magi cosplay


It’s 2017 and I’m still doing Magi photoshoots. 

Did a Judar (Magi) photoshoot yesterday (based off of Magi night 337 where he wears Sindria robes)! I climbed to a couple of high places – bottom right photo is taken from 3rd story balcony of a 262 ft tall building. It was scary ∑(゚∇゚|||)

Thank you to @demograph for everything, helping me climb, look good, etc. and to Shiro for shooting! 


Young King Sinbad 

Moony likes to call this her Art Nouveau Sinbad. She designed and crafted it for @sleepy-sly (because she adores their Sinbad cosplay) and they were gracious enough to do this very beautiful, very Sindria-esq shoot for her in return. <3

cosplayer: Sleepy.Sly

photographer: KeifanCosplays 

We’ll have a follow up post with a break down of the costume, because there’s a lot of little details that are hard to see here, such as the worbla Sindria crest on the bottom of the front sash and the crystals on the turban. 

We’re currently open for summer and fall commissions! 

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Cheers for Judars return!! I had been waiting so, so, so long for it I wonder if his ruhk has changed.. Also I was hoping he had a outfit change I would have loved to make it.
This is my Ju cosplay for PR.Comic Con this year!
I’m so just happy he’s safe ( ̄へ ̄)