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I was getting bummed out because of all the hate on my OTP for Magi 314 and Magi 315, so I decided to draw Alibaba and Morgiana dancing! Thank you drawing talent for making me feel better!

I loved his proposal to her. I was totally squealing at it. I thought it was perfect for the series that it’s main focus isn’t, in fact, love. They’ve been there the entire time for each other, and they developed feelings over time as well as character. They didn’t need all the cliches. If anything, these two found out what real love is (though I wish they would have shown the development of Alibaba’s side during the time-skip, but whatever…), and wanted to be together as husband and wife. They never needed the whole romantic trope. I think what we got was just enough to where it is not random at all, and just perfect for the characters and the story.

For all those who don’t like this pairing, I am sorry. I know the feeling with a different series, but that didn’t make the series any less amazing.

I still have a lot of work to do on this, but I just thought I should share the beginning process.

I don’t own Magi or any of the characters.

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Has anyone in the Japanese-part of the Magi fandom said anything about the so called AlaKou moment (which in my opinion I find interesting, cute and hoping something comes out of it) in chapter 315 ?

I haven’t really looked for reactions until yesterday, and to be honest I just skimmed over some tweets. Still, most people I saw (and could understand) thought it was cute, and there were already fanarts and people saying they wanted to draw them. Of course, as usual, there were comments on how they wished all the characters to be happy.

@0megabigbang or @sinbad-ai will surely be able to answer this question way better than me, though.

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If Kougyoku won’t end up with either Alibaba or Judar, then she should stay single. Not every female character in shounen series have to be reduced to a love interest.