magic anon lists

Simple M!As
  • Blind: Muse is unable to see for __
  • Mute: Muse is unable to speak for __
  • Deaf: Muse is unable to hear for __
  • Paralysis: Muse is unable to move __ (anon specifies what) for __
  • Mind: Muse cannot remember anything or anyone for __
  • Mutation: Muse has an extra __ (anon specifies what) for 3 days.
  • Genderbent: Muse is the opposite gender for __
  • Petite: Muse is about the size of a pen cap for __
  • Tall: Muse is __ (anon specifies how tall) for __
  • Split: Muse has split into two people, one evil and one nice, lasts a day.
  • Roleswap: Muse has the body of the mun for __
  • Flip Flop: Two muses switch bodies, lasts for a day.
  • Together: Muse is stuck in __'s body with them for __
  • Speak: Muses voice changes to __ (anon specifies what) for a day.
  • Bald: Muse has no hair for a day.
  • Hair: Muse has hair (on their head) that is as long as themselves for __
  • Agrees: Muse has to say yes to everything for a day.
  • Disagrees: Muse has to say no to everything for a day.
  • Cloak: Muse becomes invisible, but can still be heard and felt, etc. for __
  • Ghost: Muse becomes a ghost that can possess other's bodies for __
  • Animal: Muse becomes a __ (anon specifies what animal) for __
  • Angel: Muse becomes an angel (duh) for __
  • Demon: Muse becomes a demon (once again duh) for __
  • Possessed: Muse is possessed by a demon, making them do strange and unusual things for __
  • Fashion: Muse becomes obsessed and snobby about fashion and tries to change other's appearance if they don't like it for __
Send my muse a curse!

M!A’s based on original curses and some inspired by famous curses in history.

Button Eyes: whoever sends this has ownership of a voodoo doll especially made for my muse, and can inflict harm on them at will. Lasts as long as they want.

Bad Luck: muse has a classic case of bad luck and nothing will go right for them for a full day.

The Crying Boy: muse feels like their insides are on fire. Lasts a full day.

Lost Soul: muse is stuck in a ghostly dimension; they can see everything going on around them, but no one can see or hear them. Lasts two days.

Worst Fears: muse is haunted by the thing(s) that scare them the most. Lasts a full day.

Kennedy: bad luck follows not only my muse, but all of their friends and family as well! (Ask permission from other muns before involving anyone else in this curse). Lasts two days.

Seeing Red: muse sees blood everywhere they look. Bonus points if they’re afraid or disgusted by blood. Lasts a full day.

Murrain: muse is deathly ill. Lasts two days.

Ravenous: muse is constantly starving but cannot be satisfied. Lasts two days.

Loathly: muse is transformed, becoming increasingly more haggard and/or monstrous in appearance. An act of kindness towards them will break the curse.

A New Roommate: an evil spirit possesses my muse’s body. How it behaves is up to the mun. Lasts three days.

Followed: spirits from my muse’s past are following them around. Lasts two days.

Not a Wink: muse can’t sleep no matter how tired they feel. Lasts three days.

The Bell Witch: muse’s home is plagued by relentless poltergeist activity. Lasts two days.

some realistic M!As

About time to bring some M!As back into the RP community.
Send me one on anon!

1 - their speech is gradually deteriorating; first they start to trip over words, but then they start to stutter and forget what they were even going to say
2 - having no depth perception and thus dizzily falling over
3 - being unable to keep anything they eat in, to the point of dehydration
4 - their ears shut and all they hear is an agonising ongoing beep
5 - spout of bad luck; nothing seems to be going right for your muse
6 - your muse has associated the following three objects to a trauma and experiences flashbacks every time they see them: [sender determines the three objects]
7 - your muse is receiving strange texts and they won’t stop. In fact they’re just getting more and more obnoxious and demanding your muse to do things way out of their comfort zone
8 - every time your muse sleeps they experience the worst nightmares they’ve ever had and it doesn’t seem to ever end
9 - your muse is overwhelmed by emotions. Everything that happens to them has a far bigger effect than it’d usually have and it’s hard to contain themselves.
10 - your muse feels unwell, very unwell, but has no idea what has caused it, until they start to suspect everyone around them from making them ill (for instance by poisoning them).
11 - your muse’s number one skill diminishes
12 - your muse can’t recognise faces any longer and is confusedly trying to figure out who all these people around them are
13 - suddenly over-sensitive to everything! Every noise is too loud and every light too bright!
14 - due to some strange coincidences your muse is starting to think they have a special power that somehow makes them able to influence their surroundings
15 - your muse slowly loses sight until going entirely blind

