Look what I opened today! I’d like to thank @maggie-stiefvater for such a beautiful piece of art…I can’t believe I get to own it!

I’d also like to thank the front-office staff for not judging me (much) for how excited I was when they handed it to me

Is anyone else worried that this new Ronan trilogy is just a sneaky way for Maggie to rob us of the unlikely (but mostly) happy TRK ending? Like….now I have at least another 4 years to worry about Ronans safety and whether Adam is doing OK at University. And if Blue ever made it to school at all, and if Gansey is breaking under the weight of living all times at once.

But I’m here for the dreams. And The Barnes. And I’ll wait forever for Cabeswater to return.


endless list of brotps → ronan lynch & richard gansey iii

“When Ronan thought of Gansey, he thought of moving into Monmouth Manufacturing, of nights spent in companionable insomnia, of a summer searching for a king, of Gansey asking the Gray Man for his life. Brothers.

Ronan was beautiful in the way that midnight is beautiful, seemingly dark and deceiving, yet always accompanied by the impending brightness hovering just beyond the horizon.
Ronan was beautiful in the way that thunderstorms are beautiful, all sound and flashes of light, reckless despite the glistening droplets falling from heaven, soaking every inch of earth with chill and warmth all at once.
Ronan was beautiful in the way that driving is beautiful, in sleek cars beneath star filled skies, the pulsing of electronic beats on roads that never seem to end.
Ronan was beautiful in the way that cabeswater is beautiful, mysterious and full of incomprehensible wonder, a darkness filled with rare patches of light.
Ronan was beautiful in the way that his love is beautiful, both in silence and in screaming color, every beat of his heart an echo of his desire to love and be loved in return.
—  “Ronan, you are beautiful in ways that even poetry cannot describe.”
(m.b, a Ronan Lynch poem)

actual footage of how mine and Maggie’s (@ghostgetters) first encounter went

Ann: “You were always so emotionally weak, Liddie—You were always
so desperate for love in any way you could get it… but I never imagined… I
never imagined until I saw it with my own eyes, that you would go so far with
someone like that, someone in that condition…”

Me: oh! she’s right, im gland that she can see that. maybe i’m gonna start to like her?

Me after a few chapters: