magic 8 balls

spooky asks!!

👻: have you ever seen a ghost?
💀: if you could choose how you’d die, would you? What would your ideal death be?
👽: do you Believe?
👁: are eyes the window to the soul…or something else?
🦇: favorite creatures (real or myth) that go bump in the night?
🦉: are you a mothman fan?
🕷: spider killer or catch and release?
🐾: ever found any suspicious footprints? if yes, what do you think they where? if no, do you believe in Bigfoot? why or why not?
🌑: do you believe the full moon has supernatural powers?
🎱: do you believe in fortune tellers? have you ever trusted a magic 8 ball?
⚰️: who’s a dead person you’d love to speak to? bonus points if there’s a conspiracy about them that says they aren’t dead! i.e. Elvis, Tupac, etc.
🖤: favorite cryptid?

Ask Again Later

When Peridot finds a Magic 8-ball in an old storage trunk in the barn, she believes she can predict the future with it. Garnet hears about Peridot’s newfound “clairvoyant” abilities, causing her to unfuse, and an insulted Sapphire challenges Peridot to a “precog-off” with a confused Pearl, an enthused Steven and a half-interested Lapis serving as judges. Will Peridot come out on top, can Ruby tip the odds in Sapphire’s favor from behind the scenes or will dark horse entrant Amethyst and her box of fortune cookies bust the wheel of fate?