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Can i have sinbad and the eight generals gif reactions to seeing a cute animal?

yes lets keep the theme of cute animals rolling


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my tumblr kept crashing and I had to redo this twice I hope you appreciate my effort

About Magi 318

So this chapter is not fully out yet, but man… I just gotta let these feelings out or else I’m going to explode! First of all, I am extremely proud of Kougyoku for doing what she did. I know it must have been tough, and to be honest, this complete “180″ she did, makes me question how genuine she was being, especially when she started thanking him. It is clear that her main goal was to maintain her composer, confront Sinbad and completely cut ties with him, in a completely nonaggressive way, for the sake of her country. So yeah, I don’t think she actually “likes” Sinbad at this point, but I think she is just completely done with being angry and depressed all the time and wants to completely cut him out of her life, move on and have a more positive outlook on life, which I truly respect her for! And Sinbad’s reaction to her gratitude was freaking hilarious! :’D 

He’s probably thinking, “WHOA! whoa whoa whoa… WTF? …I did nooooot see that coming.”

And that face is coming from someone who can see destiny! haha Looks like you can’t predict it all, huh Sin? 

And speaking of which, Kougyoku just thanked Sinbad…. SHE JUST THANKED HIM!!! And there is no chapter next week…  Like, I don’t know about you guys… but I need to get in on that prayer circle that’s already been formed in the community for Sinbad. I think this is definitely leading up to something REALLY bad… and I’m still not ready! Why do you do this to me Ohtaka sensei? Please leave Sinbad out of it! I know you won’t… but please!!! ;A; 

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Muu, Sinbad, and Kouen reacting to their s/o kicking butt in a gladiatorial competition? Also who are your favorite characters? :3

Thank you for requesting, and thank you for asking! My favorite characters would have to be: Hakuren, Sphintus, Morgiana, Dunya, Aladdin, Kougyoku, and the Kou bros! (Don’t ask me to pick one I can’t I literally love them all)

Muu Alexius

  • Muu would be nervous upon seeing his s/o enter the ring. Gladiator fights weren’t easy fights- They were brutal, bloody, savage, and usually ended with someone being dead. Even if he was confident in his s/o’s fighting abilities, he would still be a nervous wreck, ready to jump in at a moment’s notice and save the day if he needed to. However, when he saw them practically destroy their opponent, most of the fear would be replaced with absolute pride as he cheered his s/o on, louder than any other person watching the fight. He would lose a bit of his composure, yelling advice that went unheard and cheering for them to beat their enemy into the ground. Once they had won and exited the arena, Muu would envelop them in a hug and promise to celebrate their victory.


  • The king of Sindria would be very involved in the fight, observing everything from his spot and watching to make sure his s/o didn’t do anything stupid or unnecessarily risky. He would be uncharacteristically quiet at the beginning, his concentrating face giving nothing away of the fear in his stomach. He knew that one wrong move, one mistake could result in death or dismemberment or both, and he did not want that for his s/o at all. Luckily, his fears were proven to be unneeded as his s/o proceeded to beat their opponent to a pulp. As they did this, Sinbad would begin cheering loudly, his voice the same loudness of everyone else, but somehow he knew his s/o could easily pick out which voice was his. Word could not describe how proud he felt of his s/o as they walked up to him, weapon in hand and a tired smile on their face. He would pick them up and spin them around, expressing his admiration.

Kouen Ren

  • Kouen would watch the entirety of the fight in silence, not cheering even as his s/o won. His face would give nothing away- It almost seemed like he was listening to someone read out a report on salads eaten that day. Little known to those around him, though, he was practically shaking with excitement and nerves. He wouldn’t really say that he was nervous, but he did feel a bit uneasy for his s/o to be down there by themselves, basically fighting for their life. As his s/o began to win, a small smile would crack across his lips and his eyes would take on a gleam as though to say “Yep. They’re badass, and they’re mine.” Once the fight was over and they had won, Kouen would congratulate them on their victory and promise that they would recieve a nice hot bath and good food as celebration. And, he would say, taking one of their hands and lifting it to his lips to place a kiss on their skin, if they wanted anything else they need only ask.

