LAND VISIONS: In Search of Land Art in Hong Kong

Friday 15th April 2016

The street kiosk features in the Land Visions exhibition accompanied by an urban agriculture zine collection shelf and a new artwork:

Two Gingers
By Maggie Prendergast and Michael Leung
Left: GMO Right: Organic
Relief print with food colouring on 140lb cartridge paper, 2016


Pineapple! Steamed Beans! Green Mango! Pineapple! Watermelon! Fried Dough! All can be purchased from atop the head! For many of us, living in Yangon means being awoken by the shouts of a woman selling these items balancing on the top of her head. This series, designed by Monika Traikov and Maggie Prendergast, involved taking photographs of various women around Yangon who sell from their head, and documenting them through painting and graphic design. The project aimed to celebrate the women who tireless walk around the city with their delicious products.