Very Short M!A List:
  • Homesick: Muse believes that their home isn't actually theirs. They want to go back to the place they were before (whether it be a place they used to live, where they came from, or a place they've made up).
  • 8,000,000,000 + 1: Muse has died but doesn't know it yet. They follow their loved ones around and can see them, but other people don't know muse is there.
  • Mixed Emotions: Muse suddenly finds everything sad to be funny/positive and everything good to be negative.
  • Fate: Muse believes they were given a destiny to kill a loved one. Can they bring themselves to do it?
  • Coffee: Muse cannot fall asleep no matter what. The M!A ends when they finally crash and burn.
Magic Anon List! Anon sets duration!
  • Tsundere: Muse will be a tsundere for ______. If they're already a tsundere, then no tsundere.
  • Neko Paradise: Muse becomes a catgirl/neko for ______. If they're already a neko, then they become a human.
  • Cosplay: Muse dresses exactly like a specified character for ______.
  • Sing: Muse can only sing, no matter what for ______.
  • No Voice: Muse loses their voice for ______.
  • WHAT?!: Muse is unable to hear for ______.
  • Marriage: Muse will be married to a specified muse for ______. (Other mun must agree.)
  • Love Potion: Muse is in love with a specified muse for ______.
  • Psychic: Muse has the ability to predict the future for ______.
  • Hyperactive: Muse becomes hyper and is never tired for ______. Take it even further if they're already hyper.
  • Mermaid: Muse becomes a mermaid for ______. If they're already a mermaid, then they become human.
  • I'm watching you!~: Muse becomes a stalker for ______.
  • Invisibility: Muse becomes invisible for ______.
  • Meido: Muse will become another muse's maid for ______. (Other mun must agree)
  • Friendship: Muse wants to be friends with anyone, no matter who they are, for ______.
  • Fairy: Muse becomes a fairy for ______.
  • Witch: Muse becomes a witch for ______.
  • #SELFIE: Muse is addicted to selfies for ______.
  • Body Swap: Muse swaps bodies with another muse for ______. (Other mun must agree)
  • Dark Side: Muse becomes evil for ______. If they're already evil, then it's the opposite.
  • Frozen: Muse has ice powers that they can't control for ______.
  • Scorched: Muse has fire powers that they can't control for ______.
  • Amnesia: Muse doesn't remember anything for ______.
  • Immortal: Muse becomes immortal for ______.
  • Pregnant: Muse is [specify month] pregnant.
  • Laughing Gas: Muse laughs at literally everything others say and cannot stop laughing for _______.
  • Comedian: Terrible or not, muse keeps coming up with puns every second for _______.
  • Ghost Chili: For _______, muse feels like their mouth is on fire.
  • Sleeping Beauty: Muse will be in deep slumber for _______.
  • Animal Noises: Muse can only make animal noises [specify animal] for _______.
  • Freaky Eaters: Muse will be addicted to eating [specify food or... anything...?] for _______.
Magic Anons!

Coffee!-Muse just won a coffee drinking contest! Only problem, they just drank 10 cups of coffee. Persists for 4 hours.

Zzzzzzzz-Muse hasn’t slept in 4 days, and is starting to see things. They are now very emotional, and very tired. Persists until the muse gets a good nights sleep.

Sick- Muse is now ill, asker specifies they symptoms and duration of illness.

Panic-Muse has a panic attack. Persists until they are able to calm down.

Seeing Double-Muse now has a clone of them walking around, they have to figure out what to do with it.

Seeing Evil Double- Muse now has an evil clone of themself. They have to figure out how to handle it. (If your muse is already evil, then the clone is an insufferable goody-two-shoes)

Baby-A baby is left on the Muse’s door step. The muse has to take care of it!

Ah, youth!-Muse is turned into a younger version of themself, asker can specify how long the transformation lasts.

Tears- Muse is now very emotional they will burst into tears at the slightest thing, or uncontrollably laugh at the smallest pun. Asker specifies the duration of this.

Drown- Muse is suicidal for the next hour. Can anyone help?

