To: Vasiliki (rainbowberrypie)
From: Tsubasa (namekko)

♥: Happy belated Valentine’s Day to you, dear! Since I wanted to submit something asap so that you can get your gift sooner, I wasn’t able to prepare anything too fancy, but I hope you like this cute little Sinbad/Ja’far fanart nonetheless! (*´∀`*)/ 

MOD NOTE: A huge thank you to namekko for making this additional valentine!!

For sayasamax3!

This is just a little Sphintus/Titus thing set just before the war going on in current manga chapters, but I hope you enjoy it!


Sphintus has never had anyone trust in him so thoroughly.

Titus must be a special case, he thinks. Well, of course he is–Titus isn’t normal, he wasn’t born as a normal person was, and there’s nothing else normal about him even if he was

It doesn’t make it any less endearing when the other boy looks at him hesitantly to ask about something in day-to-day life that he doesn’t quite grasp, or steals food from the pot before it’s done cooking, or giddily hefts a kitten or Marga into his arms to spin them around. 

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To: Peachy (chipu-tan)

From: Yuui (a-rashi)

Peachy, happy valentine’s day! I hope you enjoy this fanfic! I must confess that it took me a quite a while to get an idea and this was the best that showed up. I tried to tell it in the best way possible. I hope it’s to your liking!

Title: Longing for life

Pairing: young!SinJa (Sinbad/Ja'far)

Rate: +18 (for smut)

Author’s note: Well… This is my first completed SinJa. I tried writing several others, but I dind’t finish any, because I thought the ideas weren’t in accordance with the degree of intensity that is their relationship. Still, I tried my best with this fanfic. I wanted to thank Mel Keigo, my beta reader, for having translated the story into english. I hope everyone has a good read!


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