maggy hawk

I’d been a bit intimidated by her, when we’d first met. But we’d spent time together, arranging the decorations for Dr. Putnam-Barnett’s wedding. Affixing the flowers I’d selected to the pearls and shells Persephone brought. We’d joked together as we worked, and she sang in the language of her people to help pass the time.
Sings Above the Waves was their name for her, and we’d taught each other little ditties and made each other laugh.
I missed that. I missed her.
—  Undertow by Jordan L. Hawk

Matthew Eng reviews Maggie’s Plan, a bundle of chaotic comic joy from the underrated Rebecca Miller and leading lady Greta Gerwig:

“In perfect tandem with Miller, Gerwig has constructed an invaluable heroine in Maggie, whose maternal wishes aren’t the stuff of a one-dimensional, only-in-the-movies fanatic but a believably modern working woman, full of her own confusions, to be sure, but also her own convictions as well.”

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Whybourne & Griffin Custom POP figures (Based on the series by Jordan L Hawk):  Percival Whybourne, Griffin Flaherty, Dr. Christine Putnam and Iskander Barnett

A few notes:
- Whybourne’s Wild Hair is my favorite thing.
- That is a tiny fireball in his hand (for obvious reasons)
- I chose to put Christine in her “field” outfit rather than a dress because I feel like it fits her personality better
- I didn’t have a rifle for Christine, sadly, but I did manage to find a pistol.
- I desperately want to make Persephone and Maggie <3

Is that what you are, Maggie?” she asked, laughing. She caught me around the waist and spun me; I let out a yelp of shock. “A land lubber?”
I grabbed my hat to keep it from flying off. I wanted to stay angry with her, for not telling me about Irene. But now that we were face-to-face again, it was hard to hold onto indignation. “First I’m a cuttlefish, now a land lubber?”
“Cuttlefish are better,” she said, and set me back on my feet. “Such cute little tentacles.
—  Undertow by Jordan L. Hawk

In honor of the ridiculous influx of baby pictures recently, here’s one from the vault

When 8-year-old mare Maggy Hawk gave birth to her third foal on May 9, 2002, the young mare immediately rejected her colt. In the 12 day interval before a nurse mare could be found, 9-year-old Lauren, daughter of breeder John Silvertand, hand fed the colt milk from an old Coors Lite bottle

This little colt, of course, grew up to be 2005 Preakness/Belmont winner and perennial fan favorite Afleet Alex
Tony Awards Presenters for 2014 Include Bradley Cooper, Clint Eastwood | Variety

Stars paying tribute to the best and brightest on Broadway include  Clint Eastwood, Will Ferrell, Bradley Cooper, Tony Goldwyn, Kevin Bacon, Matt Bomer, Wayne Brady, Zach Braff, Kenneth Branagh, Patricia Clarkson, Fran Drescher, Emilio Estefan, Gloria Estefan, Vera Farmiga, Anna Gunn, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ethan Hawke, Carole King, Zachary Levi, Lucy Liu, Kate Mara, Tony nominee Audra McDonald, Leighton Meester, Alessandro Nivola, Zachary Quinto, Emmy Rossum and Liev Schreiber.