Contact- Muse craves attention and affection, they just really need a hug and a hand to hold, please. Persists until they calm down or fall asleep.

Tipsy- Muse is now completely drunk. Persists until they pass out.

Inspired!-Muse is filled with the urge to do art! Pictures, photography, writing, sketching, drawing, acting ALL OF IT! They must find some way to express their inner artist. Persists until they create the perfect work of art!

Shhhh- Muse’s throat becomes so sore that they can’t even speak. They have to write everything down on paper. Asker can specify duration.

Demon M!A’s

[Lasting as long as the anon specifies]

Abigar - muse can see the future

Adad - muse is followed around by a tiny raincloud that rains on them at the worst possible moments

Balban - muse has hallucinations–of what is the anon or mun’s decision

Barqu - muse blurts out their every secret

Clisthert - muse can control the night/day cycle

Geryon - muse becomes an aggressive guardian to [muse of anon’s choosing]

Hecate - muse has power over an element of the anon’s choosing.

Ishtar - muse is pregnant and the other parent is [muse of anon’s choosing]

Jezebeth - muse speaks only in lies

Leviathan - muse is a mythical sea creature of their choosing [merperson, sea serpent, kelpie, etc]

Lilin - muse is a succubus/incubus

Malphas - muse has wings and can fly

Mammom - muse can manifest gold coins from their pockets

Mephistopheles  - muse is allergic to the light and will burn when it touches them

Rakshasa - muse has a terrifying, monstrous appearance

Ronwe - muse can read other peoples’ thoughts

Sekhmet - muse wishes to seek revenge on all who have hurt them in the past

Succorbenoth - muse has serious jealousy issues

Tezrian - muse is extremely aggressive and wants to fight with everyone

Ukobach - muse can manifest fire from one part of their body [hands, eyes, etc]

Verin - muse has super speed

Various M!A's
  • *lengths are anon-specified*
  • HIC!: Your muse has the hiccups, and nothing helps!
  • Bound: Your character finds that they are restrained by invisible chains.
  • Klutz: Your muse has become the most clumsy person around. They trip on nothing and drop just about everything they pick up.
  • Yikes!: Your character has become very jittery and jumpy for some reason, but they can't figure out why.
  • Scratch: Your muse simply cannot stop scratching.
  • Cough: Your muse can't stop coughing no matter what they try.
  • Ouch!: Every so often, your muse feels like they're being shocked.
  • Clear: Your character has become invisible.
  • Ton: Your character's feet feel so heavy that they can't even walk!
  • Dizzy: Your muse can't stop the world from spinning, and they spend a good amount of time on the ground.
  • HA!: Your character can't keep from laughing. They'll giggle constantly and absolutely everything is funny. EVERYTHING.
  • CHOO!: Your muse has suddenly become terribly allergic to something of the anon's choosing.
  • Huh?: Your muse has lost the ability to speak, write, or communicate in any way at all.
  • Hug: Your character will start to panic whenever they're not being embraced by someone else.
13 Ghosts/Black Zodiac M!A's
  • First Born Son: Your muse has become a rambunctious child (read: little monster). Anon decides length.
  • The Torso: Your muse's head and lower body are now detachable. Anon decides length.
  • The Bound Woman: Your muse feels the need to flirt with (and subsequently abandon) everyone they can get their hands on. Anon decides length.
  • The Withered Lover: Your muse has thorny vines growing along their body that will consume them unless they make ammends with someone they've wronged. Anon decides length.
  • The Torn Prince: Your muse is now arrogant and reckless to the point of being a danger to themselves. Anon decides length.
  • The Angry Princess: Your muse hates their appearance and will go to any lengths to change their looks. Anon decides length.
  • The Pilgrimess: Your muse feels that they are being accused of and persecuted for a crime they did not commit. Anon decides length.
  • The Dire Mother: Your muse feels the need to care for a person of the anon's choice, doing whatever they ask, even at the sake of their own well-being. Anon decides length.
  • The Great Child: Your muse is insatiably hungry, and will eat anything they can get into their mouths. Anon decides length.
  • The Hammer: Your muse's dominant hand has been replaced with a dangerous weapon of the anon's choice. Anon decides length.
  • The Jackal: Your muse has an insane bloodlust and despises all human contact. Anon decides length.
  • The Juggernaut: Your muse has become deformed and monstrous, with the sole benefit of having superhuman strength. Anon decides length.
  • The Broken Heart: Your muse has to sacrifice themselves in order to save someone they love, OR find another way around it. What will they do? Anon decides length.
Fairy Tale M!As

Default M!A duration is 3 days. However, this is up to the mun/anon’s discretion.

