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Tell us, how much is your head worth? And what is your epithet?

It’s only that high because the marines most likely recognise this devil fruit… 

I’m not too concerned with it. I was already a pirate to begin with, so this was bound to happen; my little present I left at Marine HQ obviously sealed the deal.

Who even had the time to get that picture, anyway?

M!Anon: Genderbent 8/??

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(1/2)*slap* CONAN DON'T SAY THAT DAMMIT.If yer gonna be like that I'm gonna kick yer ass!To hell if Ran kills me later for doin it Just,I get that it hurts with how they look at ya, maybe accidentally call ya Kudo but do they even know how ya feel?

(2/2)I know yer smart,kind,brave,understanding even thou ya can be frickin pigheaded sometimes but…if it hurts ya this much.Tell them.Tell them that it hurts seein them hurt when they get reminded of Kudo. Tell em that you feel this way…*hugs* 

There are flickers in the corners of her eyes, faces and shapes she’s unable to discern ,for every time Merrill goes to look at the things they disappear. Melting into the floor, sides of buildings but she can’t help but feel that things are following her. Faceless, whispering into her eye, grabbing at her wrists. It’s in the day, and in the night - when did she last sleep? Merrill has forgotten, the downturn of her mouth and bags under previously bright eyes.

Walking down the street is causing her paranoia, there’s someone or - something following her again. Heavy footsteps, many footsteps. Wet noises, breath on her neck. Getting closer, closing in and it’s too much for the young woman who turns and yells at whoever it is ; “ stop fucking following me !!! ”

magic!anon;;; nightmare.