orange zest (joy, health, purification)
a sigil for prosperity, strength, and luck

Add all of the ground ingredients to the bottle first.  Write the sigil on a small piece of paper and roll it up like a scroll and add it to the bottle.  Add the whole pieces last, arranging nicely as best as you can.  While doing this, you can whisper the specifications for your “wish” into the bottle or just focus on the desired outcome as you assemble the bottle.

⋆✩Attract a Friend✩⋆

 ⋆ Items Needed ⋆

- A small plushie of any kind (suggestively one that can be carried around with no problem) 

- A small amethyst stone/fragment

- Lavender, catnip, and rosemary

- A pink string

- A needle

⋆ Procedure ⋆

1. Find an area that you feel most comfortable and relaxed in. Make sure to bring your supplies with you!

2. Grab the small plushie, and make a small incision in it. Place the amethyst, lavender, catnip, and rosemary within the plushie. 

3. Put the pink string through the needle, and begin to sew the opening shut. With each stitch you make, think about the things you would want to do with your friend (i.e. read together, watch TV).

4. After the opening is closed shut, bring the plushie to your heart and visualize yourself meeting your friend, whether it be in person or through the internet. 

5. Carry it around with you! You can put your small plushie in your bag, your car, etc. 

✩ Kudos! ✩

Eye Catching Glamour Spell

A spell to catch the attention of that special someone.

You Will Need:

💝 Pink Eye Shadow
💝 Black Eyeliner (and brush if needed)
💝 Mascara
💝 Rose Quartz
💝 White Eye Glitter 
💝 Rose Water
💝 Serpentine, garnet, rhodonite and/or sapphire
💝 Mirror
💝 Empress Tarot Card (or printed out image of one)


💝 Set up your space. Place your Empress Tarot Card near you where you can view it easily, place your gemstone(s) before you and close though not in your way. Have your make up in reach and keep a bowl/cup of rose water to your right. Be sure you are in front of a mirror or have a mirror set up in front of you.

💝 Do your face make up as you would normally though leaving your eyes for last. While doing so feel the energies of the crystals and tarot card

💝 Peer into the mirror and start with your eyeliner. Apply it from inner corner outwards and leaving a small tail/wing (style of which is up to you though thin and long is recommended). Do bottom lid from inner corner and out as well. While doing this imagine how you are lining your eyes, drawing attention to them, how your eyeliner will pull in the eyes of the one you wish to catch the eye of. Visualize how they will draw in someone.

💝 Apply your pink eye shadow as you desire though as doing so focus on how the eye shadow is glowing with temptation and allure, like a light in the darkness it will demand attention to look at it

💝 Begin applying your mascara, stare into your own eyes as you do so, imagine them glowing and rings pulsing in them, tempting someone to peer into them. Visualize this strongly

💝 Take your eye glitter and lightly dab it about your eye lid, this is for the beauty element. How they enchant your eyes like glittering gems. Focus on the desire of wanting to appear beautiful for the person when you catch their eye

💝 Finish the spell by taking your dominate pointer finger and dipping into your rose water and lightly dabbing it under your eyes. Imagine this making the intense glow of your eyes pink and warm. Keep the image of your glowing beautiful eyes in your mind as you begin your day.

Note: Correspondences for this spell comes from @witchtips many make up magic correspondence lists

Fairy Tea

To make contact with fairies:

3 tsp. black tea (begin to recite as you add: black for strength…)
1 tsp. chamomile (then apple of the night…)
2 tsp. dandelion root (wild grown root…)
1 tsp. elder flower (and Lady’s blessing)
1 tsp. hops (hops for joy)
2 tsp. mullein (then between the worlds)
2 tsp. raspberry leaf (tangle of bramble and fairy knots)
2 tsp. rose hips (kissed with love)

Finish with “brewed to invite the Fair Folk to Tea” and brew the tea.

Visualization 101

Within our brains we hold the power to create experiences. Not just daydreaming or fantasizing but manifesting our desires in the real world. Scientists have discovered that our brains activate many of the same neural networks- pathways for nerve cells to control our physical bodies- when we visualize something and when we actually experience it. Mental exercises stimulate our sympathetic nervous system which governs things like breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate.

When we are able to control our thoughts in this way amazing things can happen. a 2007 study performed by the North American Journal of Psychology found that athletes who mentally practiced a hip-flexor exercise had strength gains comparable to those who actually performed the exercise! Visualization has been proven to aid in self-confidence, anxiety, depression, social skills, weight control and boosts creativity and problem solving skills.This is the fundamental principle which explains the law of attraction and the law of correspondence.  How do you do it and get good at it? I’m going to tell you…

