magi 23

Official Translation of Elder David’s Prophecy!

Volume 23 of Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic has finally been released by Viz Media in English. This is the truly official English translation: not a high-quality fan scanlation from Sense Scans, Captain Imgur, or anything you’ll find on a manga aggregate site.You can buy a digital copy from Amazon or Google for seven bucks. ^_~

Special paper to go with Magi volume 23

First impressions

Morgiana about:

Aladdin: A misterious thoughtless kid

Alibaba: He didn’t make much of an impression

Hakuryû: I worried his burnt scar might hurt

Alibaba about:

Aladdin: A simple child who knows nothing about the world

Morgiana: Cute!!

Ren Kouen: Surprisingly kind of nice

Kougyoku lists Alibaba, Aladdin & Sinbad.

 Kouen lists Kouha, Hakuryuu & Alibaba.