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Descriptions of Anime by my friend who has never seen any of them
  • Free!: This is about swimming why the fuck is it called free?
  • Noragami: Track suit, John Cena, and sword boy sweep the nation
  • Attack on Titan: This is actually pretty fucked up
  • One Punch Man: The six million dollar man dyes his hair and teams up with Baldy to save the world
  • Uta no Prince Sama: music is love, music is life
  • Kamisama Kiss: I stopped listening after you said "fox guy"
  • Magi: One thousand and one nights, but with more colorful hair
  • Black Butler: Great Expectations the anime
  • Kamigami no Asobi: Mythology the anime
  • Hunter x Hunter: Twelve year olds kick ass
  • Tokyo Ghoul: cannibalism
  • Soul Eater: People are weapons? wtf?
  • Haikyuu!!: Volley Ball the anime
  • Owari No Seraph: Dystopian Twilight with demons
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Robot and blondie try to get their bodies back
  • Akame ga Kill: Assassins "R" Us

Someone: “That’s a nice ship you have there, but don’t you think they would be better off as friends because I can’t see them as anything other than bros?”

Me: “How about a big fat ‘NO’?”

Sindria Festival Nights!

I’m not sure if anyone’s ever posted a comparison between these two strikingly similar pieces, but after seeing the picture above on sale in the MangaOne app store the other day, I just had to do it! By the way, if you’re interested in purchasing the beautiful picture above, it’s actually still available in the MangaOne app store for about 37,800 yen. The other one is also still on sale for the same price (the one that features the picture of Sinbad from the cover of Magi Volume 29). (Note: that these are NOT the autographed versions from the authors.) They are pretty expensive, but if you watch the video below on how these pieces are made, you might see why! So if you’re interested, check them out! 

Thoughts on Sinbad and the latest chapters

Okay so after talking with @murasakihime and @fluffyfloof and getting tagged in a post by @miyamanga ive decided to finally come out on the whole sinbad die posts/topic whatever. YAAAAAAaaaaaaaayyyyy lets get started,
Firstly i want to say this post is long and in no way meant to offend anyone whether you support magi’s most idiotic king or not.

Sinbad without a doubt is magi’s most complex character and the things his done to so many people can not be simply overlooked. He gave so many people a future and sacrificed so much for them. All your precious children i.e jafar, the eight generals even the main cast are where they are because of sinbad. And i feel like recently alot of people in the fandom are just looking at his actions and writing him off the book as a villain. Die a horrible death. Which is completely wrong. Please do not ignore sinbad’s past, his sufferings and his motives. You can not just look at a character’s actions and say that person is terrible without understanding what there trying to do and why there trying to do it.

From a very young age Sinbad has experienced terrible things. As a toddler he had to witness the physical and verbal abuse of his father on a daily basis. His family were always treated as outcasts and they were struggling to make ends meet. There was also obvious tension between his mother and father to remove the expatriate title from the household. After all this sinbad had to watch his father beaten by the very army that’s supposed to protect them and they even executed him. Shortly after that his mother falls grievously ill and he had to work everyday to make enough money to make sure she will say good morning the next day. This in within itself is more than any child should have to endure and witness and set sinbad on his journey to change the world.

And things didn’t get any better for the poor child. He ended up a slave years later. Physical and mentally tortured and after that experienced the war where he lost his country, home village and the comrades he traveled the world with. These people were the only family he had and they were torn away from him in horrible circumstances.

Now put yourself in all these scenarios. Would you not do what sinbad is doing?. Would you not go to any extent to protect the people you love so such a terrible fate never befalls them again?.

And i just want to also mention that sinbad has never moved forward from that day. No matter how you look at it. Sinbad is stuck in limbo, while he did rebuild sindria and all. The pain of that day has never left him. Up until the revelation of alma torran he has lived with a voice in his head and he even believed it was his younger self who was haunting him for his failures.

He even still has dreams of the war, Sinbad has always carried a very heavy burden and he has never tried to share that burden with anyone and now its crushing him. To add to that the fact he can see fate makes the whole matter worse because sinbad must’ve felt just like David did. He feels isolated, alone and there is no denying sinbad took comfort in david’s presence.

Even though i dislike it myself what sinbad is doing in the current timeline is understandable for someone in his position. Idk how many took notice. But read closely and you’ll begin to notice every chapter sinbad grows more tired and afraid.

He is concerned, he is terrified of war breaking out again. He doesn’t want to see it again and he doesn’t want to lose the people he loves most. Now some people will say “yea but he brainwashed the whole world and his gonna kill everyone even his friends himself”.

And to that i say “yea but you know thinking 1000 years into the future is not just a sinbad thing, titus did it too you know, he was worried for both the now and future….. and how is that any different to when ugo sent everyone from alma torran to the new world, and lets not forget when he sentenced the djinn to an eternal life of solitude in the ruins of their former home?. Why did no one complain then? Was it because the Djinn agreed to it? The djinn agreed to the matter because it was solomon’s will, and it was because it would protect the world. But is that what they themselves truly desired?

Alma Torran was barren and to ensure the survival of the people ugo moved everyone to the new world and erased the history of alma torran from their minds. I’m sorry but that is also a form of brainwashing. Erasing from the minds of everyone an entire chunk of history that could’ve potentially stopped the outbreak of war in the first place had everyone known. Yet i dont see anyone complaining about that.

Sinbad is doing the exact same thing ugo did except his keeping everything in tact. The people of the world continue to remember the events of the world. They continue to live their own lives freely with the added addition of a shared hope that will unite the world. His returning everyone to a greater place. A utopia where war will never break out again. Where families will once again be reunited.

Now to all those people who wish death upon sinbad i just want you to rethink sinbad’s position and understand where his coming from. Also people who are asking for jafar to kill sinbad. I refuse to believe that would ever happen. We had an omake that clearly showed jafar refuses to bring harm to sinbad. infact why would jafar kill him? Jafar has been with sinbad the longest. He has seen sinbad at his highest and lowest. The two of them are so close and their bond and loyalty to each other is unbreakable. If Jafar, actually if anyone kills sinbad then nothing has changed from Alma Torran. History has once again repeated itself, the great king once again falls and the world will return to a state of chaos. Not to mention it will be a complete betrayal to sinbad and everything his sacrificed for the sake of others.

I think the world owes sinbad a debt and its time for that debt to be repayed. Instead of him always running around saving people, its time for the people to stand up and help him and to remove the burden his shouldering.

To put an end to this long post. Sinbad does not want to be the enemy, nor is he trying to be an antagonist. He is only doing what his heart believes will stop the repeat of all those terrible events he has had to experience. Solomon’s world is riddled with failure and error. The whole magi system is itself a failure and sinbad is only trying to piece everything back together to create a utopia

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