Send “with a twist” with any M!A on this list to combine two or more!

Princess and the Frog: Muse is turned into a frog, and has to receive a kiss to change back to normal before the M!A ends on its own. Princess optional.

Beauty and the Beast: Muse is turned into a monster and tasked with protecting and caring for a flower. If the flower is allowed to wilt, the duration doubles.

Princess and the Pea: Muse can’t seem to get comfortable, no matter what, whether sitting or lying down.

The Little Mermaid: Muse becomes a merperson, but loses their ability to speak.

Emperor’s New Clothes: Muse perceives themselves as wearing glamorous robes, even when in rags, or completely buck naked.

Pinocchio: Muse becomes a living marionette doll.

Thumbelina: Muse is reduced to a few inches in height.

The Red Shoes: Muse is compelled to dance constantly, to the point of exhaustion.

The Snow Queen: Muse becomes cold-hearted and pessimistic, only seeing the bad in anyone and anything, even things and people they once adored.

The Prince and the Pauper: Muse is replaced with an alternate version of themself, trying to play the part of the original. How successful they are is up to interpretation.

Swan Princess: Muse turns into a bird.

The Shadow: Muse’s shadow becomes independent of them, able to walk and talk of its own accord, and wishing to take the muse’s place.

Pied Piper of Hamelin: Muse is followed by a large group of a certain species of animal.

