Am I the only one who wants Maggie and Glenn’s child to be born, and to avenge Glenn’s death by taking out Negan all Inigo Montoya style?

“Hello, my name is Hershel Rhee. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

My TWD Season 8 Wish List

1. Rick and Michonne saying ily

2. More Rick and Daryl scenes

3. More Maggie and Michonne scenes (them talking about the baby would kill me)

4. Rick and Michonne fighting together/protecting each other in battle.

5. More Jesus, Aaron and Father Gabriel screen time.

6. Michonne killing Jadis

7. Carl killing Simon

8. cute Grimes 2.0 scenes

9. idk why but i wanna see a scene between Michonne and Negan

10. Rick breating the shit out of Negan

11. Eugene snitching on Negan and helping Rick

12. Michonne leading/making decisions bc Rick’s gone

i might add a few more things later. we’ll see how much of this i’m gonna get