It Happened!!!

300+ poor souls decided to forfeit their lives by following me so, where did we left off?

Right! Enough souls have been gathered to have an attempt in reviving our Sinbad Husbando! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Let’s turn on the bonfire and throw all the souls into the cauldron!

*dark magic casting intensifies*


It seems 300 souls weren’t quite enough yet to summon our Sinbad Husbando…

See you again for another attempt at 400! 

And thank you everyone! °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

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How would Masrur and Sinbad react to their kids telling them they're dating (Masrur's shy quiet and innocent daughter) and (Sinbad's playboy son)

  • their reactions were different like day and night itself
  • Sinbad couldn´t help but be happy about the development, being glad that his son finally found someone that will love him dearly without a doubt
  • he knew Masrur´s little angel since her birth! It was bound to happen!
  • he was suprised that his stoic companion would be able to be the father of such a cute girl, but is relieved
  • after all, his son needs a lady of high quality!
  • so, as we can see, Sinbad is delighted
  • being the father of the player son
  • the one that would maybe take life more serious now
  • and we have Masrur
  • remember? the dad of the shy, innocent girl?
  • yeah that one
  • he was petrified
  • sure, he was loyal to Sin, but that- nu-uh
  • not gonna happen
  • so, when the two teens confessed their relationship to their dads, did the Fanalis made his opinion clear to the others:
  • he stood up form his seat next to Sinbads, went over to his baby girl, hoisted her up and took her with him, bringing her back home
  • only once did he stop, when Sinbad´s son had the nerve of telling him that he ´ truly cared for her ´
  • his red, piercing eyes were looking at him
  • shivers went down his spine, while Sin observed the scene rather tense himself
  • everyone could feel the dreadful feeling, the calm before a hurricane strikes
  • “Prove your worth and I´ll let you see her.”
  • “I knew that you would come around Masrur!”
  • “From a distance of 250 meters.”
  • “Aw come on!”

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there's been some rumors about there actually being a chapter 370, what do you think?

Unless I see evidence to the contrary, they are fake.

The reason a lot of people (myself included) thought there was going to be a Night 370 was that a backstage said “4 chapters left”, and we didn’t realize that it meant “including this week’s”.

There might be epilogues later, but the last chapter is 369.

Magi Inktober (ya, it’s actually for Day 31 for the Halloween Prompt but i still have more to draw! xD) so, early Day 31: Halloween!

Juju is going for Trick-or-Treat this year. Allthough for him, it’s gonna be Tricking all the time… xD

°˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

(ignore the wonky crosses, i suck drawing them free hand…*coughcough

Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.366:

The image is the volume 37 cover illustration.

Magi is ending in this week’s issue. I had a lot of fun writing about the Magi world during those long eight years. There were times that I felt I was incompetent, but I’ll be glad if you enjoyed it, even a little. I think Shounen mangas are the kind of things that those who read them forget about with time as they become adults. However, during those busy days, I remembered them all of a sudden and they filled me with courage. I wish if Magi becomes something like that for you and that from now on, the Magi characters are going to be by your side!

I thank everyone who sent me letters and messages as we were nearing the final chapter. I read them while thinking ‘I’m glad that I became a manga author’. I’m going to treasure them.

This is also the last backstage update, but I hope we meet again!

10/11/2017 Shinobu Ohtaka