Song Based M!As (Add more if you'd like!)
  • Tiny Dancer: Muse is around the size of a pen cap for __
  • Best Imitation of Myself: Muse is selfish and only will talk about themselves for __
  • The Distance: Muse can't stop running even for a second! Lasts for __
  • I Like Birds: Any bird near the muse will follow them around for __
  • Prince of Parties: Muse has no time to stop partying! Grab some beer and some friends and keep on partying! Lasts for __
  • Stacy's Mom: The muse doesn't care about his or her date/friend/companion/enemy/etc. Instead they fall madly in love with the other person's mom! Lasts for __
  • Home: Muse will not leave their house (if they don't have one then they won't leave a certain spot) for a single moment. Lasts for __
  • Far from Home: Muse is afraid of their home. Won't step an inch near it. Lasts for __
  • In Love With A Girl: Muse falls madly in love with the first girl they see for __
  • Dare: Muse will do anything they are dared to do for __
  • All Time Lows: Muse rushes on anything and everything they do for __
  • Did You Get My Message?: Muse won't stop sending texts/letters/notes/etc. to the first person on the mun's dashboard for __
  • Want You Gone: Muse doesn't want anyone to come near them for no particular reason for __
  • Baby Got Back: Muse has a nice plump, shiny ass for __
  • Everybody's Changing: Muse sees everyone as __ (anon specifies who or what) for __
  • Spaceman: Muse believes he has been sent from space to save the earth for __
  • Quiet: Muse has such a small and tiny voice for __
  • Fuck you: Muse can't stop saying the word fuck in every sentence for __ (if you are uncomfortable with swears you don't have to take this one)
  • Boombox: Muse carries a large boombox on their shoulders blasting large music and can't and won't put it down for __
  • What If: Muse believes everything that others say for __
  • Ring Ring: Muse hears ringing from a telephone and can't figure out where it is coming from for __
  • Hey you: Muse won't stop annoying the first person that comes on the mun's dashboard for __
  • Question!: Muse doesn't say anything but questions for __
  • What You Know: Muse can read minds for __
Disney Princess M!A's:
  • Snow White: ‘Just Wistle While You Work’ your muse has a compulsion to clean for _____
  • Cinderella: ‘Bippity Boppity Boo’ your muses attire has been transformed into a poufy ball gown (or overtly formal tux if muse is male) which can’t be removed for _____
  • Aurora: ‘100 Year Sleep’ You’re muse has trouble staying awake for _____
  • Ariel: ‘Under The Sea’ your muses legs will transform into fins whenever they get wet for _______
  • Belle: ‘Her Looks Have Got No Parallel’ your muse is now the most beautiful/handsome person around for ______ however if your muse gets too full of themselves they will suddenly change into a beast
  • Jasmine: ‘Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me’ Your muse has found a magic lamp and now has three wishes that must be made by ______
  • Pocahontas: ‘Can You Paint With All The Colors Of The Wind’ muse can commune with nature for ______
  • Mulan: ‘I’ll Make a Man Out Of You’ muse has now been genderbent for _________
  • Tiana: ‘I’m almost there’ muse is now an amazing chef for _____________
  • Rapunzel: ‘Flower Gleam and Glow’ muses hair has grown to an uncontrollable length and can’t be cut for_______
  • Anna: ‘Love Is An Open Door’ muse falls in love with the first person on their dash for________
  • Elsa: ‘The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway’ The room drops to freezing temperatures whenever your muse walks into a room though they can’t seem to notice for ______
Spell Gone Wrong M!A List
  1. “True” Beauty: Your muse becomes attractive but gains a more “exaggerated” personality to boot. (Know what I mean? *wink wink*. Anon chooses how long it lasts)
  2. Size: You muse tries to boost his or her height, but ends up shrinking or growing to an insane size. (anon determines which happens and for how long)
  3. Flight: Your muse gains the power of flight thanks to this spell, but it’s not exactly how they thought it would turn out. (Ex: Grow wings on your head, turns into a bird, inflates like a balloon and floats off, etc. Anon decides how long it lasts.)
  4. Playtime: Your muse brings back a childhood toy back with this spell….but ends up turning INTO a toy as a result. (Anon chooses how long, but muse chooses what toy they can be)
  5. Opposites Attract: Your muse accidently splits into two halves. One good and one evil. (Anon chooses how long it lasts)
  6. Cute Stardom: Your muse uses this to become a movie star, but ends up turning into a cute character from a movie or tv show gaining the character’s form as well as their personality. (Muse chooses character, Anon chooses how long it lasts)
  7. Silly Stardom: Your muse uses this to become a movie star, but ends up turning into a goofy, silly, funny or obscure character from a movie or tv show gaining the character’s form as well as their personality. (Muse chooses character, Anon chooses how long it lasts)
  8. Toontown: Your muse uses this thinking it will being his or her favorite cartoon character to life, but instead becomes a hyperactive and wacky version of himself or herself. (Anon determines how long it lasts)
  9. Close Encounters: Your muse manages to read some strange symbols in the spellbook, causing him or her to turn into an alien. (Anon determines how long, Muse decides what alien, fictional or made up, he or she becomes)
  10. Planet You: Your muse tries to discover life on other planets using this spell, but ends up turning into a fully populated living planet. (Anon determines how long it lasts. As a bonus the muse gets to decide what he/she wants to do to the people living on him/her)
  11. Fashion Sense: Your muse turns into the last outfit he/she wore and then gets worn by the next person that speaks (asks) to him/her no matter what gender he/she is. (Anon determines how long. As a bonus, the muse can control the person who’s wearing him/her)
  12. “ScarySpaghetti”: Your muse turns into a monster or being from any famous creepypasta. (Anon determines how long it lasts. Muse chooses which monster. If the story has no physical being he/she turns into a “pastafied” version of him/herself instead. Ex Muse becomes Muse.exe)
  13. Five Nights: Your muse turns into an animatronic version of himself/herself. (Anon determines how long it lasts. Muse can choose whether to be friendly or lethal. If the muse is human, he/she can choose to be an animatronic human or become an animatronic animal of his/her choice. Same applies if muse is an animal or creature.)
  14. Game On: Your muse becomes a video game character and must abide by the rules and logic of the game he/she chooses.
  15. Identity Crisis: Your muse tries to make an identity for him/herself, but ends up gaining the personality and memories of another character. (Anon determines how long it lasts. Muse decides which character he/she wants. It can be live action, animated, literature, etc. If the muses desires to, he/she can switch back and forward between personalities, BUT it happens at random.)
  16. Karma: Your muse accidently recites this spell, and is forced pay for the last “evil” act he/she did….in the most humiliating way the spell sees possible. (Anon determines how long it lasts. Muse determines what he/she has to do)
  17. Fireheart: Your muse casts this thinking it’s a love spell. But ends up turning into a giant dragon. (Anon decides how long it lasts as well as what kind of dragon the muse turns into.)
  18. Musezilla!: Your muse turns into a giant monster. (Anon decides how long it lasts. Muse can decide whether to be a friendly or savage monster. As a bonus he/she can decide whether to be a monsterfied version of himself/herself or a famous monster from any movie or tv show)

((That’s all I have for now. Feel free to add more if you want! ^^“))

Creepypasta-themed M!A’s

[Anon decides duration of each.]

