magic alter cards


Constructed and charged my new wand last night!

I found the large twig underneath the tree outside of my building after a large rain storm. I brought it in and  allowed it to dry and cure for a while. Once it felt right, I widdled the bark off of the shaft of it to expose the branch, then sealed the whole branch to keep it safe and to ensure no further damage could come to it from lots of use etc. Then I used wire to add a small piece of celestite to the tip (the larger piece it broke off from is smaller pale blue stone immediately to the left of my salt dish in the bottom pic), and I added some wire to the handle.

Such a fun journey and amazing way to focus and concentrate my energy. I took these pictures just after I charged my wand, giving it the name Celeste, after the stone it contains!


Magic: the Gathering - Alphabet Soup

Check out these SWEET-ARSE blank MTG tokens from the brilliant and witty mind of card alter gal Ellie Shakirova (her Etsy shop over here).  This is a full alphabet set of 26 cards with matte lamination with appropriate place for you to pen in the token name and power / toughness.

God Bless the souls of the Redditors who also had a bit of fun with this project at the expense of a certain ubiquitous blue mind-mage -