3 Types of cursing

A curse is a magick spell, or ritual with the intention to harm by sending some form of negative energy to a construct, or entity. Curses have been known to cause so many different forms of harm, all depending upon the intentions of the person who places it, or the event that the curse comes from. There are three different types of cursing that are more or less based on what the curses effect these are target curses, bound curses, and family curses.

Target Curses:

These types of curses target a specific entity, and are used to cause harm in some way to that specific entity. these curses will be sent out from the practitioner in order to inflict the Target with some form of negative aspects. This process will usually use a magickal link referred to as a taglock in order to connect with the individual entity. These taglocks will be connected to the target through association, similarity, or contagions, and will be the bridge in order for the negative energy to travel along.

Bound Curses:

These types of curses will be bound to specific objects, and will affect their surroundings with the negative energy that they emit. These curses can also be attached to places themselves, and will affect everything that comes in contact with that place. These types of curses will also affect the objects, or the places themselves putting them into a state of decay, and corruption, while they also go through the process of affecting everything that is in its vicinity. Places, and object bound curses can happen unintentionally through highly emotional, and traumatic negative events, which will infuse into the places, or objects making them into cursed constructs. If done intentionally by a practitioner it should be noted that this type of cursing method can be quite uncontrollable, because you do not know who will come in contact with the place, or the object that you curse, which can have unfortunate consequences.

Family Curses:

Family Curses also sometimes referred to as generational curses are curses that affect an entire family, and its bloodline. These type of family curses also decrease in power as generations go on. It is pretty much split by half every time there is a new descendant. These types of curses will target in entire family, and will usually do so for generations causing misfortune, and harm throughout its being.

Fictober18 Day 18

Original Fiction

Prompt: ““You should have seen it.”

Erin/Gerald Story!! Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

At Wilhemina’s declaration, all the students standing near Erin stood several steps back, leaving her in a space standing by herself. Surprised, angry, she looked up at the student council vice president, shaking her head.

“I haven’t…”

“OF COURSE you’re going to deny it!” Wilhemina interrupted, laughing. “But if you look at the facts, I think it’s easy to see just how obvious of a trail you’ve left behind.” She stepped down from the stage, the students parting to make a path for her as she moved closer to Erin, finally stopping just a few feet away. Her smile was cruel as she lifted a finger to point in Erin’s face.

“Normally I wouldn’t have done this so publically. But I have a duty to my fellow students to protect them from danger, and if the administration is going to ignore you because of your powerful relatives, then my only choice is to expose you for the devious criminal you are!”

At the girl’s self-righteous tone Erin felt her blood boil. Her magical power surged within her, a ringing in her ears beginning as the growing magic pressed up against the restriction spell. She wanted nothing more than to reach forward and crush the girl in front of her.

It would be so easy to destroy her.

She wouldn’t even have time to realize how she died.

As she stood there, struggling, she felt a hand rest softly on her shoulder, and a familiar voice spoke out, breaking her from her angry spiral.

“If you are willing to declare this so publically, I assume you have hard evidence of wrongdoing?” 

Gerald’s voice was so cold the surrounding students took another step back, trying to distance themselves from the two. Between Erin’s terrifying aura and Gerald’s glare, even Wilhemina felt the pressure and wanted to retreat. Breaking out in a cold sweat, she stepped forward, her smile a little more forced.

“It’s simple:” She counted off on her fingers. “First, the only person who would benefit in this school from stealing level 3 fire powers is someone who has lesser abilities. In this school, admission criteria are high, there is only one student who has all abilities under level 3.” She chuckled. “In fact, despite being in your period of growth, you have yet to increase your power by even a single level, isn’t that right, Erin?”

The murmuring of the surrounding students grew louder, Erin felt more than one angry stare on her back.

“Second, despite her only having level 1 powers, she was able to strike a blow to Frederick several weeks ago, knocking him down. This would take considerably more power than she is known to have.”

Her eyes looked over at Gerald, and her grin widened. “And the final proof is you yourself, prince. Upon meeting her, what was the first thing you said? That she was the most powerful student in this academy, right?”

“But that…” Gerald tried to break in, but Wilhemina would not let him talk.

“Not even you can explain away how a student with only level 1 abilities can suddenly be the most powerful student in the academy… unless she is stealing powers from her fellow students.”

 The murmurs around her had grown into angry shouts. Erin shook her head, realizing she had no hope of convincing them in this atmosphere. She looked her accuser in the eye, making the other girl grow pale. 

“Wilhemina, you and I both know that I am not behind these. You can continue take advantage of this situation now, and spread these lies, but just know this:”

She stepped forward, only inches separating them now. When she finally spoke, it was just loud enough for the two of them to hear. “When the time comes, and the truth comes to light, I will remember to repay my debts. And you won’t be able to afford the cost.”

Wilhemina showed a vicious expression. “You know where to find me, Worthless Princess.”

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28. Miner’s Lettuce (100 Herbs)

Scientific name: Claytonia perfoliata

Claimed Health properties: Rich in Vitamin C, Chlorophyll, cleanse liver of metals and toxins, immunity boost.

