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Anime boy who accidentally kissed you

Aries: Zero Kiryuu

Taurus: Ciel Phantomhive

Gemini: Shou Kurusu

Cancer: Hakuryuu Ren 

Leo: Eren Jeager 

Virgo: Daiki Aomine 

Libra: Tobio Kageyama

Scorpio: Ayato Kirishima

Sagittarius: Killua Zoldyck

Capricorn: Rin Okumura

Aquarius: Yato

Pisces: Makoto Tachibana

Ok. Ima go on another rant here, if you don’t want to hear then don’t read it.

So the movie premiere came out on Dazai’s birthday; I watched it and saw how the preview was amazing getting the characters set up and everything no big deal. As soon as I looked on my other social media sights, I wanted to die. Like legit wanted to slit m'y throat and gargle on my blood. People are already drawing nasty drawings and shit about this. I mean Soukou and shin Soukou, fucking with the apple. I’m so pissed at this point. Now why I post this now? Well I wanted to keep it to myself until further words about what the movie REALLY is about.

But one post got me, or should I say ALL the posts.

It said, that the posters represent the ships. Soukou and Shin Soukou and how they will be birthed or something. Ok that’s bull. This movie is for every character, it’s not about the ship.

I want to watch it so bad, but now I’m regretting that decision. All this shit on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and Wattpad about this movie and how they think Soukou and shin Soukou will become cannon is making me hate the Bougou Stray Dogs fandom. It’s making me hate everyone, it’s making me so mad that I wanted to just jump off a roof and never EVER return. I

I want to die. I want to suffer. It’s all because of this disgusting fandom and what it’s doing. Soukou and Shin Soukou are not going to be cannon and I’m sorry if it offends you. These people are married in real life, have children with WOMEN. Not them. They aren’t married and sure as a cat doing a handstand they don’t have kids. Never had and never will. I think Chuuya and Dazai have a friendly relationship and so do Akagawa and Atsushi. But others think, “Oh! They stand and look at each other! Lemme write a nasty FanFiction! Oh! And make nasty fanart! Yes! I want everyone to think what these people are doin!”


p>So that’s all from my rant. I have a feeling I’ll rant again and I’m sorry that most of my account is full of it. But I’m seriously doubting being in the Bungou Stray Dogs fandom. I want to leave and go look at something else, and I don’t mean fandoms like this. I mean fandoms that are nice and don’t have people who say everything is cannon. I want something like the Maximum Ride fandom, I loved that fandom when I was in middle school and it kinda went away. Those people were nice and they respected your opinion on what and who you shipped. They won’t be missed. (Oh and by the way, I do ship Akatagawa and Chuuya so don’t think I’m a heterosexual. I’m actually bisexual.)

Anyway see y'all! ✌🏻

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Don't come back : )

Ohhhh…. Sorry I missed this request, nonnie! I was pretty lax about checking messages during the actual hiatus and I see this was submitted on June 14th: just before the original deadline, too!

Welp, I screwed up this request good and proper! The least I can offer is a pretty picture you might find engaging and applicable to the situation. 

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The really fun thing about this gif is that it can be interpreted as either hello or goodbye. It’s a “come hither” gesture in Japan of course, but enough people are unaware or just ‘Murican enough to use it as a goodbye signal as well.

I’m sure it’s similar to the “coming and going” sensation you feel having your head stuck halfway up your own ass. 

Thanks for the feedback, nonnie! Aloha! 

Me VS Fanfictions
  • me: nah I don’t like romance novels they’re so predictable and sappy
  • me: reads fanfiction of OTP falling in love in 347 different ways

“ For a long time now, I’ve had shackles in my heart…And now those shackles and the ones on my legs are broken…It’s the first time I’ve felt like there’s a reason for me to be alive. I’m thankful…That I met you…And your friend, that little boy.”
                                                                                                  ——- Morgiana to Alibaba. Night 17

Have some more anime boys in your life Vol.2

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Well! I am so glad I have decided to make a vol.2 of this post. I hope you love it just as much as the first one!❤️