My YouTube channel has been established for all of you who are interested in watching speedpaints. For this one I had already had the drawing started, so the speedpaint starts with me already painting. = v =‘ The next speedpaint will be put up on 2/14, the finished version of my Valentine’s special.

I also got myself a Pixiv account to put only the pieces I worked hard on/ I really like.

In my Twitter you can find me posting lots of doodles and sketches and me screaming at times… or sinning.

Eventually most of them all end up here… o v o’

Sinbad no Bouken 95 RAW + Summary

Here are the raws for Sinbad no Bouken 95 and a summary! In this chapter, the trial begins with an unlikely pair being the first to be tested! This will be interesting~ lol

Just a reminder, to anyone who follows me and enjoys these raws/summaries, parts of or even all of these summaries could be completely wrong, so be advised as you read them as I am by no means a professional translator!

*** Disclaimer : Sinbad no Bouken is not my work. Please be sure to vote for Sinbad no Bouken everyday on the MangaOne app if you have it!

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“However… it’s not your power, but that of your comrades that I’ll test. To what extent your companions obey you as their king… “

That is the trial of Zepar

Oho, this is going to be interesting - glad to see a djinn who chooses to play with the rules a bit! It also makes me curious as to what other trials the djinn might choose… and if they can potentially choose an “unsolvable trial” instead of outright rejecting a candidate :P

This week the trial has begun… Ahh, I’m really curious!! º^º

Thanks to @hayarashi for her help on this one ♥