I just got my SnB fan book today, so I wanted to post my thoughts on it! :D

First of all I wanted to apologize for a little mistake I made during my chapter translation last week. I’m not sure why, but I said that those cool SnB cover rough sketches released last week, would be included in the fan book, but that’s actually not true. Maybe I misread it due to my wishful thinking haha~ sorry about that! ^^;

But anyway, what IS included is that 70 PAGE prototype of Sinbad no Bouken! It’s very different in some areas, but the exact same in others. And, you can also see the difference in the art style somewhat too! :D

Additionally, this fan book provides details regarding Sinbad and his team’s character development, while displaying key turning points for each member~! <3

There is also a section where Ohtaka Sensei and Ohtera Sensei discuss the Magi series and a special interview with Sinbad’s voice actor Ono Daisuke~! <3

Also, I just loved the covers and the beautiful pictures on the inside. Not to mention Ohtaka Sensei’s amazing sketch of Sinbad from SnB! @___@ Its so beautiful!!! ;^; And of course Ohtera Sensei’s cute chibis always make me smile. :)

And finally, if you take the cover sheet off, a surprise is waiting for you underneath it! They really made sure to packed this thing full of goodies! :3

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Gif reaction for Sinbad, Sharrkan, Muu and Kouen who have a s/o who tells them she is pregnant ?

I have the overwhelming urge to just use Chris Pratt gifs for every SInbad reaction


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He would be sort of scared. SInbad never really thought about settling down and having a family; Too much to do, too many places to be. However, he’s willing to give it a shot and stay with his s/o through the pregnancy and see what it’s like to really have a family.


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Sharrkan would be horribly surprised. It would be completely unexpected, but he couldn’t help but feel the swell of pride and joy in his heart at the news. He just didn’t know how to immediately react to it all.

Muu Alexius

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Muu can’t contain his excitement. He always wanted to have a child, and to know that he was going to have one with his beloved s/o sent his heart soaring.

Kouen Ren

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Kouen would be very happy to hear that his s/o was pregnant with his child. He knew that with his position an heir would be needed, but also he’s just been strongly family oriented his entire life and the idea of starting one of his own makes him very happy.


A Whole New World for Alibaba

Priceless reaction to the dramatic changes of the world in two years. (≧ ヮ ≦)

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Thoughts on Magi 349? Was Ugo's reaction dissapointing for u?

I wasn’t disappointed by Ugo simply because I didn’t expect him to do anything drastic, I knew he would just join the debate.

Speaking of which, I still find it irritating that all these characters do lately is talking. I mean, it’s great that they are able to sort out their differences via talking and don’t resort to violence. But personally, I’d prefer to see the characters actually conquering the dungeons not with words but with actions.

Also, it still rubs me the wrong way how Arba has been portrayed lately. Everyone is chill with her participating in the conversations, forgetting that this woman is responsible for terrible crimes. I hope this isn’t mangaka’s way for showing that Arba isn’t that bad because it doesn’t work.

I do wonder where Judal and Hakuryuu are now that they have conquered their dungeons. Why Alibaba and Aladdin haven’t asked Sinbad to summon those two? After all, Alibaba and Aladdin gladly accepted Judal and Hakuryuu’s help when they were about to confront Sinbad. But suddenly, they don’t consider them important enough to be in front of the conversations about the world’s fate. That’s not very nice of them. On the other hand, I’m glad that Judal and Hakuryuu aren’t there. Because I wouldn’t like to see them talk with Arba (their abuser) like nothing happened.

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Hi! Thanks a lot for your job, it's always fantastic!🎉😍 Can you make gif reactions for Kou brothers and fanalis(men) first seeing their s/o in beautiful dress, with pretty hairstyle and so on. S/o always wears baggy clothes and has short haircut or ponytail, just because it's comfortable.

thank you so much, anon!! I’m glad you enjoy this stuff >3< For the fanalis men I’m just doing Muu, Lo’lo, and Masrur since I don’t know the other fanalis bros too well ;; I hope you like!

Kouen Ren

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Kouemi Ren

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Kouha Ren

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Muu Alexius

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