  • 2D- Start simple. Look at a two dimensional, easily recognizable, geometric shape. You can draw it, look at a picture on your phone or computer, create a paper cutout or whatever is convenient. Study the shape for 30 seconds. Now close your eyes and imagine the shape. Glance back at it if you have to and don’t get down on yourself if this step is challenging. Every skill starts with practice. When you can imagine the shape try maintaining that mental image for longer and longer periods of time. If you can hold that mental picture for 20-30 seconds you are doing GREAT! Move on to the next step.
  •  3D- We’re going to up the ante a little bit. Find a three dimensional object. Could be your favorite crystal, a piece of fruit, your toothbrush etc. Study the object like we did before and begin visualizing it. Fidget with it, look at it from all angles, feel it’s texture, interact with it.
  •  Real World Inclusion- Next we’re going to start allowing our visualizations to become real. Imagine there’s a cup on your desk, pick it up. How heavy is it? What temperature is it? What material is it made of? What color is it? Begin incorporating these mental fabrications whenever you get a chance. This morning i made my coffee cup grow a fish tail and flop around on my banister!
  • Mindscapes- Now you’re ready to start creating mindscapes. These are entire environments in your mind. Start with the familiar (your house or your car) and work your way up. Find yourself in a peaceful forest glen or sitting on the beach or hiking a trail. Try to keep a mental map of your explorations as a way to expand your abilities. 

There is no time limit to this practice and some will be able to do the first few steps more easily than others. The most important part to practice is REALISM. Don’t just fantasize, actually see and feel your visualizations. Remember to use all of your senses and to stomp your feet or wiggle your toes when you’re finished in order to ground yourself back in reality. Good luck and make magic happen!!

Full Moon Attraction Spell Day 3: Worry Dolls

Listen we’re just going to skip day 2 because really all I did was drink @jennycalabro​‘s self love rose soy milk tea and do various gushy tarot spreads. Day 3 was really fun though! 

These are Worry Dolls (Muñeca quitapena) that my mother gave me: 

They’re about the size of my thumb nail, made of string, twigs, and paper, and the way they work is simple: you tell them your worries, and place them under your pillow. They’re supposed to take away that worry or fear during the night, so you can sleep soundly. They’re mostly for children, but I’m using them a bit differently here. Almost as poppets! 

Here’s what you do: 

Take two of the worry dolls, one that represents you and one that represents a partner. It doesn’t have to be a specific person, but if you have someone in mind, even better! Hold them both in your hand and whisper to them any fears, worries, or insecurities you have about relationships, love, intimacy, trust, vulnerability, etc. Really think about what personal blocks are keeping you from feeling like you can find the right person and be happy with them, or keeping you from being with someone you have found. What scares you about love? 

Then, tie the two worry dolls together like so: 

 Imagine that they are you and a partner, happy and free of those fears. 

Next, place them inside a jar, baggy, cup or bowl like so (I used a jar because God I love jars) : 

Then fill your container of choice, covering the worry dolls as much as possible, with: 
- rose petals 
- cinnamon 
- brown sugar 

Under these ingredients, the worry dolls lovingly work together to banish the fears and worries you told them about. When finished, it looked like this: 

Hang or place the container next to your bed, and let them do their thing! :) 

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice Cookies

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice – now, who wouldn’t want to take a bite out of that? This recipe does not use any egg, so it is completely vegetarian, though it does contain honey. These cookies are soft, chewy, and taste oh so good :).

Serve them during big apologies or before mediation to help sooth conversation and lighten someone’s heart. Give as a treat to another to have their anger, jealousy, or bitterness towards you dissolve. Bring to new neighbors or co-workers to have them become instantly impressed and attracted to you. These would also make a good holiday treat for Yule or the Summer Solstice. You may also wish to adapt this recipe for spells involving love, luck, or devotion.

  • 2 cup all-purpose flour
  • ½ tsp baking soda
  • ½ tsp powdered clove
  • ½ tsp powdered allspice
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • ½ cup butter, melted and cooled
  • ½ cup honey
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • powdered sugar, for decoration

Combine flour, baking soda, clove, allspice, and salt in a medium bowl. In a separate, larger bowl, combine sugar, honey, butter, and extract. Slowly sift the dry ingredients in with the wet ingredients. Chill the dough for 10 minutes, then bake at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 16 minutes, or until edges start to brown.  Let cool for 10-15 minutes and lightly dust with powdered sugar. Makes 9 large cookies or 12 medium cookies.

Lavender Water

I was inspired tonight whilst smoking some fresh lavender and decided to make magickal waters! I will probably make a post about the other waters I have made, but tonight’s post is featuring lavender water.

Lavender is an extremely calming herb. It is masculine, related to the planet Mercury, and the element of air. It is protective, calming, anti-anxiety, soothing, and used for visions, purification, and attracting men. Among many magickal properties, it also has many health benefits; like soothing insomnia, nightmares, sleep paralysis, anxiety attacks, and has strong antiseptic qualities, and much more.

Uses of lavender water: Sleep and dream spells, facial toner, for consumption to promote restful sleep and peace, for hair growth, aromatherapy, and male attraction spells.

How to make lavender water: Simmer water on low heat, adding one cup of lavender per every two cups of water. Do not boil the water. This will steam off and kill the magickal and beneficial oils and dull the lovely fragrance. 

Make sure that each piece of flower if wet/submerged. (Do your best. The flowers will float.)

