magi 2


Just a bunch of doodles of how I think Ja’far gets ready every morning (sorta).
I added arrows and objects to guide but I actually didn’t plan them from the beginning, hence it’s still looks really complicated to follow hahaha. 
3 things: 

  • I didn’t add underwear because ever since they revealed Mor doesn’t wear any, I decided no one would, so it would be less creepy. Also everybody wins.
  • Shower is implied. I do think he showers everyday, especially since he smelled after not showering for 3 days straight.
  • His hair is an issue for me, I know it’s messy and he covers it with his keffiyeh so it doesn’t need brushing. However sometimes I also think: he loves his job and his uniform, maybe he does take care for his hair when he has time, to feel even cleaner and ready (?). So this time I made him add some random hair lotion.
10 Voices of Kimura Ryouhei

1. Kuroko no Basket

2. Magi

3. Haikyuu!!

4. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

5. Kuroshitsuji

6. Diabolik Lovers

7. Psycho Pass


9. Tales of Zestiria

10. Servamp

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Fans Vote: Who's the Best Chinese Anime Character? (Boy Type)

10. Fon, Reborn!

9. Chang Wufei, Gundam Wing

8. Hakuryuu Ren, Magi

7. Hakutaku, Hozuki no Reitetsu

6. Ling Yao, Fullmetal Alchemist

5. Ramenman, Kinnikuman

4. Lau, Black Butler

3. Syaoran Li, Cardcaptor Sakura

2. Kamui, Gintama (Hell yeah!❤)

1. Ranma Saotome (boy type), Ranma ½

When you notice many of your favorite shows/games are like NGE

me: This one has evangelion reference, that one has evangelion reference, your school has evangelion reference, your house has evangelion reference, you and me have evangelion reference.

You can’t run away from it. If you die that’s also an evangelion reference. Death itself is an evangelion reference.


Guess whose hand feels better~ :3 yep, mine

Quick redraw of my fave panels of Snb’s last chapter. I’m still so happy about this.

In case you didn’t notice it is Ja’far who has gone to Maader’s island to pick Sin up, they still don’t go back to Napolia, …..yet this happened. I wonder how it feels to both of them, who lost their homes at a young age, to say these lines to each other. We all know that for Ja’far and the 8 generals and Sindria’s citizens, Sinbad is their home, because he provided them all with a home when they lost/abandoned it. However this is the opposite, this is Sin acknowledging Ja’far as his home. This is why this scene means a lot to me. In Magi we all see how Sin is loved by others and we hardly ever see how Sin feels about his people, …but here it is!!!! They are his home too, well in this scene, Ja’far is.

Ja’far is Sin’s home and Sin is Ja’far’s home, I can rest in peace now >+o  


Im in love with this!!