The Midnight Man: The muse performs a ritual and now something is in their house. Avoid it at all costs. 

Candle Cove: Muse has terrible memories from childhood and needs someone to talk to.

Eyeless Jack: Muse has no face!

My Best Friend Never Happened: Muse is now less than a foot tall and grows or shrinks depending on how much attention they get. Be careful not to get too small, or you’ll disappear altogether. 

Jeff the Killer: Muse is overcome by horrifying desires, and no one is safe from their bloodlust…especially those who have hurt them in the past.

The Keyhole: Muse has blood red eyes and ghostly white skin.

The Slenderman: Muse becomes obsessed with [anon decides who/what].

The Russian Sleep Experiment: Muse can’t sleep, and is slowly losing their grip on reality.

Smile Dog: Muse cannot stop smiling, even when it hurts their cheeks. 

NoEnd House: The muse’s home is full of inescapable horrors. Invite a friend over and survive the night.

Tulpa: Muse has an imaginary friend that looks just like them, but they’re startlingly real.

The Expressionless: Muse is convinced that they are a god.

Laughing Jack: Muse is stuck in a clown suit. Whether they’re funny or evil is up to you. 

The Girl in the Photograph: Muse exists only in a photograph, where they must try to communicate with the next person who picks them up.

Power Ring M!A List
  • Anon or Mun can specify the length of time!
  • Black Ring: Muse is hit with black energy and is now a ghost of their former self in a literal sense. They are only visible to the people they had an emotional connection to while they were 'alive'.
  • Red Ring: Muse is hit with red energy making them full of rage and violence ( or have a much shorter temper then usual. ) Little things set them off and they are more willing to get into fights and start throwing punches.
  • Orange Ring: Muse is hit with orange energy making them completely greedy and claiming everything is theirs or won't do anything unless they get something out of it.
  • Yellow Ring: Muse is hit with yellow energy making them afraid of everything and everyone no matter how much others try to calm them down.
  • Green Ring: Muse is hit with green energy and has the willpower to do absolutely anything they put their mind too. Even if that idea is a bad one.
  • Blue Ring: Muse is hit with blue energy making them hopeful in everything they do or say, making them see the best of every situation even if it's a completely terrible one.
  • Indigo Ring: Muse is hit with indigo energy and is filled with compassion; making them more huggable, likable, and all around more willing to compliment or cheer someone up if they're down.
  • Violet Ring: Muse is hit with violet energy making them easily fall in love with others, start make out sessions or just in general be all hot and bothered.
  • White Ring: Muse is hit with white energy and gets a god-complex and no one can talk them out of it.
Hexian Adjusted M!A List!
  • Tsundere: Muse will be a tsundere for ______. If they're already a tsundere, then no tsundere.
  • Neko Paradise: Muse becomes a catgirl/neko for ______. If they're already a neko, then they become a human.
  • No Voice: Muse loses their voice for ______.
  • WHAT?!: Muse is unable to hear for ______.
  • Marriage: Muse will be married to a specified muse for ______. (Other mun must agree.)
  • Love Potion: Muse is in love with a specified muse for ______.
  • Hyperactive: Muse becomes hyper and is never tired for ______. Take it even further if they're already hyper.
  • Friendship: Muse wants to be friends with anyone, no matter who they are, for ______.
  • Dark Side: Muse becomes evil for ______. If they're already evil, then it's the opposite.
  • Frozen: Muse has ice powers that they can't control for ______.
  • Amnesia: Muse doesn't remember anything for ______.
  • Pregnant: Muse is [specify month] pregnant.
  • Laughing Gas: Muse laughs at literally everything others say and cannot stop laughing for _______.
  • Comedian: Terrible or not, muse keeps coming up with puns every second for _______.
  • Lethargy: Muse becomes exceptionally lazy for _______.
  • Cyber: Muse becomes an android for _______. If they're already an android (or some form of robot), they become human instead.
Random m!as
  • Nightmare dressed as a daydream: muse is dressed all preppy/frilly but acts like a bad boy/ girl for
  • Daydream dressed as a nightmare: muse is dressed all dark/gothic but acts all perky for
