back when i was in community college my teacher told us the story of a girl in his class who wanted to have sex with her boyfriend but they didnt have any lube so they used mayonnaise. fast forward a couple of days and she’s getting random orgasms during class and driving places so she goes to the doctor and they check her out and guess what they found


okay ill tell you it was maggots. maggots were in her vagina giving her orgasms. 


It’s been 4 years since you’ve been gone, Paul. 4 years without your laughter, your music, your smile. I may not have known about you and Slipknot before or when you died, but you are the reason I started listening. You’ve touched millions of hearts, saved potentially millions of lives, and helped found one of the best metal bands out there. Your little girl is gorgeous and she had a legend for a father.

Paul, we miss you so much but we all know you’re somewhere, watching over us, and playing [SIC] music with the other fallen greats.

We miss you, Paul Dedrick Gray. You are the pulse of the Maggots. Rock on in peace, #2.

Paul Dedrick Gray

April 8, 1972 - May 24, 2010.