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Any characters of your choosing + how they help their s/o deal with having just killed someone for the first time?

Any characters of my choosing usually guarantees Hakuryuu will be in this. And lo and behold, he is! 


  • He’s very gentle with her, making sure she stays calm
  • He’s been in her position before, it’s never something you want to do
  • And it’s not something you want to get used to doing
  • He’ll keep reassuring her that there wasn’t a way to avoid it
  • He lets her take her time coming to terms with it
  • but he makes sure she doesn’t miss a meal and keeps her health up
  • He knows some people can have bad reactions to guilt but he couldn’t bear to see it happen to her
  • He’s always, always, there when she needs him. 


  • He’s not happy to see his s/o upset
  • especially over something she had no way of avoiding
  • They had been attacking her, what else could she have done?
  • He continues telling her things like that, hoping she’ll understand it wasn’t her fault
  • He’ll do anything to help her stop feeling so guilty
  • If she has any nightmares or trouble sleeping, he’ll just sit with her until she feels better
  • He is always trying to cheer her up and keep her mind off of it


  • He’s completely focused on her
  • He is going to make sure she isn’t hurt in any way 
  • Then he’ll talk to her calmly, asking her if she was okay
  • He’ll speak to her soothingly and hold her if she’s shaking
  • He’s always by her side if he feels she’s not doing too well
  • Guilt can bear heavily on someone, he is going to help her stay strong
  • The only reason she recovers from it is because of him

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Sinbad, Ja'far, Kougyoku, Kouen, and Hakuryuu with a fairy s/o (the darker traditional kind)?

I’m going to be honest here. The problem with saying the “traditional kind” is very complicated. Are we talking  Tuatha Dé Danann traditional or Tylwyth Teg? Maybe the Duende or the Mogwai? The Chaneques or the Slavic fairies (which have many names)? Naturally the true tradition and origin of fairies/faeries is not known because who knows how long their myths have been alive. I’m going to write this from the stand point of how I generally see fae since which tradition was not clearly specified. You can always send in again later if this was not what you were hoping for. Sorry! 


  • He’s surprised when he first finds out
  • Weren’t fairies supposed to be really tiny and have wings and magic and all that?
  • Yet she can’t do any magic
  • but she has a habit of hiding things from him
  • and likes to trip the generals in the hall if they’re passing by at the wrong moment
  • and starts arguments too
  • she likes it when there’s a little chaos


  • She always thought the idea of fairies were supposed to be dainty and tiny little forest people
  • But her s/o is more like Judar than anyone
  • Except she doesn’t like him much
  • She doesn’t like anyone much besides Kougyoku
  • She’ll switch the salt out for sugar or vice versa just so whoever is cooking ruins the whole meal
  • If she’s had a bad day, sometimes vases like to find themselves almost falling on people’s heads
  • She’s taken a strong, fervent liking to Kougyoku though and usually nothing bad happens to her


  • He pieces it together
  • It explains a lot of her behaviors
  • Like ruining important documents if she wasn’t getting proper attention
  • Or just if she wanted to
  • Her favourite victim is Sinbad though
  • She often takes his metal vessels while he’s asleep and hides them in difficult to reach places
  • And she’s hard to catch too


  • He’s curious, asking her why she wasn’t anything like the depictions
  • That makes her grumpy and he’s going to have pretty bad luck for the next few hours
  • He does a little deep research and apologizes by bringing her a sweet liquor
  • She forgives him almost immediately but still seems to hold back
  • Until he asks her about anything she treasures
  • So she shows him some of the shiny jewels or valuable metals she’s snatched from places
  • He reminds himself to make sure she gets proper gifts, he doesn’t want more bad luck like earlier


  • He makes a small comment that she’s got the same kind of attitude as Judar
  • That’s how she bluntly tells him she was nothing like “that stupid human male” 
  • She then has to explain what she was and seems disgruntled that he doesn’t know much
  • He makes it a personal goal to find out more about the fae so he doesn’t make her upset again
  • He slowly learns what places to avoid on what days and that her favourite gifts were fine fabrics, ribbons, and teas
  • He makes sure to not anger her because he knows it’s not good for his outlook if he does
  • She still reminds him of Judar many times, minus her appearance and all
Descriptions of Anime by my friend who has never seen any of them
  • Free!:This is about swimming why the fuck is it called free?
  • Noragami:Track suit, John Cena, and sword boy sweep the nation
  • Attack on Titan:This is actually pretty fucked up
  • One Punch Man:The six million dollar man dyes his hair and teams up with Baldy to save the world
  • Uta no Prince Sama:music is love, music is life
  • Kamisama Kiss:I stopped listening after you said "fox guy"
  • Magi:One thousand and one nights, but with more colorful hair
  • Black Butler:Great Expectations the anime
  • Kamigami no Asobi:Mythology the anime
  • Hunter x Hunter:Twelve year olds kick ass
  • Tokyo Ghoul:cannibalism
  • Soul Eater:People are weapons? wtf?
  • Haikyuu!!:Volley Ball the anime
  • Owari No Seraph:Dystopian Twilight with demons
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:Robot and blondie try to get their bodies back
  • Akame ga Kill:Assassins "R" Us