  • Hot lips: muse has bright red lipstick on for
  • Hips don't lie: muse will have seductive swishy hips for
  • Beauty school dropout: muse has pink hair for
  • Put your claws out: muse has long nails for
  • Evil cleavage: muse is busty for
  • Daisy Duke: muse wears short shorts for
  • The Flash: muse can't help but run for
  • Let Me Entertain You: muse will remove a piece of cloths everytime a certain word is said
  • Devil in a Red Dress: muse is now in a slinky red dress for
  • Bam Pregnent: muse is with child for
  • Thinner: muse looses weight every time a word is said
  • Killer Heels: muse us now in super high heels for
  • Your so vain: your muse thinks everything is about them for
  • I wanna Dance: muse now can't stop dancing for
  • Something Blue: muse thinks they are getting married to the next person on their dash for
  • Today Is A Fairytale: muse thinks they are a Fairytale prince/princess for
  • Time Warp: muse is dressed in cloths from a time period of anons choice for
  • Going Up: muse gets taller everytime a certain word is said for
  • I'm going to die of long hair: muses hair grows longer everytime a word is said for
  • Hairspray: muses hair is stuck in a bouffant style for
  • Once More With Feeling: muse will sing everything they say for
  • Sticky Sweet: muse will speak in a high pitch overtly sweet tone for
  • All About That Bass: muse now has an ample sized butt for
  • Totally For Sure: Muse is now a valley girl/boy for
Yogscast Inspired Magic Anons
  • Times are specified by the anon, but default to 12 hours.:
  • Space: You're not from around here, aren't you? You feel the urge to go back home - and home might just be in the stars above.
  • Dwarf: The most beautiful thing is a nicely dug hole, and now you want to dig lots of it. Everywhere.
  • Science: Mad science! You’re now your typical mad scientist, and you want to show EVERYONE who snubbed you how mad you can be.
  • Flux: A purple stain is beginning to spread on your skin. Who knows what will happen when it covers you entirely?
  • Dirt: Big money is part of your motto now. Your sole aim in life is to sell dirt/[whatever the anon chooses] and to get rich off doing so.
  • Mahogany: Mahogany doors? Mahogany doors. Mahogany doors.
  • Ender: Don't blink! Every time you blink, you will be teleported to where you were looking with motes of purple light following you. Being a drama queen is optional.
  • Mushroom: The mushrooms/[anon decided objects] are talking to you. What do they say? They speak of such strange things, like war and insurrection.
  • Dinosaur: You're now a pretty good archer, or sniper - but you can't seem to talk!
  • Marble: It’s the best material and you know it. You have the unexplained desire to build with it, or collect it - and fight everyone who argues against it.
  • Green: It’s not easy being green. Not that you’re literally green, but you do love fire, and you do have a burning desire to burn things.
  • Walrus: You are now a walrus.
  • Pool: It’s your life dream, and now it’s happening. Whenever you see a cat, you must take it and keep it - and put it in a train of cats. Cats.
  • Owl: You’re a witch, Harry, and right now, owls love you. They flock to you and land in your hair and love being with you.
  • Sapling: Oh, how you love trees! In fact, you’re pretty convinced that you’re the ruler of the trees. Or you’re the ruler of the saplings.
  • Hoodie: You’re an ordinary guy in a messed up world. If you were weird before, now the weirdest part about you is that you like hoodies.
  • Solutions: There are so many problems in this world, aren't there? You believe you can solve the problems of everyone around you, no matter what the cost.
  • Blood: You have learned how to perform the darkest of magics. Blood magic. You seek the use of other people's blood to power your dark rituals.
  • Dog: Oh no. This is power - true power. You are like a god now, able to fly and conjure whatever you wish. You know what they say about power, don't you?
  • Cyborg: Beep, boop, do the robot! You’re now made of metal.
  • Fire: Wow. Suddenly, in your mind, you are filled with ideas for awesome and amazing buildings! Architectural supremacy, here you come.
  • Indiana Jones: With your trusty whip, you are now an adventurer and explorer of ruins and strange places!
  • Thunder: Every so often, lightning decides to come along and strike you for no reason. How rude.
