Yo guys! We need your help to kickstart King King, a graphic novel project in which 30 different artists each interpret the same main characters to draw a portion of the story with their own style.
You can check it here:…/10514…/king-king-graphic-novel

I’ll be posting some concepts of the characters i did for it last year. A sh*tload of much more talented fellows (like Jonatan Cantero, Tan Zhi Hui and many more) are also taking part in it, so be sure to check it out!

Casu marzu is cheese crawling with live maggots–on purpose.

The maggots are alive and wiggling when eaten (they jump high when disturbed), so diners must protect their eyes.  The maggots must be chewed and killed before swallowing or they can live in the body and rip holes through the intestines.

The delicacy is made in Sardinia, Italy. The cheese is left open for weeks for flies to lay eggs in it.  The hatched larvae eat the cheese and then excrete it, and this maggot waste is what gives the cheese its distinct flavor and texture.


It’s really been over half a decade since we lost you, Paul. We’ve been without your face, your music, and your touching nature for six years. We can only say so much for how much you’ve impacted the entire world, how you’ve saved lives and given hope to countless people of every age and race. You’ve created a monster that is growing in size and creativity and this monster is Slipknot. This monster has grown into such proportions that you’ve got millions of people that love you and will always have you in their hearts.

“The world will never see another crazy motherfucker like you… The world will never know another man as amazing as you…” – “Skeptic”

We miss you, Paulie. That laugh, smile, adorable horseplay, and that awesome lefty playing. Keep watching over the Maggots. We love you.

.For Paul Gray. 

April 8, 1972 - May 24, 2010