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Hey so this is kinda a deep ask but yknow you guys are the best at this stuff. Struggling a lil bit with self hatred, can you recommend anything where Draco reassures Hermione? Thanks guys ☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️

Hello! I’m sorry that you feel that way. Hopefully these stories will make you feel better. 

What You Want byLalendaFenvarrow- Explicit, 3 chapters, complete

Hermione gets stuck in a bathroom and finally finds out what she’s always wanted. Part 3 of 3 posted. Complete

Dance In The Dark by MeakoXIII- Explicit, one shot

While at a club with the whole gang, startling revelations come to light about Hermione’s relationship with Ron. Who better but Draco to pick up the pieces? No Magic.

Not Another Wizarding Adventure by nerdswillrise- M, WIP (currently 12 of 13)

Trying to move past the battle of Hogwarts, Hermione is living a quiet muggle life when that is interrupted by an equally destroyed Draco Malfoy.

Wake Unto Me by Isiss2868- T, two shot

I can love you longer than your tears…and kiss you through your pain

Stay With Me by Isiss2868- K, one shot

He came every night; silently offereing her his soul… Companion piece to Wake Unto Me-oneshot- need to read that first

To New Beginnings by NJ Coffee Queen- T, 21 chapters, complete

Hermione returns a year after the war, and begins to put her life back together with the help of some new friends.

Blessing in Disguise by NJ Coffee Queen- T, 23 chapters, complete

Hermione Granger’s world turns upside down once her divorce is complete.

- Wynken


Happy Birthday, Jack.

Sorry it took so long, but the above requests (from 2 anons and @super-magical-wizard, @boopymooplier and @antiisepticeye) all seemed like a good plot for a short comic, so I thought why not. Sorry this is late, but happy birthday @therealjacksepticeye :) I hope you and @wiishu had a great time <3


I refuse to bow down any longer.

“I have visited lairs, burrows and nests across five continents, observed the curious habits of magical beasts in a hundred countries, witnessed their powers, gained their trust and, on occasion, beaten them off with my travelling kettle.”

—Newton Scamander

-Original image from Pillars of the Earth-

can i just...

… bring up the thing about newt’s connection to his creatures? he loves them so much it makes my heart want to burst. he’s so attached to them, he understands them emotionally, better than he does people and he cares so much about his creatures. he literally, lives out of a suitcase and is with them always and has specific homes and habitats for them.

he puts himself at risk to save them (in the case of the niffler), carries pickett the bowtruckle around in his pocket because he’s bullied by the rest and he loves him a whole lot, is very affectionate with the thunderbird that he travelled to america for (to bring him home to the arizona), treats the occamy chicks that he holds with such care like his children (“mummy’s here” GAHHH), the feeling of sadness when he walks into the savannah “enclosure” that is missing the erumpent, how he expresses his worry for his creatures in the foreign environment that is new york, the fact that he would rather cut off his hand than sell pickett, when arrested cries out continuously for his creatures not to be hurt and that they are not dangerous in such a pained voice, does a literal mating dance to get the erumpent back into his case, is willing to study them to find cures, literally is caring for the last graphorns in the world and the whole swarm of mooncalves that just adore jacob who feeds them, is very close to the “swooping evil” which he finds to be an awful name for that creature (understands that they deserve better), is always very careful with his creatures. newt showers them with such love and adoration and they in turn have learnt to feel the same for him. they are with him at all times and even if he were to die he hopes for someone to care for his creatures.

newt genuinely treasures these creatures and would do anything for them. he connects with them on a whole new level and i love that.

newt scamander, i can’t wait for more of your adventures :’)