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“Doesn’t anyone care about peace and prosperity now…?“

I decided to bring my favorite Morgiana cosplay back for the ending of Magi. I was never this invested in a manga before and the 3.5 years that I’ve been following it have been amazing. So thank you Ohtaka for bringing this amazing manga in my life ❤


【マギ】Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 2009-2017

Sinbad, Judar, Muu, Spartos, Kassim  - @arisatounox

Hakuryuu, Titus, and Alibaba - @princemaru

Photography - @princemaru, Shiro, @vicissijuice, Hakuga_desu (Boya)

To Ohtaka Shinobu-sensei and Magi,

Congratulations on the final chapter! Sinbad, Judar, Muu, Spartos, Kassim–you have given me so many characters to love and cosplay (and I have plans to cosplay Koumei next year)! We handmade every single one of these costumes with the passion you gave us.

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Late post but we cosplayed Reim last weekend! We made Titus and Muu’s Roman togas and armor because these designs are beautiful. Super happy with how the photos turned out (;▽;) I love Magi… Special thanks as always to our dear @vicissijuice for shooting 🙏❤️!

It was my first attempt at armor after 5 years and it’s for Magi again 😵💦💦 Also my first time working with worbla and styrene.

Titus Alexius: @princemaru


【マギ:シンドリアのジュダル】337夜 pt. 1

「自由に王を選び、そいつと生き、共に戦い、国を作る… そんな自由な生きかたが… 待っていたんじゃなかったのか… !?

”The freedom to choose a king, to live for that, to fight alongside him, and build a country… That free life…was waiting for me, right…!?” ー Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Night 337

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic - Sindria’s Judar

Judar ジュダル:@arisatounox

Photo カメラマン: Shiro

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Some more of my favorite costumes from Katsucon! I apologize for being in so many of these photos, myself haha. Oops. But all of their costumes were amazing!

Winter Belle: disneyprincessnia
Art Nouveau Zelda group (part of our friend Shauna’s group ahh): lettelle, mangosirene, and melvinopolis
Sailor Neptune: aureliancosplay
Darling Charming: phantasmalfawn
Snow White is me!


【マギ】 Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic ジュダ龍

“… Do you think that falling into depravity is a bad thing?”

練白龍 Ren Hakuryuu : @princemaru | ジュダル Judar : @arisatounox

写真 Photo: @vicissijuice

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More photos to come! Spoiler rant under the cut.

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