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“ For a long time now, I’ve had shackles in my heart…And now those shackles and the ones on my legs are broken…It’s the first time I’ve felt like there’s a reason for me to be alive. I’m thankful…That I met you…And your friend, that little boy.”
                                                                                                  ——- Morgiana to Alibaba. Night 17

Anime boy who accidentally kissed you

Aries: Zero Kiryuu

Taurus: Ciel Phantomhive

Gemini: Shou Kurusu

Cancer: Hakuryuu Ren 

Leo: Eren Jeager 

Virgo: Daiki Aomine 

Libra: Tobio Kageyama

Scorpio: Ayato Kirishima

Sagittarius: Killua Zoldyck

Capricorn: Rin Okumura

Aquarius: Yato

Pisces: Makoto Tachibana

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sinbad romantic relationship headcanons? thanks!

Sure! Also sorry for late replies everyone, I’ve been sick for the past two days!

-He’s a flirt. He’ll constantly flirt with you and he’s very open about it. He’ll even try to use you as an excuse to not do his work. Which he doesn’t really do anyways.

-He likes to have his arms around you nearly all the time. Even when you two are merely just walking through the city, he’ll have an arm wrapped around your waist.

-He’s very affection, as he likes to initiate kisses. He’s very okay with PDA and tends to show you off. Even nuzzling your neck in the middle of a conference. 

-He’s openly affectionate to the point where it might even make some other people uncomfortable, but he doesn’t care.

-Though if it makes you uncomfortable, he’ll stop and lower how he acts.

-But, being in a relationship with him, also includes drunk kisses and trying to get him to go to bed. While drunk. This normally results in a lot of different situations.

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