Claimed magical correspondence: protection, love, divination, sleep

Remember to use herbs in the way you prefer. Everyone has a different uses/correspondences. consult a physician before starting any regimen, especially during pregnancy.

(photo: EdibleWildFoods).

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14- Silver RavenWolf

14- Silver RavenWolf (September 11, 1956).

My personal introduction to magic, witchcraft, and Wicca would have been altogether different without the writings and works by Silver RavenWolf. While many in the tradition have stark disagreements and valid concerns with her, she remains one of the most prolific authors on the subjects of various New Age movements, Modern Witchcraft, and Wicca. What sets Silver RavenWolf apart, and her ultimate reason for inclusion in my series, is that her writings and instructional books are geared towards and focused on teens. This aspect, I believe, is one of her greatest contributions to the Craft, and while other authors certainly have books approachable by young witches, Silver RavenWolf’s redefined witchcraft for a young generation.

Raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Silver RavenWolf attended Harrisburg Area Community College in 1976. Her family lineage extends back to the Black Forest area of Germany, and it is the Pennsylvania Dutch tradition of Pow-Wow magic that has largely defined her writings. Silver RavenWolf allegedly had a very tumultuous relationship with established mainstream religions as child. This divisiveness has influenced much of her writings, and is often one of the main criticisms about her. After the death of her mother, Silver felt a “lack of support” from Christianity which, along side of various issues with fundamentalist neighbors, drove her to seek guidance in alternative faiths. She was heavily influenced by Sybil Leek’s (#31) “Diary of a Witch”, which Silver has described as illustrating to her the true nature of witchcraft. Throughout the 1980s, Silver married and had several children, while continuing her exploration of the various traditions of witchcraft.

Like so many influential Witches and Pagans of her time, Silver saw a need for increased communication and networking within the burgeoning Pagan community in America. At the time, there were various publications, periodicals, and magazines geared towards witchcraft and Wicca, however Silver hoped to coalesce these in hopes of helping authors share new information. She founded the Wiccan/Pagan Press Alliance out of this need, helping new authors learn how to navigate the challenges of editors and publishers. In this way, she paved the way and provided assistance for future authors on witchcraft who have come after her.

Silver’s initiatory pedigree is as prolific as her writing, and is another point of contention. She holds various levels of initiation in a spectrum of traditions, such as the International Red Garters, the Temple of Hecate Triskele (a Caledonii Tradition), and the Serpent Stone Family, to name a few. She holds initiatory degrees in nearly a half-dozen other traditions, with connections to Raymond Buckland. She has been trained in Spiritualist traditions, Pennsylvania Dutch Pow-Wow traditions, and has Master Certificates in Reiki. In addition to this, she has established her own tradition, the Black Forest Circle and Seminary.

The aforementioned Serpent Stone Family she was involved with has gained her some criticism. This tradition, which boasts initiates like Scott Cunningham, is semantically not a formal Wiccan coven, though she has often described it as such. Silver RavenWolf has allegedly claimed a lineage to British Traditional Witchcraft back to Gerald Gardner through the Serpent Stone Family, which is largely understood to be inaccurate. To me, this disagreement entirely misses the point, and Silver RavenWolf, regardless of any lineage back to Gardner, or lack thereof, remains a dedicated practitioner of witchcraft, magic, and multiple denominations of Paganism and Wicca.

Aside from her initiations, Silver RavenWolf has written extensively. She has close to 30 books, beginning with her bestseller “To Ride a Silver Broomstick” (1993). She has sold over half a million books worldwide, and remains one of the most well established authors for teens in their entry into witchcraft. As unapproachable and complex as her initiatory pedigree sounds, her writing has always been easily understood by the neophyte. She combines her background in Pow-Wow magic, and her various traditions of witchcraft, into a unique and digestible tradition that has served as the introduction into magic for countless teens throughout the 90s, 00s, and today. I found my path with witchcraft through many of Silver RavenWolf’s works, and they provided a truly unparalleled launching point for a journey of self-discovery within the tradition. Teens are in a particularly susceptible time of their lives, and Silver RavenWolf offers them a home and place of understanding in a world that often alienates them. Witchcraft is shown to be a place of acceptance through her writings, and as she speaks directly to teenagers and new initiates it speaks to them in a profound and all encompassing way.

The criticism against Silver RavenWolf as a writer are largely concerned with historical inaccuracies found throughout her writing, a conceived arrogance latent in them, and a hostility towards Christianity. I must admit that I found this trifecta to be some of the most appealing aspects of her writing. As a teen, I always found her arrogance to be a sign of conviction, which gave me confidence, strength, and pride. In terms of her hostility towards Christianity, this is generally quite common for practitioners of the Craft, many of whom have faced direct persecution and hostility themselves. Let the witch voice her issues with the worldview that condemns her to hell. In terms of the historical inaccuracies, I agree that it is quite disconcerting and I do take issue with them. As a teenager, however, I understood her to be helping to establish an origin mythos for witchcraft more than providing a historical treatise thereof. While these inaccuracies are certainly inexcusable, I do not find that they invalidate her impact as a writer and practitioner.