  • Well: You're trapped in an uncomfortable, dark and wet place. Who put you in there? Perhaps you seek revenge.
  • Jaffa: Holy shit. You love and crave jaffa cakes. It’s like an addiction!
  • Cannibal: This is obvious.
  • Straw: Made of straw and stuck in the middle of a field… you’re a scarecrow now. A walking, talking, terrifying scarecrow.
  • Sand: All around you, the world turns into a desolate wasteland. Things crumble into sand, and the darkness spreads. Does that say anything about you?
Heathers: The Musical inspired M!As
  • High School Has-been: Your muse is now acting like a stereotypical high school bully.
  • Hell on Wheels: Your muse has gotten a makeover, and DAMN are they FINE.
  • Step Into My Candy Store: Your muse is easily persuaded by peer pressure.
  • Feels So Right: Your muse wants to see someone fight(can be a specific person).
  • Who Needs Cocaine?: Your muse seeks relief in slushies and brain freezes.
  • Ain't Nobody Home Tonight: Your muse is gonna party hard.
  • Dang, Dang, Diggity Dangadang: Your muse wants to humiliate someone(can be a specific person).
  • Here's An Option That I Like: Your muse thinks they have no shame to lose, because their reputation is toast the next day anyway.
  • A Myriad of Scars: Your muse's (alleged) insecurities are put out for everyone to see. But they're all imposed and not necessarily true.
  • Please Make Their Dreams Come True: Your muse will not let up on wanting to have sex with anybody they find attractive.
  • You're Not Alone: Your muse becomes romantically attracted to anyone they sympathize with.
  • Let's Hunt Some Jocks: Your muse seeks revenge on someone who wronged them(can be a specific person).
  • A Rebel Stance: Your muse is convinced about a fact(specify) about another character(specify), and is very passionate about defending them. The fact doesn't have to be true.
  • We're Not Special: Your muse just wants to have a normal, average life.
  • Shine a Light: Your muse wants others to come forth with their insecurities and fears.
  • The Tiniest Lifeboat: Your muse feels inexplicably secure in confessing their insecurities.
  • Whine All Night: Your muse feels like everyone is out to humiliate them.
  • A Dream Worth Having: Your muse is hung up on something that happened in the past, and won't move on from it.
  • Smell How Gangsta You Are: Your muse is feeling terrible guilt over something(can be specified).
  • I Am All That You Need: Your muse is obsessively in love with someone(specify) to the point of threatening and trying to get rid of anyone who stands between them.
  • One More Dance: Your muse seems to think they have less than a day left alive, and wants to go out with a BANG.
  • Say Hi to God: Your muse is willing to trade their life for another's(specify who).
  • Something With a Happy Ending: Your muse is friendly and understanding.
  • a small list of magic anons you should probably send me.
  • 17 Again: Muse is in his/her 17 year old form.
  • Docilely Submissive: Muse becomes an adorable little sub for a specified amount of time, as obedient as a dog and as playful as a kitten. Anon may choose who for.
  • Temptation: For the next 3 days, the Muse will be haunted by a hooded figure tempting them with everything they ever wanted if the Muse just signs a contract. If the Muse give in, they will be a dark/evil version of themselves for a week. (If the Muse is already evil, they will just go insane)
  • Truth potion: Muse has to tell the truth about anything asked for an hour.
  • Hate: For 6 hours, your muse will do nothing but spout hateful comments to everyone. Whether they liked them originally or not.
  • Double Trouble: Muse has an exact copy of themself to deal with. Only the copy secretly wants to kill them.
  • Say You'll Haunt Me: Muse is a ghost, whom can only be seen if they want to be. Lasts 24 hours.
  • Artificial Heart: The muse no longer feels emotions- no pain, no anger, no rage. They simply become an apathetic shell. Can be broken early if something strong enough manages to break their "emotional inhibitor."
  • Creepy Doll: The muse is starting to freak out, because wherever they go, whatever they do... there's always a creepy old doll following them. And whether it's a hallucination or not, they're starting to think that the doll might even be talking...
  • Afraid of Your Own Shadow: Muse is unnaturally skittish and afraid of everything around them.
  • Awkward Stage: Muse becomes a teenager. If Muse is already a teenager, they become an adult.