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Sinbad and Kouen's s/o cuddling them and refusing to let go, whining and complaining when they try to leave?

By Admin Kadia

Sinbad: The king chuckled as you cling onto his, refusing to allow him to get up. Usually Sinbad would never fight about spending time with you but at the moment with everything going on, he needed to be ready for anything. “No.” You stated, tightening your arms around him. “You can do work later. I’ll fight Ja’far if I have too.” At this point, Sinbad gave up. For the rest of the day he would spend time with you.

Kouen: He sighed in annoyance. “[Y/n], let go.” Kouen grumbled. Pouting, you shook your head, somehow being able to force him to stay on the bed. 

“You’ve been ignoring me and spending too much time with those books. I demand to have my cuddle time.” You huff, having a stare down with the prince. Usually, he wouldn’t let you win but after that ‘ignoring me’ part, Kouen felt guilty. His work could wait till tomorrow, it wasn’t going anywhere any soon and neither was he.