⭐ My Stars ⭐

Last week was incredibly busy, but I’m excited to share with you all my new line of star themed gear, including my new Large Adventure Packs!

Now in the shop while supplies last. ^^


More new designs, and Knight photos coming soon. 🗡️

Edit: Small, Medium, and  Large Packs currently Sold out.  (Omg you guys, you’re amazing! lol <3)

Fact: the reason that turning someone into a frog results in an amphibian that’s capable of reason and speech rather than a regular dumb animal isn’t because evil wizards are habitually merciful; it’s because it’s illegal to curse someone in any way that would render them unable to dispute the curse’s terms in a court of law, and the Laws of Magic are very particular about enforcing that!

The primary occupations of witches according to popular fiction:

  • Conjuring storms
  • Consorting with demons
  • Giving questionable relationship advice

The primary occupations of witches according to the historical record:

  • Finding lost cattle

  • Performing first aid

  • Giving questionable relationship advice