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I just got my SnB fan book today, so I wanted to post my thoughts on it! :D

First of all I wanted to apologize for a little mistake I made during my chapter translation last week. I’m not sure why, but I said that those cool SnB cover rough sketches released last week, would be included in the fan book, but that’s actually not true. Maybe I misread it due to my wishful thinking haha~ sorry about that! ^^;

But anyway, what IS included is that 70 PAGE prototype of Sinbad no Bouken! It’s very different in some areas, but the exact same in others. And, you can also see the difference in the art style somewhat too! :D

Additionally, this fan book provides details regarding Sinbad and his team’s character development, while displaying key turning points for each member~! <3

There is also a section where Ohtaka Sensei and Ohtera Sensei discuss the Magi series and a special interview with Sinbad’s voice actor Ono Daisuke~! <3

Also, I just loved the covers and the beautiful pictures on the inside. Not to mention Ohtaka Sensei’s amazing sketch of Sinbad from SnB! @___@ Its so beautiful!!! ;^; And of course Ohtera Sensei’s cute chibis always make me smile. :)

And finally, if you take the cover sheet off, a surprise is waiting for you underneath it! They really made sure to packed this thing full of goodies! :3


A Whole New World for Alibaba

Priceless reaction to the dramatic changes of the world in two years. (≧ ヮ ≦)

We’ll miss ya, old Goat

I’m findin’ the most interesting thing about all this (magi 280 reactions, that is) is how people are genuinely sad to lose ol’ En.

When I first come to the fandom, I could count on one hand the people that liked him. Cuz I mean, our first impression of him wasn’t so rosy. I didn’t like him when I first saw him cuz he seemed scary. xD

But when we got to know him through all the omakes and backstages Ohtaka made, we realized he was just a goof who had to become a harded dorito because life pushed him that way, and I think I speak for everyone when I say, he kinda grew on us like a foot fungus. I mean that in the most endearing possible way.

He was rough, he was gruff, his beard was as questionable as his objectives and his eyes were shifty but dang 

Deep down, he was a good bro.

The Man.

The Meme.

The Goat.