🌹 Rose Quartz Healing Tears 🌹

inspired by steven universe, a spell to help heal what is hurt (emotionally)

“I need you to know that every moment you love being yourself, that’s me, loving you and loving being you. Because you’re going to be something extraordinary.”

🌹 gather: full moon water, a piece of rose quartz, pink salt, lemon balm

🌹 mix the pink salt and lemon balm into the moon water. let it soak.

🌹 dip the rose quartz into the water

🌹 let the water from the wet rose quartz drip onto your skin, like tears.

🌹 let it work. let it out. things often hurt before they can heal.

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🌟 Pearl Bubble Your Feelings Spell 🌟

inspired by steven universe, a spell to bubble feelings that are causing you harm, such as unrequited love  

🌟 gather: a pearl, an object that represents your feelings, a box, a white candle

🌟 if you do not have a pearl, use clear quartz or glass. 

🌟 gather up your feelings and push them onto the object.

🌟 box the object up

🌟 drip white wax onto the opening of the box, sealing it.

🌟 draw a circle in the air around the box with the pearl.

🌟 it is finished. it will not bother you until you unbubble it.

🌟 this can be done without an object, only with thought, but it is harder to accomplish them. 

anonymous asked:

Some context: I'm thinking about writing a story where a character's magic is tied to symbols they have strong emotions for; for example an image that makes them feel safe would let them use protective magic. Anyway, my question: How quickly do you think someone would begin to feel strongly about something so abstract?

This is an interesting idea, but in all honesty, I’m not sure how long it would take for someone to feel strongly towards such an abstract concept. Maybe it will differ from person-to-person for a start…

My first instinct is… the feelings may strengthen quicker if the character is the one creating the symbols. What is safe for one person, is not for another. Do you think you could have it so… the individual (or ‘magic user’) envisions the symbols of their own accord, resulting in a variety of magical symbols that are unique to each person?

If not, then… psychologically, we all can look at one image and have very different feelings about it. You can do this experiment with yourself… If you Google something like ‘forest’ or ‘beach’, from the images the search returns, you will be able to pick which ones you prefer. Some may go for a crowded beach, others empty dunes. You may like a snowy, isolated forest, or a summer forest, full of wildlife. All this does is show to you how images and symbols can affect us on a deeper level, even if we don’t have any particular attachment to the pictures being shown to us.

For example, in the game, Until Dawn, there is something like this which might help you to understand the way you can viscerally react to an image. So if you want to go a step further and can get your hands on the game (NB: it’s R18), I’d definitely recommend it. If not, then here is a video with all of the relevant parts. tw: horror, gore, insects… basically, you might want to give this part a pass if you’re easily affected by typical horror-genre/psychological-thriller type stuff. Also, obligatory spoiler warning.

To sum up in a safe for work, non-spoilery manner: there are sections of the game where you are with a therapist, and he asks you to look at pictures and rate which ones out of the two presented to you that make you feel most anxious (4:13 in the video), going on to ask you to make quicker choices on the same pictures, as then your choices will be more instinct-based (6:25 in the video). He also shows you a separate image and asks you to report your feelings about it (1:38 in the video).

It’s a good, interactive experience to try if you want to better understand how images can affect a person, which may help you with the story you’re writing. Obviously the video is restricted to the choices the player made, so if you can play it for yourself, it’ll be more tailored to you.

So… I’m afraid I have no clear answer for you, but I would argue it would take at most maybe a few minutes for a person to form an attachment/response to an image, over, say, weeks or months… I personally would argue that people respond better when given choices. If your character only has one symbol to get attached to, they may struggle if it draws no emotion from them, but this in itself could be an interesting thing to explore in your story…! A character who struggles with certain aspects of their magic because they can’t connect to certain symbols.

It might also mean that some characters are better with some spells than others (e.g. one who can do all the ‘protective’ type spells, but none of the ‘offensive’ ones, or vice versa).

I hope this helps, Anon. I know it’s not much, but this is the kind of question where your answer is as good as mine…! Keep an eye out for follower responses via replies/reblogs, in case there are more suggestions to be had there.

Best of luck.

- enlee

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💪 Garnet Gauntlets’ Spell 💪

inspired by steven universe, a spell to give you strength like garnet’s gauntlets

“Please understand, Pearl. You have an impact too. There are times when I look up to you for strength. You are your own gem. You control your destiny. Not me, not Rose, not Steven. But you must choose to be strong so we can move forward. So I can trust you again”

💪 gather: garnet, bay leaf, carnation, and a red candle. 

💪 embed the garnet in the candle’s side

💪 dress the candle with the bay leaf and carnation

💪 burn down

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