Allow to simmer for as long as possible, at least one hour.

That is all!

Bonus: Add a few drops lavender essential oil.

The Wiccan’s Glossary

Faery Herbs and Plants

Here are plants linked to the fae and their meanings, which can be combined with the plants’ other correspondences.

  • Lavender - Faery attracting, faery sight, strengthens awareness to the fae, faery magic, faery dream work
  • Yarrow - Faery dream work, communication with the fae, faery attracting
  • Red Clover - Faery attracting, luck from the fae, breaks glamours, faery sight when crushed, protection amulet
  • White Clover - Faery dream work, connecting with moon/lunar fae
  • Wood Sorrel - Faery attracting, luck from the fae, joy, communication and understanding with the fae 
  • Thyme - Faery magic, fae attracting, faery dream work, protection charm, invitation to the fae when sprinkled, faery sight
  • Pansy - Faery magic, faery attracting, communication with the fae, faery sight, brings rain when picked under the sun, trooping fae
  • Bluebell - Sign of fae enchantments and danger, hearing one ring is to hear one’s death foretold, unlucky to pick, faery magic, Beltane
  • Acorn - Protection amulet, attracts fae, the green man, wisdom of the ancient fae, prosperity charm, connecting with the fae of the woods
  • Lilac - Faery attracting, faery magic, faery communication, wards against malicious sprites, faery dream work, awareness to the fae
  • St. John’s Wort - Protection against the fae, warding against the fae, breaks faery enchantments, heals faery inflicted illnesses 
  • Foxgove - Faery attracting, dangerous to pick, faery magic, connecting with fae of the earth
  • Forget-me-not - Faery attracting, faery magic, faery protection
  • Marigolds - Faery sight, faery dream magic, faery communication, ability to hear fae, sun/solar fae, Summer Solstice, happiness, faery attracting
  • Violets - Sign of the fae, Faery Queens, faery magic, awareness of the fae, faery attracting, Spring Equinox
  • Basil - Faery attracting, connecting with fire fae
  • Oak -  Part of the faery triad, a sacred faery tree, ancient faery wisdom, strength of the tree faeries, the green man, strong faery magic
  • Ash / Rowan - Part of the faery triad, a sacred faery tree, guards against malicious fae, warding fae, faery communication, strong faery magic
  • Hawthorn - Part of the faery triad, a sacred faery tree, threshold to the faery world, faery attracting, Betane, strong faery magic
  • Elderberry - Sacred faery tree, faery protection, threshold to the faery world, dangerous to break, faery sight, strong faery magic
  • Daisy - Protection from being taken by fae when worn as a daisy chain, luck from the fae, joy, faery attracting
  • Primrose - Faery attracting, warding fae, faery magic, communication with fae, faery sight, opening portals to faery land
  • Fern - Faery magic, faery sight
  • Heather - Opening portals to faery land, communication with fae, faery protection, luck from the fae
  • Oats - Repelling fae, protecting against fae
  • Rosemary - Warding against harmful sprites, faery wisdom, faery attracting
  • Snapdragon - Faery attracting, connecting with fire fae, communication with the fae

Art by Linda Ravenscroft

Cupid au

Person A is a love demon/angel and runs around making random people fall for eachother. 

How about we make this Prince fall in love with this person on the bread line (Nearly in absolute poverty)?

Or this prison guard and inmate.

Or this university student and this pizza deliverer.

How about this fisherman and vegan.

You in different political parties?? You gonna fall in love.

Oh you hate eachother? Let me add in some sexual tension.

How about we be cliche? Florist AND TATOO ARTIST- and the college art student who pushes them together.

Oh? Your a vampire and they are a werewolf? And you don’t know eachother? It would be a shame if something was to happen to that-

Selkie and a pirate who stole back the selkies skin? 


Fashion designer and the university student whose just given up.

Healer and the necromage.

Therapists and Paramedics/Firefighters/Police officers. You got the possibility of traumatic scenes happening?? YOU GONNA BE SHIPPED.



Fisherman and the mer/siren.

Strings and percussion.

Ah yes my best friend (a demon) deserves some love- How about the priest, or that college student who has no idea what is going on anymore.

I shall give this social outcast a harem of people. (A demon, a high paid doctor, a nerdy computer person, a vet (who can not resist adopting all deh dogs and cats), Hyper sports lover, coffee shop person, an office worker, and wait- my dogs a shapeshifter??????


“I avoid those with negative intentions” (in grey)

“I attract those with positive intentions” (in orange)

These sigils were designed to be used together. Keep the avoidance sigil on the receptive side of your body - this is generally the side that is not your dominant hand. Keep the attracting sigil on the projective side of your body - this is generally the side that is your dominant hand. If you are ambidextrous, use the orange sigil on the right and the grey on the left, as pictured. Writing these sigils directly on your hands or wrists is preferred, but otherwise they can be kept in the appropriate pockets, or even slipped into the bottom of your shoes.

Sigil requests on sigiliuvenum are currently closed! Please check [my rules] at sylvaetria for more information!