Your name is SHAGRATH, and by golly do you love that human deity called SATAN something crazy!

You hail from the Land of Gateways and Cataclysm. Your trolltag is sacrilegiousSaint, and you speak IN A DRAMA+IC MANNER +HA+ IS ONLY FI++ING FOR +HE MOS+ DEDICA+ED FOLLOWERS OF +HE UNOR+HODOX MANIFES+O OF THE BLACKES+ LORD.

[half-scared I’ll be crucified for this, but I am far too excited for maggotsstuck, whose original concept is courtesy of Kez! Hope people enjoy! uw,u ]

Your name is SIMONE SIMONS and you have been heralded on multiple occasions as the greatest female metal singer of your time, THE GREAT HEIRESS OF YOUR TIMELINE. Your hobbies include OPERATIC SINGING and taking an interest in NATURE and THEOLOGY.

You come from the Land of Shore and Phantoms. Your trolltag is crusadingSiren and you speak in A Wispy, Faraway Manner… That Is Somehow Both Bold And Ghostly… But As Distant As You May Seem, You Are Very Aware Of And Sympathetic To the World Around You…